Top 10 Heavy Combat Horror Games (According to Metacritic)

This article contains discussions of graphic violence.

Thanks to games like Five nights at Freddy’s Serie, little nightmaresY The quarry, players have no shortage of titles to scare them off. However, most of these games have something in common. They all involve running or hiding from something scary in the dark. Frankly, it’s a trope that tends to get old remarkably fast.

Although many players choose to hide from their monsters, most will likely take a more aggressive approach. There are few things in gaming as satisfying as taking down a zombie with an upgraded shotgun or smashing through a giant supernatural terror with the perfect combo move.


10 Warlock Project (79)

witch project is a love letter to Condemn-90s clones, and he makes no effort to hide it. As the titular warlock, players are thrown into a cyberpunk fantasy where they must raid dungeons, slay monsters, and reach the exit with the best score. Sporting its inspiration proudly on its sleeve, the game has similar themes to Bethesda’s iconic shooter, but with a magical twist.

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Players will come in armed with things like bullets and guns, but they’ll also be carrying crossbows, potions, and a magical staff that shoots bolts of energy. With all the monsters, zombies, demons, and more, they’re going to need all the firepower they can get.

9 dead island (80)

A game doesn’t have to be polished to be fun, and there’s no better example of that factor than Dead Island. But what the game lacks in polished graphics, it more than makes up for in zombie-slaying action. By blending first-person melee combat with RPG elements, the game forged an identity that set it apart from other horror titles.

Players still have to craft weapons and find materials to survive, but that doesn’t mean they have to hide and cower from hordes of the undead. On the contrary, it is much more fun to go shooting and leaving a trail of bodies in the process.

8 Celestial Dust 2 (83)

Not all action-horror games have to be violent for violence’s sake, and sometimes going back to basics is best practice. It’s safe to say that many survival horror games are heavily influenced by the demonic resident games, but the sky dust feels like it flexes more on the puzzle elements of the RE game series

The sequel keeps the puzzle influences, but takes advantage of a lot of action, taking more than a few notes from Resident Evil 2. Players can find guns, weapons, and other items to fight their way through zombies and escape a desecrated city. Arguably a better zombie hunting experience than its predecessor.

7 Castlevania: Lords of Shadows (85)

the Castlevania The series is one that will live forever in the halls of fame of horror. However, this foray into the hack and slash genre was definitely a step in the right direction. As Gabriel Belmont, players are tasked with defeating the titular Shadow Lords and slaying a wide variety of different monsters and minions that stand in their way.

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Not only is it a splendid action title, but it’s downright cinematic. Casting Robert Carlyle and Sir Patrick Stewart in the lead roles in a world of werewolves, vampires, and more gives the game something of a Hammer Horror flavor. It’s really a series that needs a modern makeover.

6 Dark souls (86)

Although some disagree Dark souls is indeed a horror title. With a steep death mechanic and hideous monsters lurking around every corner, it offers an adrenaline rush similar to many other survival horror titles. That said, just because the monsters are significantly difficult to beat doesn’t mean players can’t fight back.

Lordren is packed with various powerful enemies and monsters that want to take a bite out of unsuspecting adventurers. If players are resourceful and can overcome the beast’s “prepare to die” nature, they may have a chance at survival.

5 fatality (87)

The fight for the remake of Condemn could best be described in one word, “satisfying”. In an era where FPS titles are getting more and more complicated, story-heavy and emotionally/mechanically complex, it’s good to know that there are still plenty of modern titles that haven’t lost that run-and-gun FPS action.

There’s a lore-heavy plot and narrative at play, but it’s treated more like an afterthought as players don the armor of the Doom Slayer to battle unholy demons in a ruined facility on Mars. Taking on the legions of hell isn’t exactly the safest mission in the world, but with a chainsaw, shotgun, and BFG, it’s certainly fun.

4 Remaining 4 dead (89)

Sometimes horror is more fun when everyone can play. Team shooters might be a dime these days, but there were few who understood the zombie genre better than the Left 4 Dead Serie. As in the scenarios presented in The Walking Dead, The survivors have to work together and play as a team to survive the zombie attack.

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3 dead space (89)

of the mind behind the demonic resident series comes this brilliant hybrid of event horizon Y Alien, Dead Space. However, players will find worse things lurking in Ishimura’s abandoned corridors than brain-eating zombies. Necromorphs are much scarier and more ravenous than the average undead shambler.

Players will need to be quick on the draw if they want to get out alive, especially since monsters can only be defeated by dismemberment. Fortunately, Issac Clarke is equipped with more than a few weapons to take down these meaty monsters.

two Bloodborne (92)

If Dark Souls wasn’t scary enough, blood borne it will surely have enough nightmare fuel to keep players on edge. Although they may be armed with a variety of blades and guns, this FromSoftware title comes with even more hideous monsters and supernatural horrors ready to rip and tear players apart.

Those hoping to feel like Simon Belmont or Van Helsing in this monster hunter title may be in for a surprise, as these bloodthirsty beasts are some of the fiercest in the genre. Still, cutting them to pieces or blowing them up with a blunderbuss is part of the experience.

1 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (93)

symphony of the night It was the game that defined the Metroidvania genre, but it was also one of the most inventive and imaginative horror titles on the PS1. Castlevania He has already established himself as a titan of the genre, but this title cemented his status to a great extent.

Alucard, son of the infamous Dracula, must defeat his father and his army of evil entities before he can take over the world. In no uncertain terms, the game has the best elements the series has to offer, all combined to create a hugely exciting adventure, and that’s without turning the whole castle upside down.

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