The_Hoff_Man Wins 888poker ChampionChip Games Main Event ($26,202)

888poker Champion Chip Games

the 888poker Champion Chip Games came to an exciting conclusion on September 6 when the UK “The_Hoff_Man” staged an impressive comeback to win the $60 buy-in main event for $26,202. “The_Hoff_Man” sat down at the nine-handed final table with the second fewest stacks, but managed to turn around his declining fortunes despite sitting down with only 12.5 big blinds in his arsenal.

The victory was the third for a player sporting the Union Jack flag alongside his alias, which was enough to secure third place in the overall medal table.

Event #24 – ChampionChip Games Main Event

the ChampionChip Main Event saw 3,386 888poker players exchange $60 for a chance to become the low-stakes fest champion. Those participants created a prize pool of $212,850breaking the advertised $200,000 guarantee.

It took several Day 1s and an action-packed Day 2 to bring the huge crowd to the final table. Finalists will also be seated at 7:00pm BST on September 6 under the watchful eye of the 888poker Twitch team.

Place Player Country Potato chips large blinds
1 bowling New Zealand 7,694,528 38.5
two bybaby Canada 6,099,847 30.5
3 Zlodei228 Andorra 4,565,627 22.8
4 excimiii 4,349,428 21.7
5 ChePushila77 Mexico 4,274,313 21.4
6 Orcafalke Germany 3,696,552 18.5
7 birineu Brazil 3,531,445 17.7
8 the_hoff_man United Kingdom 2,491,490 12.5
9 manel9595 Brazil 1,996,770 10

“excimiii” he was the first of the finalists to come across an empty space where his chips once were. “The_Hoff_Man”, who quickly built his 12.5 big blinds to a stack of 36 big blinds, mini-raised in middle position with pocket jacks, and “excimiii” defended his big blind with ace-deuces of clubs. The flop came five-five-four with two clubs, and it was obvious that the chips were in the middle. “excimiii” check-raised all-in for 12 big blinds once “The_Hoff_Man” took a stab at the pot, and they called for the push. A jack on the turn gave “The_Hoff_Man” a full house, and “excimiii” headed for the rail when the river wasn’t a straight flush completing three of clubs.

from Brazil “manel9595” saw his chip stack shrink to less than seven big blinds, and shoved from under the gun with ace-queen just for “Orcafalca” to wake up in the next seat along with a pair of kings in the hole. “Orcafalke” pushed again, and the kings stayed on a board of ten.

Another Brazilian “birineu” he was the next player to head to the showers. They only had four big blinds when they made a move with king-ten, and “The_Hoff_Man” looked at them from the big blind with pocket nines. A ten on the flop seemed to have doubled “birineu’s” stack, but a nine on the turn left them dead.

The last six became five with the disappearance of New Zealand. “bowling day” who deposited an impressive $5,001 for their investment of 60. The Kiwi lost all but one big blind when he lost with pocket queens to “Zlodei228’s” ace-king and crashed two hands later.

Canada “babybaby” was the next player eliminated, his short stack going into the middle with pocket nines against the ace-jack of the now seemingly unstoppable “The_Hoff_Man”. The nines held true until the river, which is where he landed the jack of spades to cut the player count by one.

The last four-figure prize, $9,556, went to Mexico “ChePushila77,” who called their last five big blinds with ace-eight in the big blind after “The_Hoff_Man” pushed them from the small blind. “The_Hoff_Man” flipped seven-five of clubs, raised a five on the flop and eliminated “ChePushila77”.

Heads-up was settled when the German “Orcafalke” lost his chips to “The_Hoff_Man”. “Orcafalke” three-bet all-in for just six big blinds with king-queen, and “The_Hoff_Man” put in the paying chips with ace-five. An ace on the flop was more than enough to eliminate “Orcafalke” from the tournament; they walked away with $13,366 after participating in the ChampionChip Games Main Event.

“The_Hoff_Man” went into heads-up play against “Zlodei228” with a commanding almost three-to-one lead, it still took 30 minutes to crown the Main Event champion. The final hand saw “Zlodei228”, another satellite winner, move all in for just over 11 big blinds, and “The_Hoff_Man” called with the top ace-jack. The five community cards were wiped out with two kings and “The_Hoff_Man” jack kicker was played.

“Zlodei228” took home a second prize of $18,709, leaving “The_Hoff_Man” with the top payout of $26,202.

Place Player Country Reward
1 the_hoff_man United Kingdom $26,202
two Zlodei228 Andorra $18,709
3 Orcafalke Germany $13,366
4 ChePushila77 Mexico $9,556
5 bybaby Canada $6,875
6 bowling New Zealand $5,001
7 birineu Brazil $3,661
8 manel9595 Brazil $2,681
9 excimiii $1,979

Event #22 – Mini Main Event ChampionChip Games

from Germany “joehighfritz” eliminated Event #22 from the ChampionChip Games, the $16.50 entry to the Mini Main Event. Some 1,434 players created a prize pool of $21,510, and “joehighfritz” collected $3,414 of that princely sum.

The top four finishers secured payouts of more than $1,000 for their $16.50 investment. Fourth place finisher “Falouss333” raised $1,241, with “Izabela01” from Romania increases his bankroll with $1,688. the runner-up, “WGBrunelli” from Brazil, scored $2,297.

Place Player Country Reward
1 joehighfritz Germany $3,143
two WGBrunelli Brazil $2,297
3 Isabella01 Romania $1,688
4 Falouss333 Turkey $1,241
5 dankretli Brazil $918
6 bledj3 Sweden $684
7 chaser09 United Kingdom $514
8 asdE3131234s Ukraine $389
9 Theme_Dem Ukraine $296

Event #23 – Micro Main Event ChampionChip Games

the micro main event saw 1,883 players battle it out for a share of the $15,000 prize pool, a huge pot considering the tournament only costs $5.50 to enter. The top three finishers walked away with four-figure prizes for their efforts.

Paraguay “Worm Mac” earned a $1,111 prize for his third place finish, with “altuntaw” from Canada netting $1,512 when they fell at the final hurdle. The champion and recipient of $2,071 was the Brazilian “ErikyDani” who scored Brazil’s ninth victory in ChampionChip games.

Place Player Country Reward
1 ErikyDani Brazil $2,071
two altuntaw Canada $1,512
3 WormMac Paraguay $1,111
4 sudunagunta United Kingdom $823
5 vanjialin Canada $609
6 danielzgranu Canada $454
7 Earnshaw Brazil $340
8 CelticGhirlX United Kingdom $258
9 dennisshow Brazil $196

Event #25: ChampionChip Games Closing Ceremony

The 25th and final event of the ChampionChip Games was the closing ceremonya $22 buy-in event that attracted 829 players to 888poker, who battled it out for the lion’s share of the $16,580 prize pool.

Brazilian players have dominated the series, so it was only fitting that the top three finishers came from the South American country. “123456788888” finished in third place for $1,447, which left “marcolajr95” face to face against “lred”. The one-on-one battle went to “marcolajr95,” and they won the $2,707 top prize, leaving the second-place finisher to add $1,973 to his lifetime earnings.

Place Player Country Reward
1 marcolajr95 Brazil $2,707
two lbred Brazil $1,973
3 123456788888 Brazil $1,447
4 Marv0310 Ukraine $1,064
5 RenoJackson Brazil $787
6 ozymandiAAs Brazil $583
7 Mostafa.E14 Albanian $434
8 machine gun North Ireland $323
9 WGBrunelli Brazil $245

Final ChampionChip Medal Table

Country 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Brazil 10 4 4 18
Ukraine 3 two 6 eleven
United Kingdom 3 two 3 8
Belarus two two 4
Germany 1 3 3 7
Sweden 1 1 two 4
Mexico 1 1 two
Albanian 1 1
Thailand 1 1
Romania 1 1 two
Estonia 1 1
Finland two 1 3
Denmark two two
Canada two two
Andorra 1 1 two
malt 1 1
Armenia 1 1
Ireland 1 1
Argentina 1 1
Cyprus 1 1
Paraguay 1 1

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