This Twitch streamer is the first person to beat every N64 game

Acegamemersam in his studio is streaming on Twitch.

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Samuel “Acegamersam” Tourrd owns a batch The 32-year-old Quebecer has an extensive library of classic console titles, including entire collections of North American Dreamcast and N64 games. Five years ago, with a fledgling contraction channelto turnd began streaming Nintendo titles to a small audience. That audience quickly began to grow as he made it his goal to complete all 296 of them, a feat no one else has claimed to have done before.

Since last week, half a decade later, Spind has completed this monolithic task. Under rules agreed upon by a Discord community of others attempting this completion task, the streamer has beaten every Nintendo 64 game released to North American shelves. Yes, even including Superman.

Acegamersam’s interest in collecting retro games started in 2009, ironically: it was sparked the first time he parted ways with one. “I just sold a couple of retro games that I didn’t play anymore, and I was heartbroken to part with the games of my childhood,” he said. Kotaku. “I thought I’d rather find and keep my childhood games.”

Trying to fill those gaps, SpinHe found that he took great pleasure in the act of searching for them. “I really enjoyed the process of searching for games online or visiting retro game stores. Two or three years later, I already had a couple of hundred games and kept going!”

Focusing on the NES, SNES, N64, Master System, Genesis, and Dreamcast, the emphasis at the time was on meeting, rather than gaming. And as with any attempt to complete a collection, there are games that are much harder to find than others, or at least reasonably priced. For that full N64 rack, Rotated told me, “It took me a while to find good copies at reasonable prices for Court of the sculptor Clay Fighters, stunt racer, super bowling, Armageddon WormsY Transformers Beast Wars Transmetal.” But once he had them all, she thought it would be fun to play them on Twitch.


“I started playing games like Super Mario 64, Sega Genesis Sonic games and a couple of Disney games. Mostly childhood games. Super Mario 64 It brought me some viewers who were fans of the Nintendo 64 growing up.” During these streams, SpinHe mentioned to viewers that he had put together an entire collection and started getting requests from people for him to play their favorite childhood games. “After a couple of games”, Spind explains, “I decided to create an official challenge where viewers would request games for me.”

This then turned, as it so often does, into a challenge to complete the games. But like Sam Spind saying Radio Canada, the viewer suggestion format meant I only saw the most popular titles. “I was going to… finish off the bad guys for last.” He created a point-based incentive for his handful of viewers to suggest darker games.


But of course “completing” a game is usually not easy. Sure, you won Bowser’s final fight in Mario 64 and the game is done, but how does it work for, say, International Superstars Soccer 64? To establish such rules, a Discord group of other players would discuss and debate the agreed criteria. I was wondering how others responded when it became clear that Acegamersam seemed to be the first to achieve this arduous record.

“Our Discord is a fantastic place”, SpinD answers. “All people with the same passion for completing console challenges. There was at no time a competition between the members of the team. We all share our knowledge and everyone wins the games at their own pace.” There is no career in it, she explains. “The important thing is to all reach the same goal at the end.”

Of course, combining this extraordinary marathon with trying to deliver something worth seeing to an audience is no easy task. I was wondering how the audience was holding up during the dullest or worst games. Turns out that wasn’t a problem at all. “People love to see someone suffer for a bad game on Twitch.” She would post on social media saying how “horrible or difficult” a game was, and people flocked to see her reactions. “I got some of my best [numbers] playing the worst games for Nintendo 64. It’s a good thing, because it got me through the worst parts of the challenge.”

296 is a lot of games, and while some would be hard work, there had to be others that he would never have played otherwise that really blew him away. “I had the opportunity to play games that I never had as a child, or [had] never heard of before”, Spinhe told me. A list, in fact, that includes Mystical Ninja starring Goemon, Reconquer, mischief makers, Jet Force Gemini, ogre battle 64, Goemon’s Great Adventureand even paper mario 64.


So with this crazy task complete, you’re done, right? Surely? Well, no. to turnd now intends to start a new challenge: complete all 200 games with Sonic. Which sounds like fun, until you realize that means multiple re-releases of the same games and, you know, the 3D ones. “I am afraid of discovering games like Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic and the secret ringseither sonic and the black knight”, he tells me, as well as spin-offs like sonic maze Y sonic mix. “The last part that scares me about this challenge is that I included official builds, if even one Sonic game is included. That includes a game like Sega Genesis Classics, which includes more than 50 Sega classics. It will take too many hours to complete!”

However, it doesn’t seem to deter him. However, she is fully aware of how bad it could get. “There are a lot more games that I don’t know about, so I may still find more horrible games on the way.”

You can see all the games of the complete N64 completion via Acegamersam YouTube channeland stay tuned for his sonic adventures (sorry) through his Twitch.

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