TikTok’s CapCut Video Editor Now Available on Windows Platform and You Can Download It in India

TikToks CapCut video editor is now available on Windows platform and you can download it in India
TikTok, one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, is banned in India. While this ban doesn’t really affect the creator community, as Meta-owned Instagram has been onboarded with Instagram Reels, however, the video editor on Instagram is a long way off. behind what TikTok offers. TikTok also offers all the features of its built-in video editor separately through an app called CapCut. This popular app is also banned in India.
Cap Cut on Windows 11
Cap Cut on Windows 11
CapCut and TikTok have the same roots as they are owned by the same parent company: ByteDance. Due to its affiliation with ByteDance, CapCut mobile video editor is banned in India. CapCut video editor offers the latest trending transitions, effects, and stickers also found on TikTok, and the app is extremely popular with the TikTok community. Unlike other video editing apps available on the Google and Apple stores, CapCut does not impose a copyright logo on the rendered video, adding to its popularity as a full-featured video editor.
CapCut is now available for Windows desktops and laptops. The 333 Mb installation file can also be downloaded from in India. However, there is a small problem: the app cannot pull trending audio and templates from TikTok servers in India, as TikTok is banned in India. However, CapCut itself is at least for now downloadable in the country. If you are a creator or if you have ever tried to edit short videos or even make a video compilation of your images for Instagram, then you will know that CapCut video editor is also banned from Google and Apple app stores in India.

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CapCut - Login to remove watermark
CapCut – Login to remove watermark

The Windows app appears to be a full featured video editor, however it is designed for quick edits and is nowhere near FCPX or Premier Pro. We found the video export to max out at 4K/60P with bitrate options personalized. The app also features color corrections via *.cube or *.3dl LUTs.

Things that don’t work without a VPN, most things that need to be pulled from the TikTok server don’t work. Things like stickers, effects, transitions, and filters. However, it is much easier to use a VPN on a desktop than on a mobile device, so this should not be a problem. We tried to use the app through WindScibe VPN and all features were accessible.

CapCut: all features can be accessed via a VPN
CapCut: all features can be accessed via a VPN

With CapCut now available on Windows-based desktop PCs and laptops, content creators will have access to all the trending transitions and audio and video templates that are going viral around the world on a big screen device with mouse and keyboard.

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