Top 10 Forgotten UbiSoft Games That Need a Rebirth

With Ubisoft revealing its plans for the future with a multitude of assassin’s Creed games, gamers are excited, but many are equally quick to point out that Ubisoft seems to rely too heavily on franchises like AC Y Very far.

Outside of these heavy hitters, there are older Ubisoft titles begging to be AAA franchises. Some were stand-alone titles that were never expanded with future games, while others were part of a franchise, but for whatever reason, Ubisoft dropped them. Now that Ubisoft is one of the world’s largest game companies with seemingly endless development studios around the world, they could bring back many of their long-forgotten gems.


eleven haze (2008)

This was meant to be Ubisoft’s PS3-exclusive answer to the popular multiplayer first-person shooters flooding the market at the time, such as Obligations. At one point, Ubisoft even tagged Haze As the aura murderer, but unfortunately he was buried by his own competition. He was labeled an average shooter by most players and critics, but far from bad.

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Ubisoft has already shown, both before and after Haze, they can offer a solid shooter with Very far games being the best example. With the right changes and polishes, a reboot of Haze could easily make it the company’s next big franchise.

10 Call of Juarez (2006 – 2013)

Despite some unpleasant entrances, call from juarez was a solid series of action games with The call of the Juarez gunman often regarded as one of the strongest games set in the Old West. Its linear, arcade-like gameplay was sleek, vibrant, and fun, but it launched way back in 2013 and aside from a Nintendo Switch port, the franchise has lain dormant.

With Rockstar shifting focus to Grand Theft Auto VIafter red dead redemption iinow would be the perfect time for Ubisoft to dust itself off call from juarez for the current generation of games. Action westerns continue to prove eye-catching with games like Desperados III, bad westY hard west 2 on the radars of the players.

9 Red Steel (2006 – 2010)

Similar to Juarez Call, red steel Y Red Steel II it adopted an arcade game structure and used the Nintendo Wii’s motion controls to adhere to that style. red steel could easily be recovered with a style more like The call of the Juarez gunman Or you could take advantage of the virtual reality systems available today to extend the same ideas as before.

While the first game received mixed reviews, the sequel was praised for its action-packed, wacky style and was considered superior in almost every way. Unfortunately, Red Steel II It didn’t sell as well as Ubisoft hoped, but a potential sequel could be a surprise hit if it’s revealed.

In an age when games come to life, like disney infinity Y lego dimensions They were popular Starlink: Battle for Atlas he was one of the last to do so. Unfortunately, the fad was short-lived and Starlink showcased its potential with a unique starfighter game that created its own unique universe, featured dynamic combat, and even had great toy-come-to-life mechanics.

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Unfortunately, star link and his toys did not sell as well as expected, and he has since become a cult gem. If the aspect of the toys coming to life were removed and star link sequel or reboot improved on what was already highlighted, the series could easily go on to become the spiritual successor franchise to star fox with whom he even crossed paths.

7 Peter Jackson’s King Kong (2005)

The unfortunate truth is that the rights of Peter Jackson’s King Kong may not allow you to get a remaster. The rights to the character are now in the hands of Warner Bros. Pictures, but that does not prevent king kong of being one of the best-executed movie-based games. From playing as Adrien Brody’s Jack Driscoll traversing Skull Island to storming the streets of early 20th century New York City as Kong, Ubisoft pulled it off.

Unfortunately, Peter Jackson’s King Kong can only be played on Xbox with backwards compatibility. There isn’t even a port for Steam or UbiSoft Connect, which makes it difficult to play without breaking an old console. It may never get a remaster or remake, but it at least deserves a way for players to experience it 15+ years later.

6 Cold Fear (2005)

It just can’t be denied cold fear was a clone of demonic resident with its open map with puzzles and even the way the camera is designed. That said, Ubisoft still made a strong survival horror game which is a genre they don’t really dive into that much.

It has a well-executed concept of being trapped at sea on a ship full of zombies and monsters. Unlike demonic resident games, these zombies are fast and gun-wielding straight out of Zack Snyder. Dawn of the Dead. Yes demonic resident Y Dead space games can have remakes, there’s no reason why cold fear cannot receive the same treatment.

5 Tom Clancy’s End of War (2009)

Of ghost recognition a The division a rainbow sixTom Clancy’s multitude of games have been a staple of UbiSoft gaming for years and still are. Which is why it’s surprising that UbiSoft didn’t choose to bring back Tom Clancy’s. End of the war in an attempt to make money in the still strong market for real-time strategy games like age of empires either Star boat.

The current Tom Clancy games were effectively rebooted for modern times, so End of the war he could probably get away with a new interpretation of World War III. Technology has advanced so much that there could be so many potential vehicles and weapons to use and it’s likely to be a popular revival for fans of the series.

4 Star Wars: Deadly Alliance (2006)

In the line-up of the next Star Wars game titles, Ubisoft is confirmed to be developing a new open world Star Wars and that means there is potential to bring back Star Wars: Deadly Alliance. The reason for lethal alliance it was forgotten that it was exclusively for the overlooked PSP and the Nintendo DS.

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As a game, it proved to be a solid mix of Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Y shadows of the empire mixing close combat and marksmanship. With bounty hunters and scoundrels more represented in Star Wars, lethal alliance being rebooted for main canon on major consoles and PC would likely excite fans.

3 Will Rock (2003)

with crooked sister I wanna Rock as the main theme will shake is a rather underrated first person shooter game that mixed savage and bloody shooter combat to the Condemn either wolfenstein with dark and twisted Greek mythology similar to the God of War franchise. It’s weird, it’s cheesy, and it goes straight in ridiculous directions, but it’s great to play.

Unfortunately, similar to king kong, there is little to no way to play it without finding a working copy of the game on PC, which is rare to find. Ubisoft has such a hidden gem on its hands that it could be remastered, remade, or simply ported to modern systems for more players to experience.

two Rayman (1995 – 2013)

There was a time when rayman was the next big 3D platform game franchise with sequels across multiple generations of consoles. It even restarted with rayman origins Y rayman legends in the 2010s, but sadly, Ubisoft seemed to forget about this franchise. The spin-off known as Rabbids ended up getting his own franchise and crossover with Mario through Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.

As for Rayman himself, he fell behind apart from a couple of average mobile games. Rayman is confirmed to make an appearance in Mario + Rabbids: sparks of hope, but if revived in its own game, it has the potential to become one of the best modern 3D platformers. Maybe the partnership with Nintendo will lead to a full Mario/Rayman crossover or a reboot of some kind because rayman the games were strong and praised by gamers and critics alike.

1 Zombies (2012)

First released as a hidden gem on the Nintendo Wii U, ZombieU It gained a following for embracing survival horror during a time when zombie games were mostly action games. The tricky puzzles and gameplay, combined with the unique concept that each kill is permanent and forces the player to kill their former body which is now a zombie, makes for an exciting horror game.

Despite the praise and getting ports for PC, Xbox and PlayStation systems, Zombie never got a sequel and with other survival games like Dead Island Y dying light Getting sequels, it’s surprising that Ubisoft hasn’t capitalized on its own zombie gold mine, as it has so much potential on current-gen systems.

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