Top 10 Harry Potter Board Games To Put The Magic Into Game Night

When it comes to board game night, there are endless options of old games, classic games, and new games to choose from. Due to the growing popularity of board game night, several games are getting a licensed version featuring a franchise that has a huge following. One of these franchises is the magical world of Harry Potter.

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Since the movies began to be released in the early 2000s, board game companies have obtained that license and created Harry Potter adaptations for your games. At first there were only a few options, but since then, the market has added more and more Harry Potter-themed games, helping to fill the void left when the movies ended. Now fans have a wonderful selection of games to choose from if they want to spread some magic on game night.

10 Don’t get lost in the Harry Potter maze

For fans of the movies, they can enter the magically changing maze of Harry Potter Maze. While the fictional Hogwarts school featured hidden paths, chambers, corridors, and moving staircases, the Harry Potter-themed version of the classic game Labyrinth reflects some of that magic.

The board has fixed maze pieces that cannot be moved. The rest of the board consists of random pieces placed to fill the area. One piece remains off the board, and players take turns pushing the piece onto any moving row to change the path of the maze. Players traverse this ever-changing maze to reach iconic characters like Professor Snape and Hagrid in order to win.

9 Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit will test the best fans

The biggest fans can test their knowledge of the series and challenge each other in Trivial Pursuit: Harry Potter. There are a couple of versions that offer fans different ways to play. Trivial Pursuit: The World of Harry Potter involves players traversing a board and answering trivia questions about the eight Harry Potter films.

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The player who first fills their circle with wedges wins. Trivial Pursuit: Harry Potter Vol I Y Vol II offer a more portable version, no board, but still hundreds of questions related to the movies and Wizarding World of Harry Potter Some questions will challenge even the most hardcore fans.

8 Solve magical mysteries in Harry Potter Clue

There were two versions of harry potter track In fact, and although they are the same on the surface, they vary in their gameplay. Clue: Harry Potter Edition features a Hogwarts-themed game board, and like the school itself, the game board moves to reveal secret passageways and moving staircases.

Clue: World of Harry Potter’The board shows various locations from the last two films in the series. In both games, players take on the role of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, or Neville, as they try to solve the mystery of a missing student. both are funny Harry Potter mysterious experiences, but Clue: Harry Potter Edition offers a little more fun thanks to the changing game board.

7 Build the magic at LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts

lego harry potter hogwarts is a game about being a great student in wizard school. Like other LEGO board games, players build the board with LEGO bricks and then continue with the actual game. The goal for two to four players is to travel around the school, collect their homework, and then return to their common room.

The board features moving staircases and hidden passageways, much like Hogwarts, adding a bit of strategy to the fun. lego harry potter hogwarts it’s simple but fun, and players can add more LEGO pieces and sets to the board.

6 LEGO Harry Potter Wizard’s Chess is a magical twist on a classic

LEGO Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set is a LEGO set that can be built as a coffee table decoration or as a real chessboard that mimics the magical version of chess played at the end of the game. Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The set comes with the “Wizard’s Chess” rules, as well as Harry, Ron and Hermione minifigures so players and fans can recreate the tense battle from the movie. Players can also play by normal chess rules, but the game provides the most fun when played with its magical twists.

5 Cast spells and collect treasures in Munchkin Harry Potter

The classic game of munchkins is a dungeon crawler game where players enter a dungeon, fight monsters and collect treasures. While that game is full of knights, ogres, trolls, and the like, the Harry Potter version featured iconic characters and locations in the world of munchkins.

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Players can play and meet their favorite characters, cast familiar spells, and battle mystical creatures as they venture out to collect as much treasure as they can. With the goal of filling your vaults at Gringotts, the game is a great twist on the classic crawler, munchkins.

4 Preventing the rise of evil in Harry Potter Death Eaters Rising

The Rise of the Death Eaters from Harry Potter throws players right into the midst of the turmoil surrounding Voldemort’s return in the fifth Harry Potter movie. Players must assemble a team of wizards and witches from the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore’s Army, and Hogwarts to battle the growing forces of evil.

Rise of the Death Eaters takes players to iconic locations like Hogsmeade Village and Diagon Alley, and pits them against familiar foes like Bellatrix Lestrange and Peter Pettigrew. To win the game, players must cooperate to defeat all Death Eaters and ultimately Voldemort himself.

3 Funkoverse Harry Potter Strategy Game Combines Collectibles and Games

the Harry Potter Funkoverse Strategy Game Combine the fun collectible POP! figures with a strategic board experience. There are three versions of the game, each with a different POP! figure characters, so players can combine and create a favorite team to play.

The gameplay consists of players moving around the board and fighting each other as they try to capture points and achieve victory. Each character has a unique set of abilities and skills to use, and each ability has cooldowns, so an element of strategy is required. The game also comes with four different scenarios to explore.

two Test your teamwork on Harry Potter code names

Harry Potter Code Names is a simple game of matching, teamwork and clues. Based on the Code Names: Duo game, this Harry Potter-The themed version has players organized into teams and then try to give each other clues to match the cards. Each team has a set of cards to reveal and the first to reveal all of their cards wins.

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Play Harry Potter Code Names, one player chooses a word that is related to the cards on their team, and the other players on the team must choose the correct cards that are related. However, players had better guess correctly because if they lose, they can summon an evil wizard or witch.

1 Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle is an epic card collecting game

Harry Potter: Battle of Hogwarts is a cooperative deck-building game with numerous expansions that give players a ton of options. There are evil forces lurking in Hogwarts and trying to take over the school, and it’s up to two to four players to build defenses and defeat the attacking villains.

Players can play as Harry, Ron, Hermione, or Neville, each with their own personal deck of cards to use. Expansions include Charms and Potions, Defense Against the Dark Artsand the Monster Box Monstergiving new cards for players to add to their playable decks.

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