Top 10 Horror Games Of 2022 That Coincided With Sleepless Nights

Each game genre reveals its own attributes and release. However, when it comes to horror games, the bias turns towards the game interface. And this year, the community witnessed some of the best horror games. As they jumped around scaring players, they made the experience worthwhile.


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As the world witnesses horror movies, the games of the genres define a different angle. Change the viewers to the ones being watched. And it makes the central point of the story.


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2022 Horror Games That Made Players Double Guess Their Next Move

Until 2022, Resident Evil, The Walking Dead and Phasmophobia were some of the games that kept gamers on their toes. Excitingly, the year 2022 saw some incredible releases. From Dying Light 2: Stay Human to Evil Dead: The Game, gamers were able to experience the horrors in multiplayer and single player games.

Playable on the respective consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and even PC systems, the games offer an exciting gaming experience. With bloodthirsty monsters and sinister settings, the games captivated the community. Here are some of the games that performed exceptionally well on the Scary Quotient.

river booty

Loot river offers a dark fantasy interface with fascinating puzzles. The game has the player walk on blocks to cross dangerous water dungeons. However, one has to be prepared to meet the inevitable squads of monsters ready to fight.

With instinctive combat skills and reflexes, one can manage to defeat monsters. Additionally, impulsive decision-making and intense fights against menacing monsters create a fantasy-like horror experience.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human

While the zombie fantasy baffles the audience, in this game, the only way to survive is to kill zombies. Dynamic parkour routes and zombie parade crushing produce an animated effect in the game. Incredible weapons and fighting moves keep the player engrossed throughout the game.

Although the video game receives complaints about bugs and glitches, it stands as one of the most engrossing horror games of the year.

nightmare of decay

When you need a horror game on a budget, this game becomes a dream option. Based on a polished mansion with unpredictable horrors and human and inhuman zombies, the game keeps you on your toes. Therefore, living up to his name to be a nightmare.

In the quest to get out of the mansion, one has to defeat the dire creatures. Also, it resembles traits from Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

realm of the dead

Talking about horror and leaving paranormal activities aside is not possible. For those who find FPS shooting exciting and horror games fascinating, this is the perfect choice. Being an RPG, the player becomes a paranormal investigator in the midst of mysterious and deadly events.

For all gothic lovers, this game produces an attractive graphical interface. Especially, Wolfenstein players can find a taste of a different environment with the same exciting gunplay. Plus, the game’s surround sound keeps you contained on paper.

ascending V

There is nothing more exciting and fascinating than building a dedicated character in a game. With a lot of skills, one gets to improvise skills. Also, this game allows you to build your own castle. However, cheating is not easy, as long as it is a survival game.

One has to go through bloodthirsty vampires, poachers, and demonic monsters to succeed. Above all, it acts as a simulator and gives you close control of the character in skill-laden battles.

Martha is dead

Just when you thought horror games couldn’t be terrifying, one knocks on your door. After Martha’s death, her sister Julia decides to dress up as her sister. What comes next are the horrors of deception, guilt, and identity.

For someone who wants to up the horror level, the PlayStation 5 is just a console here. The two-way function brings a realistic touch to the game. As one travels through the game’s inescapable anomalies.

have a good death

Keeping its foot off the gas for some time, Have a Nice Death makes for a creepy yet engaging game. However, the players who play the role of Death embark on a vengeful quest. Frustrated by the paperwork, the character himself decides to hand over his bosses to his fate.

Following the irony of the name, the game covers a horrible theme with a fun gameplay style. For nights of terror but happy, this game can be a delight.

The quarry

Showcasing the wildest possibilities that could go wrong on a night out camping, this game thrives on its liberation. Based on six friends who get together for a night of camping, this game unleashes a horrific turn of events.

To put the icing on the cake, the game has a multiplayer mode. This means that a squad has the opportunity to defeat the horrors of the night together with the motive that no one is left behind.

nightmare reaper

This game brings out the character’s vicious nightmares. Playing as a young woman who is trapped in a psychiatric ward, the game tests the player’s nerves. Because this time, one shoots at the inner demons.

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With a hint of retro mechanics, this game is enough to send one on a walk down memory lane. Additionally, mini-games, weapon upgrades, and learning new skills provide a long yet immersive gaming experience.


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Evil Dead: The Game

Coming from the Evil Dead franchise, the game offers cooperative gameplay and player versus player combat. Thus, amplifying the horror scale to a realistic level.


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Surprisingly, scare traps make games more vicious than they already are. Ultimately, the unbiased mechanism makes the game even more engrossing. Which means that the skills and combat skills that the players learn decide the turn of events.

With a year full of horror games, one can experience the scariest demons and defeat them. Have you played any of the games above? Share your choices with us.

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