This early Squid game scene brilliantly foreshadowed the Season 1 finale.

squid game uses an early scene to brilliantly foreshadow its dark ending, emphasizing the separation of classes explored throughout season 1. squid game was a huge hit on Netflix with its dark twist on classic Korean children’s games that were used as a fight to the death for money. Gi-hun leads squid game like a broke man who can’t provide for his children and is addicted to gambling. Initially, squid game it seems to be focused on showing how far a person will go for money, but as more is revealed about the origins of the games, it is revealed how the class divide in South Korea is the real issue.


Squid Game season 1 ends with Gi-hun winning the games and preparing to leave his hometown with a bright red haircut. Gi-hun reaches the end of the games and finds out how the rich and elite have been betting for and against him, which seems to give him a new focus on life. Despite being an early gamer squid gameGi-hun doesn’t spend the money he earns from the games as he is traumatized by the games he has to survive.

Squid Game episode 1 gameplay scene has a parallel ending

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Gambling is a massive theme throughout Squid Game, starting with Gi-hun’s addiction. Gi-hun is a poor man who struggles to survive, but he can’t help but bet on the horses that he constantly loses. Gambling is a big part of Gi-hun’s character. The focus in this is designed to introduce his character and establish his despair, making it understandable why he chose to join the games. Gi-hun bets on the horses at the beginning of squid game he is directly paralleled by the masked spectators betting on him and the other contestants during the games.

The creators and viewers of the squid game the games are slowly introduced in season 1, but it is soon revealed that they view the games as a sport and bid on the contestants. Along with the food, drink, and women, spectators gleefully watch the games and judge the contestants merely as pawns in a game, not humans. This parallels Gi-hun’s horse game and shows him going from the player with money to the horse out of control.

Squid Game’s horse race scene raises another moral issue

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squid Game, including rich viewers, emphasizes the corruption of capitalist society where the rich control the poor and can keep them at a disadvantage. He squid game the games display this as contestants cannot break the rules or step out of line even slightly without catastrophic consequences. However, the parallelism between the squid game Gambling and horse racing also raise questions about the morality of gambling with horses.

Horse racing is controversial due to the injuries that horses can sustain and the chances that they will be euthanized due to those injuries. Horses have no say in whether they run, and many people benefit greatly from them. Betting on horses is morally questionable due to the lack of choice of horses in the race, and squid game he emphasizes this by turning the horses into people. The life of the contestants in squid game you gamble for fun, which is grossly immoral.