Top 10 Games Built on Unity, Ranked

Unity is one of the best engines for game development. It’s not that it’s photorealistic or complex, like Unreal or Source, but its appeal comes from the fact that it’s easy to use for newcomers to game development. Lots of great games like this year. Pac-Man World Re-Pac, digimon surviveY Stanley’s Parable: Ultra Deluxe used this engine.

However, its ease of use has made it something of a black sheep. Because almost anyone can pick up and use Unity, it has gained a certain reputation for only running bad games. This couldn’t be further from the truth as the software has been used to create tons of classics and many great games across different genres and art styles have also used the engine.


10 Ori and the Blind Forest (2015)

Originally an Xbox exclusive, Ori and blind Forrest it was the first in a wave of Metroidvania-type indie games. The game stars a small glowing animal named Ori and his dim light friend. They explore a giant forest that gradually opens up more and more. It’s a fun loop, but the real draw of the game is its art style. Most Unity games are 3D, but this game uses awesome 2D.

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The game has an extremely impressive lighting engine. Blue and red light believably casts on Ori of bioluminescent plants and dangerous fire. It really sets both the wonderful tone and the tense moments of the game. It received a sequel years later called Ori and the Will of the Wispwhich is also fantastic.

9 Pokemon GO (2016)

Pokémon GO it was such a massive success that it spawned copycats and copycats. In fact, there are many companion websites and apps for Pokémon GO, also. The core gameplay loop of the game is simply walking around, and yet it has become a massive phenomenon. Not bad for a mobile game developed in Unity.

Originally released in 2016, the game used augmented reality technology to put Pokemon In the real world. The game cycle was not complex, but it was effective. Physically walking increases the chance that a player will see a Pokemon. Checkpoints are set up around neighborhoods that drop items that make encounters easier. It is a fusion of game and reality that is super addictive and fun.

8 Elysee Disc (2019)

Inspired by the likes of Planetscape: Torment, elysee nightclub is a classic western RPG. It uses a complex set of stats that can be played out like a typical board game. Players explore a world filled with Eastern bloc imagery and political theory. All of these familiar elements come together to create an unforgettable experience.

elysee nightclub bills itself as an RPG, but it goes beyond what that label usually suggests and players have a wide variety of political alignments and locations to explore.

7 Beat Saber (2018)

beat saber it’s not just one of the most impressive virtual reality games ever created. It’s also one of the most visually stunning rhythm games ever made. This VR beat spawns a series of incoming blocks that match the beat of the song. The player must blink at these beats as they come flying.

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It sounds more complex than it really is. Battens and strikes are color coded so players easily know what and when to cut. The game is available on virtually every VR platform, from Oculus to Playstation VR, and it’s arguably VR’s biggest hit.

6 Kerbal Space Program (2011)

Kerbal space program it is one of the first games that was made entirely in unity. The game was originally presented as a space physics simulator. It features a robust system that allows for complicated orbits and orbital maneuvers. This realistic space physics engine has earned praise as one of the best space games.

However, there were two other factors that helped him stand out. One was his pets, the adorable Kerbals; green spacemen who staff and run the game’s space program. The other was his modding scene, which was very vibrant and allowed for tons of customization. This simple Unity game was so successful that NASA technicians even recommended it, according to penny arcade.

5 Hollow Knight (2017)

One of the most anticipated games of the coming years is Hollow Knight: Song of Silkthe sequel to the original hollow knight. The original was a dark and solemn game with a gorgeous hand-drawn art style. Players play as a little bug exploring the defunct kingdom of Hollownest. The game combined elements of Metroidvania with those of Dark souls.

Fittingly, the game was incredibly difficult and had a steep learning curve. The game’s lore delivered in a similar way, in parts that left the player wanting more. The game’s dark corners and hidden locations made it feel incredibly big and small at the same time. Like Or methis Unity title proved that 2D can be beautiful.

4 Hearthstone (2015)

There are many great card game video games. Lots of popular fantasy based card games like Magic: The Gathering they have released video game adaptations that have done quite well. Blizzard, which had its own big fantasy franchise, decided to jump into it with Hearthstone.

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The game is free to play and features characters and themes from the warcraftSerie. Two players battle it out using 30-card decks and a hero with a unique ability. The goal is to destroy the opponent’s hero, and winning creates an avalanche of rewards. The game has been a huge success for Blizzard and has been ported to multiple platforms, demonstrating the flexibility of Unity.

3 Cipher (2021)

encryption is another video game focused on a card game. Unlike Hearthstone, however, this game has much more. The game begins with the player sitting down to play a deck-building game with a mysterious figure. However, after a while, the player will realize that he can get up from the card game.

This is when the real horror of the game begins. Room escape, quest, meta, and ARG elements are added to the main loop of the game. The game takes on a completely different and mind-blowing tone in contrast to the benign card game it initially appeared to be.

two cuphead (2017)

cup head has to be one of the most successful franchises started in Unity. The original indie game was years in the making, but its classic cartoon-inspired art style really took off. Players became very fond of the cups and the wacky boss characters. After all, they would end up spending a lot of time with them due to the game’s high difficulty.

This led to a bunch of different spin-offs like toys and comics. The most famous is Netflix. the cuphead show, which has some differences from the game. He also received a board game and some references in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Not bad for little Unity cups.

1 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (2020)

In 2020, the battle royale genre was on the wane and needed something to kick it firmly in the pants. The party game sensation developed by Unity Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was the one that offered a new and refreshing take on the genre. Up to sixty players are funneled into giant obstacle courses until only one is left. It is one of the few online battle royale games that is a platform game.

The variety of mini-games on display is huge and more are constantly being added. There are more typical obstacle courses like in Clean up, but also team ball games and memory challenges. The most infamous endgame is a series of hexes that disappear when players step on them. There is tons of variety in the game and also tons of costumes and extras to find and purchase as DLC. The game recently switched to a free-to-play model, so there’s no reason not to try it out.

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