Things The Last Of Us HBO Should Take From Games

With its most recent high levels of controversy due to the events that unfolded within the last of us part 2, Players familiar with both titles are excited to learn how HBO will portray certain circumstances that play out in the games. As recent images and teasers have been shown, it is clear to many that the last of us hbo it will go along with a similar rendering style, containing many popular scenes from the first game.

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Despite the lack of confirmation, the controversial events and characters found throughout the last of us part 2 it seems almost certain to be around based on Neil Druckmann’s comments on the cast. Fans of the series are also hoping these iconic ideas and moments will make it to the HBO show as well.


7 joel and ellie dynamic

Many fans who know and know the series will know that the evolution of Joel Miller and Ellie Williams’ relationship throughout the last of us part 1 and the flashbacks featured in Part 2 they are one of the most fundamental factors that make the series what it is. From Joel starting to be more distant with Ellie to becoming more open and finally seeing her as a surrogate daughter, he is out to give fans an engaging emotional story.

If the live adaptation can represent this in any way possible or even to a greater extent, especially with the flexibility the cast has, it would be much more appropriate considering its nature and the omission of the usual fan interaction or character control. .

6 Brutality

Given the mature rating of shows featured on HBO, such as game of Thrones, the level of realism and violence is more likely to be present in the program. Games have been known to feature each person’s sense of self in multiple sections, and if fans go by what’s been shown so far, they can expect to see this on the show.

With the release of the last of us part 2 controversy came. Many people hated some of the story choices, but many also believed that the violence shown was much more realistic and gory than before. Whether this will be toned down or kept within the live-action adaptation remains to be seen.

5 Intense moments of survival

In the midst of all the survival horror games, The last of us The series is often recognized as one of the higher level titles, particularly due to the tense moments where players must evade the “Clickers” and the rest of the infected.

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The portrayal of this within the HBO show has the potential to be done with higher quality and give viewers the feeling that Joel and Ellie can barely escape the do-or-die scenarios. With the help of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, the chances are high that fans will appreciate it.

4 ambushes

As the characters in the series are set in a post-apocalyptic world, encounters with other humans are not as friendly or as easy. Many of the topics shown in the last of us part 1 promote the idea of ​​survival of the fittest and characters that guarantee their own safety before others. This is present in the scene where Joel and Ellie are ambushed by strangers, following their attempt to cheat on the pair.

The intensity levels here can be amplified further and you have a chance to resonate with viewers even more than in games. What the last of us part 1 Y two are narrative games similar to Naughty Dog’s other major IP Unexploredthe chances of this being a successful live-action adaptation are much higher than usual.

3 Soundtrack/OST

Listening to the soundtrack made by Gustavo Santaolalla, many players could instantly identify its origin, since The last of us The OST of the series is one of the most iconic in gaming. Given the contribution and permission of Neil Druckmann and Naughty Dog for the production of the show, fans are hoping this will be around.

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This would go hand in hand with the release of The last of us part 1 new version, which would ultimately benefit those who are new and unfamiliar with the story by providing two means of consumption, while potentially increasing the possibility of future Naughty Dog projects based on their reception.

two Clicker and runner aggressiveness

The terrifying moments in both The last of us the titles contain the infected and for the most part the “Clickers”. Players who have played both campaigns on much harder difficulties will know how terrifying it is to maneuver around these enemies without making too much noise, while the “Runners” also blend into the mix you can see, unlike their counterparts.

As more reveals are set for the show ahead of its eventual release in 2023, fans will expect to see more attention paid to the behavior of these enemies and how accurate they can be.

1 Last Of Us Left Behind Flashbacks

After the initial release of The last of us on PlayStation 3, Naughty Dog continued with an addition of the Left behind DLC. This was instrumental in giving players a much better understanding of Ellie’s adventures, relationships, and encounters before she crossed paths with Joel.

The inclusion of this will not only help newcomers, but also help develop the character to its fullest extent. There’s also an opportunity for an expansion given the longer runtime and to keep the show on a good beat HBO would be better off doing this using flashbacks.

the last of us hbo it is scheduled for release in 2023.

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