Top 10 Android Apps No One Knows About

With several new Androids on the market, such as the Google Pixel Fold and Nokia X50, users will want to take advantage of their increased storage capacity, and that means having room for more apps. But due to the huge catalog of Android applications, many extraordinary applications go unnoticed.

With the market overrun by lesser quality apps, the most ignored 5-star apps need the attention they deserve. Whether it’s bypassing Instagram logins or giving the user a full 4k cinema experience, today’s Android apps are versatile and continually improving.



Available at, Barinsta was created for Instagram users who wish to remain anonymous. Instagram’s new changes to the platform aren’t to everyone’s liking, but luckily, on Barinsta, users can navigate and interact with the app, while also having more options to control their data.

The app takes everything that makes Instagram great and adds more features to improve user privacy and UI experience. Some features include double-tap removal (to prevent unwanted likes), selection of layouts and themes, and an easy-to-access area for posts you’ve liked. Barinsta is not a mod, therefore it does not depend on the Instagram app to work.

pure tuber

Available on Google Play, Pure Tuber was designed for users tired of increasing ads on YouTube. It is an ad blocker that blocks all video ads and popups, allowing for a seamless entertainment experience.

While YouTube offers its Red version (no video ads, no pop-ups), some users may not want to pay the premium. Pure Tuber offers users the ad blocker, background video player and floating video player. Furthermore, Pure Tuber offers up to 8K resolution for videos, something its contemporaries cannot match.

Thumbnail maker and channel art maker

Thumbnail is available on Google Play, the app was created for users to design thumbnails, channel art and banners with images and videos for free. The simple user interface makes it an easy app for beginners and professional creators.

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Creating thumbnails and banners is known to take unnecessary time, trimming, trimming, and extra files that eat into a phone’s storage can make creating them a hassle. Thumbnail removes that hassle by including features like photo collages, font keyboards, text layout presets, and the ability to download popular and trending stickers to bring out the best part of your videos.

temporary mail

Temp Mail is available on Google Play. This app really deserves more credit for its internet service. Users can generate disposable temporary email addresses and use them anonymously, free and safely disposable.

Since junk mail and spam are becoming an increasing problem, sending an email is sometimes mandatory for services. Temp Mail allows full use of your new email address, including text and media files, and also gives users peace of mind knowing emails and emails will be securely deleted.

in player

The AT Player is available for download at While there are many great music apps available, AT Player is one of the best combinations of YouTube, an MP3 player, and the radio. Users can save their most coveted songs and listen to different genres of music similar to Pandora.

The app has other features like musical alarms and a music identifier (similar to Shazam), however, its 3-in-1 design is what users enjoy the most. The app allows users to create an account where they can store YouTube videos, music, and radio stations. AT Player requires Android 4.2 or higher, however most phones run on that version as of 2022.

Pure APK

Available for download on, APKPure is designed with download freedom in mind. The app allows users to download blocked (unavailable) games in their country. The interface itself is extremely popular due to its ease of use and massive library.

APKPure doesn’t vet apps like Google Play, so it’s up to the user to be cautious. However, because of this, new games, discontinued games, and banned games can be found in your library. For fans of the Strategy, Puzzle, and RPG genre, APKPure has every player’s favorite genre available.


Since its predecessor, Vanced, was discontinued due to legal issues, Re-Vanced for born: The app is available on Re-Vanced is similar to YouTube Premium, minus the price attached. As ads continue to flood apps, many video services offer premium versions that allow for an ad-free experience, with additional customization capabilities.

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Re-Vanced offers all that and more, with features like SponsorBlock, ad blocker, picture-in-picture support, background playback and more, the app offers everything a YouTube Premium subscription offers. Also, Re-Vanced is considered to be in constant development, so users can always contact the team for suggestions and complaints.

FreeFlix HQ

FreeFlix HQ can be downloaded at With so many movie apps going up in price, FreeFlix HQ is what it’s called free. The video server offers a wide variety of media, including TV shows, anime, live TV, trending movies, and news. The app is known for its high quality audio and video, combined with a fast responsive interface.

Why subscribe to multiple services when everything can be found in one source? That is the FreeFlix motto. Also, the app can be used with other platforms including PC, iOS, and Firestick 4K. With this option, users can create profiles and save their libraries across multiple devices.

popcorn time

The ever-evolving Popcorn Time is available for download at The app is the result of many developers’ hard work and love for movies. For decades, searching for hours on end for a clear, fast torrent was the norm. Popcorn Time helped change this, finding the fastest torrents with the best resolution and no restrictions.

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The app features one of the most impressive catalogs of movies, many of which can be found in theaters. Popcorn Time allows users to sort by trending, popularity, and resolution, allowing them to find the exact video they’re looking for. Also, the app has a plugin system for Rarbg, Kat, VLC and Google Drive.

high definition cinema

As its name describes, Cinema HD is for all things cinema, while also offering the latest in television. The app can be downloaded at As online streaming applications continue to grow, users now have multiple options for their movies and shows. What separates Cinema HD from its competitors is the ability to stream across multiple platforms, regular updates, and the support of over 100,000,000 installs.

By installing Trakt TV, users can create lists of their favorite recently watched genres, shows and shows. While the app features the highest quality of images available, it does feature a “low profile mode” for older devices or phones that transmit data on their cellular data. A downside of many streaming apps is dead links, Cinema HD automatically removes these and goes to next best, allowing the user to select resolution and subtitles if needed.

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