This is how you prevent malware from reaching your PC

One of the most common software elements that we usually find in today’s computers are antiviruses. In fact, Windows itself includes its own solution of these characteristics so that we are protected from the first moment. We refer to windows defenderalthough those who prefer it can also use other third party security solutions. However, these are programs that, despite having been with us for many years, continue to generate some controversy.

Some doubt its reliability, others claim that the consumption of computer resources is too high. But with everything and with it, in most cases it is advisable to have software with these characteristics installed and active. But everyone on his team is free to do what they see fit. For this reason, in these lines we are going to talk about a series of measures that you must take if you do not use an antivirus, but you do not want it to reach you malware to your PC.

Scan file downloads without antivirus

One of the main uses we make of the internet in general terms is to download all kinds of files. Here are included text documentsPhotos, videosor programs. However, everything that we download here must be monitored, especially if we do not have any antivirus active on the computer. A good solution is to remotely scan those files that we are going to download from the web through the VirusTotal service, for example.

This way we ensure that the content we download from the Internet will be free of all kinds of malware no antivirus needed.

VirusTotal scan

Avoid unknown USB storage devices

Another of the most common sources of virus arrival are mobile devices. external storage via USB. On many occasions we connect this type of hardware product that has been loaned to us or that we have found in a drawer to our equipment. Therefore, we must distrust these elements if we do not want to have security software installed and also be free of malicious code.

Forget dubious websites

Sometimes we visit certain web pages from our browser to access unreliable content. In the event that we have made the decision to do without an antivirus, we should start forgetting about these somewhat suspicious pages. These can inject all kinds of malicious code without us noticing and in this case we do not have active antivirus protection.

Keep the system and your applications updated

Another very important step that we must take to keep ourselves free from viruses is to keep both the operating system updated, especially windows, such as installed applications. In this way, at least we will have the latest security patches to protect us from the latest attacks that have been discovered.

Although many equally reject the Software updatesThey are very important elements, especially if you do not want to use any antivirus.

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