Thymesia Guide – How To Beat Varg

Varg is the first boss you will meet in Thymesia, as he will be waiting for you at the end of the tutorial. However, this enemy is not meant to be defeated during the first hour of the game, and you will encounter it again at the end of the Fortress of Hermes level.

This boss throws out extremely powerful and aggressive attacks with his sword, but he’s also relatively slow, and you can avoid most of his attacks by dodging. However, he has two health bars and becomes more aggressive during the second phase of the battle, so you should carefully study his moves if you don’t want to die. Hopefully, he’s not the most challenging enemy in the game, and you shouldn’t be facing much difficulty against him when you get to the end of Hermes’s Fortress in Thymesia.

Varg: Boss Overview

Varg is a knight armed with a longsword that will do significant damage to you if you don’t deflect or dodge his attacks in time. However, he is not the fastest enemy in the game, especially during the first phase of the fight. If you successfully master parry and dodge techniques on Thymesia, you should be able to avoid most (if not all) of his attacks. You’ll also have plenty of time to fight back, as most of his animations are slow and telegraphed.

Varg: Moveset and Strategies

The first phase of the battle against Varg in the Fortress of Hermes level is similar to what you already experienced during the tutorial, but you will be fighting in a smaller area. Therefore, you need to carefully study their moves and learn to predict them. This way you can dodge and parry most of his attacks pretty easily.

If you stay away from the boss, he will often jump at you and try to hit you with his longsword, but you can dodge by moving backwards. Also, the long delay on his recovery animation will give you enough time to hit Varg multiple times. He will also swing his sword in your direction, hoping to land a multi-hit combo, but you can easily parry this attack as it is slow and easily predictable. When you see a green line coming from Varg, he will soon try to hit you with his critical attack which cannot be deflected with your standard weapon. Instead, you have to use a pen to block it. However, you can also dodge it quite easily by rolling sideways if you get the timing right.

Try to take advantage of his slow recovery animations to hit him repeatedly and you’ll empty his first health bar in no time. You can also equip the bow as your primary plague weapon, so you’ll be able to slice through its white health bar from a distance and it won’t hit you. Remember that you also need to use your Claw to lower his green HP bar, so time your attacks carefully.

When you enter the second phase of the battle against Varg in Thymesia, he will become more aggressive and his attacks will also be a bit faster. He will try to damage you with his last attack, and when you see a red light coming from him, dodge as much as you can until you get to a safe distance. Otherwise, the knight will grab you and pummel you, subtracting half your health bar. The Long Dodge is easily the best dodge talent to equip for this fight.

Tips to win the fight against Varg

Varg can be defeated fairly quickly, and if you master the main fighting techniques in Thymesia, it won’t take long. Remember to dodge frequently to avoid most of his attacks, or if you prefer, you can also parry them by pressing the corresponding button at the right time. His offenses are pretty slow, so you have all the time you need to deflect them.

The Bow is a great option for this battle, as it will allow you to hit the boss repeatedly from a distance, and if you have unlocked the Plague Weapons Lv2 talent, you can equip two Plague Weapons at once. The halberd is also good because it makes quick and repeated attacks. Be careful with your ultimate as it is your most dangerous offense and can easily kill you if you get hit and you don’t have enough HP left.

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