These custom dash cams look like part of your car

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Fitcamx Integrated Dash Cams are custom made to install seamlessly and discreetly into your specific car model.

There are many reasons to use a dash cam. According to, they can help you avoid significant premium increases by proving you were not at fault in an accident and adding additional security against theft and vandalism. Some insurance companies even offer discounts for drivers who use a dash cam. But on the other hand, most third party dash cams stick out like a sore thumb and ruin the aesthetics of your car. But that’s not the case with Fitcamx’s line of integrated dash cams.

Fitcamx Integrated OEM Style Dash Cams

Image via Fitcamx

Fitcamx aims to enhance the driving experience with innovative dash cam designs and reliable quality. Since 2015, the company has been developing OEM-style dash cameras that look and feel like they are part of your original vehicle. Their unique wireless setup is extremely popular with car owners, and they currently offer cameras that seamlessly integrate with 8,000 dedicated car models, covering most cars on the market today.

Fitcamx’s discreet built-in cameras fit perfectly on the back of the rear view mirror. There are no exposed wires, no splicing, and no cable routing. Its OEM styling makes it look like an original car part. Simply download the app and the built-in WiFi will allow you to access live video. You can also download images directly to your phone or PC.

And thanks to its Novatek Chip + CMOS Sensor, the dash cam records videos up to 2160P/30fps. And the large-aperture lens allows this discreet camera to record color accuracy and clarity both day and night. For night vision, the camera automatically balances exposure for a clear, detailed view.

When the car starts, the driving recorder will turn on automatically. The driving recorder will automatically turn off when the vehicle is turned off and locked. Continuous loop recording overwrites the oldest footage once the MicroSD card storage is full. And the camera’s G-Sensor function can detect a sudden collision and automatically save the current footage to a specified folder, protecting real-time evidence for authorities and your insurance.
All of the company’s high-quality professional dash cams go through a sophisticated manufacturing and testing process. They are tested by professionals who are involved in the process from start to finish. And all Fitcamx products comply with international safety standards, including CE, FCC, PSE, Giteki, CCC, ROHS and SRRC certifications.

So if you’re looking for a seamlessly integrated dash cam that looks like part of your car’s original design, click here to learn more about Fitcamx.

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