Top 10 Fictional Tanks In Games

The invention of the tank changed ground combat forever. Covered in armor plate and capable of generating impressive firepower, they are a common sight on battlefields, both real and fictional. Real world armies can look for practical ways to improve their tanks, but game designers can afford not to be constrained by reality!

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Fiction allows for limitless creativity, and games in particular allow invention and imagination to coalesce with electrifying results. We’ve chosen the best invented tanks from fictional settings, many of which players have piloted, commanded, and flown with aplomb for decades!


10/10 BGF251F2 “Iron Clad” – Final Fantasy 8

final fantasy 8 remaster BGH251F2 boss

Final Fantasy it has magical and technological enemies in equal measure, but regardless of their origin, most of the franchise’s enemies remain on the ground when defeated. The Iron Clad, a Galbadian tank fought by Squall and his companions in final fantasy 8not one of these.

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When the team splits up to try to thwart a missile launch by enemy forces, Selphie leads a group in an attack on the launch facility. There they battle a fully crewed BGF251F2 tank, equipped with a dangerous energy cannon. The Galbadian soldiers manage to delay Selphie long enough that she and her squad are unable to escape the base before it explodes.

Later, Squall’s team is attacked by the Iron Clad at Fisherman’s Horizon. The badly damaged tank is still combat-ready, and only after disabling it does Squall find Selphie and company inside. The tank’s armor had protected them from the blast, but the SeeD were unable to control the vehicle and eventually reunited with Squall through sheer luck.

9/10 Light Tanks – Advance Wars Series

gba red tank

the nations of advanced wars They have great firepower. In theory, superweapons like Neotanks and Megatanks should be unstoppable monsters, given their durability and ability to destroy smaller vehicles with a single shot. However, its prohibitive cost, low ammo capacity, and slow movement speed mean that I don’t often watch competitive games.

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Instead, the best Advance Wars players field large battlegroups of light tanks, with occasional support from medium tanks. While they may not be as individually impressive as heavy hitters, they do offer the best cost-benefit ratio in the series by a wide margin.

8/10 Leonardo’s Tank – Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

assassin's creed ezio leonardo tank

In the alternate history epic of assassin’s Creed, the leader of the Brotherhood of Assassins at the beginning of the 16th century was the best friend of Leonardo da Vinci. Throughout his adventures, Ezio occasionally makes use of Leonardo’s inventions in battle.

While most of Leonardo’s actual inventions were purely theoretical, Assassin’s Creed envisions a world in which some of them were successfully built. In Fraternity, Ezio’s nemeses in the House of Borgia have in their hands the blueprints for a Da Vinci tank; Ezio pilots the dome-shaped prototype briefly before destroying it.

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Assassin’s Creed has always pushed the boundaries of historical accuracy (to put it mildly), and Leonardo’s tank is a prime example. Nearly indestructible with a 360-degree firing arc and blazing-fast reload times on its black powder barrels, piloting the tank is the ultimate power ride in the game.

7/10 Centaur – Gears Of War Series

Gears of War 2 First Centaur Tank

The most common tank seen in the Gears of war games is the Centaur, which serves as a hybrid combat vehicle and armored personnel carrier. While not as powerful as the main battle tanks the Coalition produced in its heyday, the Centaur’s low cost and comparative reliability make it the only viable option for the increasingly embattled COG army.

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Weather gears has always been a game about infantry combat, players are able to pilot their own Centaurs on rare occasions, especially in War gears 2. With a high-calibre cannon and rapid-firing secondary weapons, the Centaur can handle most Locust infantry with ease. Maybe if the Coalition had more of them, the war wouldn’t have taken so many games to win!

6/10 Apocalypse Tank – Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3

command and conquer soviet battle tank

command and conquer: Red alert is known for its over-the-top gun designs and charming, stage-eating performances by famous actors like Tim Curry. Few units in the series capture its Cold War fever dream aesthetic as well as the twin-barreled Apocalypse tank!

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Having two big guns on a tank isn’t exactly a novel idea, but the Apocalypse design suits the pragmatic play style of the Soviet faction of the game perfectly. Heavy armor and increased firepower are often enough to secure a victory without needing anything fancy!

5/10 Edelweiss – Valkyria Chronicles

welkin tank and alice

A prototype ahead of its time, the Edelweiss is the main playable tank in the first game. Valkyria Chronicles play. Since it is commanded by the protagonist Welkin Gunther, it is the most versatile vehicle in the game and a mission critical unit.

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The Edelweiss was built near the end of the First European War, but the conclusion of the conflict meant that the original was the only vehicle of the skipper ever built. He remained in a barn until the outbreak of the Second European War, when Welkin recommissioned him for the defense of Gallia.

There are plenty of bigger, more impressive tanks in the Valkyria franchise, but ultimately most of them fall to the scrappy, feisty attitude of Edelweiss and Squad Seven.

4/10 Siege Tank – Starcraft Series

land artillery

Star boat it’s as much about holding a position as it is about mobility, and an entrenched squad of siege tanks can wipe almost anything off the map, given enough time. This Terran unit serves as mobile artillery platformcapable of breaking through tight enemy formations or turning structures into rubble.

Siege tanks have a longer firing range than the sight radius, so you’ll need another unit to spot their target for them!

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Siege Tanks need air support as they can be easily countered from above, but against a ground army a few Siege Tanks can win the day. With the correct positioning, they can quickly disrupt resource production or deny an important position.

3/10 Land Raider-Warhammer 40,000

space marine heavy tank warhammer 40k

For many warhammer 40k gamers, the Land Raider is the pride of your army. These heavy tanks count maximum armor on all sides and a veritable arsenal of weapons to counter any threat. Best of all, a Land Raider can also carry infantry, including the dreaded Space Marine Terminators!

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Like most of Warhammer’s iconic units, the Land Raider made its tabletop debut, but has appeared in a number of video games over the years. Of dawn of war to the criminally underappreciated Warhammer 40k: Gladiusthe Land Raider is rightly feared whether the battle is determined by dice or a CPU.

2/10 Scorpion – Halo Series

Halo scorpion in the sand

auraThe vehicles in are as iconic as their helmeted protagonist, which speaks volumes about the work of the franchise’s design team. They’re also an important part of the game, so it’s only natural that tanks, APCs, and planes get more love in Halo than they do in other franchises.

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While it may not have the sleek, elegant design of the Covenant ships, players love the Scorpion as a one of the first tanks you get to drive. That first sequence shows you everything you need to know about the value of superior firepower: The tank beats everything!

1/10 Landmaster – Star Fox Series

ground master tank

The Landmaster tank is a secondary vehicle that has been part of the Star Fox team’s arsenal since star fox 64. Fast and maneuverable, it allows Fox to get the job done on the planet, usually with air support from the other pilots.

While it’s arguably the smallest vehicle on this list, the Landmaster’s capabilities far exceed those of the tanks we’ve covered thus far. He can hover, has multiple firing modes, and can take a hit. The Landmaster was even summonable as a Final Smash in some Super Smash Bros titles Beyond all that, is the The only tank in the game that can roll barrel roll!

In the GameCube title star fox assault, each driver in multiplayer handled the vehicles differently. Put Slippy in a Landmaster and watch as the shy toad becomes Lylat’s terror!

Star Fox may be about dogfight, but Landmaster levels are always something special.

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