tinyBuild acquires Konfa Games along with various IPs from Bossa Studios

The company is making strategic acquisition moves, capturing Konfa Games and IPs from Bossa Studios like Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread.

Independent publisher tinyBuild shared some big news today as it was revealed that it has acquired Konfa Games, developer of titles like the critically acclaimed Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder. This isn’t all that surprising given that tinyBuild has been working with Konfa Games as the publisher of Despot’s Game, and Despot’s Game will be released as version 1.0 on September 15th.

It notes that the deal’s maximum consideration for Konfa Games is up to $5.4 million, “split approximately 40 percent cash and 60 percent newly issued tinyBuild shares.” That’s not the only big purchase tinyBuild has made recently, as it’s also picked up several IPs from Bossa Studios, including Surgeon Simulator, Surgeon Simulator 2, Surgeon Simulator VR, I Am Bread, and I Am Fish for an initial $3 million payment. .

Screenshot from Konfa Games' Despot's Game showing a battle between various characters charging from the left and monsters charging from the right.
© Konfa Games

The initial payment of $3 million may seem high at first, but given that Bossa’s franchises brought in $6 million in total revenue in 2021 alone, the price of the deal makes a little more sense.

Overall, with these new developments, we look forward to seeing what tinyBuild will do with Bossa IPs like Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, along with upcoming releases from newly acquired Konfa Games, including the 1.0 release of Despot’s Game. To learn more about tinyBuild’s games, be sure to check out our preview of Rhythm Sprout, which features battles between a wondrous onion and King Sugar Daddy’s army.

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