These are the types of Hololive games we want to see

Given that Hololive Productions has such a wide cast of characters and each of their talents have unique personality traits, it’s strange that there are only a handful of Hololive games currently available for us to play.

Sure, you could argue that some games had Hololive Talents in their games like Phantasy Star Online 2 and Valkyrie Connect, but those are just collaboration events for games that have already been around. And while it’s great to see Hololive’s talents in some of our favorite games, it’s not the same as a full game where the talents are the main characters of a full game.

As of this writing, here is the list of official and notable fan games that feature Hololive Talents:

  • Hololive Error (Unreleased)
  • Holoearth (unreleased)
  • Evil God Korone
  • Aquarius (unreleased)
  • HoloCure (Fan Game)
  • Kitsune no Tabiji (Fan Game)

From the list of games, there could be a lot of potential with the genre of games that Hololive’s talents could appear in. And while I’m certainly not a game developer (despite having a title in computer game development), these are some of the genres I’d love to see in future Hololive Games, both official and fan.

Holo Live Fighting Game

Once again, I’m going to mention the great cast of characters that Hololive has and how a Hololive fighting game would be pretty sick to have. One would say that the appeal of Super Smash Bros Ultimate would be its huge character roster featuring lovable characters from different series coming together in one game and I think the same could be said for featuring all of Hololive’s talents in one fighting game.

You could have the talents and some of their references, skin, or personality traits as part of their movesets, like having Kanata Amane as a Grappler.

Original image from u/Oxygen0099

Or he could have alternate skins and have a new moveset that is incorporated with the alternate version, like with Ouro Kroni’s outfit from his cover illustration in Mafia.

And alternatively, you can even have your fans’ talents and pets as an assist trophy or even have players choose a supporting character from Hololive as a support unit like in Marvel vs Capcom 2 along with unique interactions between the players. characters if they have ties to each other, such as OkaKoro, TakaMori, etc.

Amelia Watson Roguelike

With Amelia Watson’s story from Hololive English closely tied with alternate timelines, we could have a roguelike game where we play as Amelia and travel through the different timelines. Perhaps visiting a timeline where the “smol” version of Hololive’s talents are canon, or a timeline where the other HoloMyth members wreak havoc and it’s up to us to stop them? And finally putting it all together to get the true ending of the game and all of that, the possibility is endless.

Kazama Iroha Hack and Slash Game

A Hack and Slash game inspired by Devil May Cry 5 featuring everyone’s favorite ninja – I mean samurai, Kazama Iroha from Hololive Generation 6 could also be quite interesting. The game could be set in the obligatory Edo period of Japan where you can play as Iroha who is a hired bodyguard who goes around the city protecting nobles from bandit groups and you could even tell some backstory or know how the HoloX Secret Society had come to be.

Hololive Rhythm Game + Visual Novel

I’m a bit surprised there isn’t an official Hololive Rhythm Game because it would make sense since, at the end of the day, Hololive talents are still idols. I had to make a Hololive Rhythm game, not only would I make it just have rhythm game aspects, but also include visual novel elements where you can hang out with Hololive members after completing a song or performance.

These are just a glimpse of all the possibilities of the type of Hololive games that I would personally love to play. Do you have a Hololive game genre you’d like to see? Let us know!

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