Tkachuk sends Hurricanes home, Benn only gets two games

An NHL team has punched its ticket to the Stanley Cup Final, and it’s the team that entered the playoffs with the lowest point total. They have Matthew Tkachuk and Sergei Bobrovsky to thank for that.

Jamie Benn got punished for his dirty cross check on Mark Stone, but was it enough? I do not think. His memory of his work was…something.

For the Colorado Avalanche, we take a deep dive into the game of top prospect Nikolai Kovalenko.

All that and more in this Thursday edition of Evan’s Daily.

Colorado Hockey Now

Nikolai Kovalenko is one of the best prospects for the Colorado Avalanche. However, outside of a few standout moments here and there, very few have seen him play. In the first part of a three-part deep dive, we focus on Kovalenko’s bravery, which may remind you a bit of Artturi Lehkonen…

A recent study showed that Ball Arena (yes, Ball Arena) is the best arena in the NHL for fans. The criteria they used is important, as they were looking at it more in terms of the experience, rather than the arena itself.

On Thursday, look for a big deep dive into what a potential Devon Toews extension with the Avalanche could look like. It will be a difficult negotiation.

NHL playoffs

Just like we all predicted a month ago, the Florida Panthers are heading to the Stanley Cup Finals. Matthew Tkachuk hit three of the four series game-winners and doesn’t believe in curse words.

For his ridiculous Mark Stone cross-checking, Jamie Benn received a whopping two-game suspension. Light, in my opinion, but what would you expect from the NHL’s Department of Player Safety? Stone got up, and that’s all they really care about. It sure seemed like there was hurtful intent on Benn’s part, and no one is buying his absurd excuse.

national hockey now

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