The success story of traditional games in their online versions

When talking about technological developments, the debate always arises to analyze the real scope of the consequences of implementing new technologies.

Remember when the debate about robots stealing the jobs of millions of factory workers was a regular topic? Or maybe nostalgia for cartoons and how hand-drawn characters are being replaced by completely digitized ones?


The reality is that in industries that are embracing the help of mechanical robots, there is still a need to have a human eye overseeing the process, and even new jobs are being created due to the engineers needed to fix any mechanical or computer malfunctions. . Robots are also improving the quality of life for workers by performing risky tasks involving heavy loads or the handling of toxic material.

And in the case of cartoons, the cartoonist’s craft has only evolved one step forward. While cartoons are digitally animated, drafts still need to be drawn manually, and artists have incorporated new techniques to be able to translate their manual work into digital environments, using tablets like the iPad Pro with different software.

But this evolution has brought many advantages. In terms of workload, cartoonists can meet deadlines more easily as they can get their work done faster. And for consumers, there is a growing supply of cartoons and the final result in the product is of higher quality.

We can draw a parallel with online games, and in particular, the case of traditional games that have been played for centuries. Games like chess, ludo, board games, poker or any other card games.

When we think of technological progress and entertainment, the rise of video games and consoles is one of the first things that comes to mind. In fact, video games have caused a revolution in our societies and it is even possible that electronic sports (commonly known as eSports) will one day be considered a real discipline in the Olympic Games.

And in this context, traditional games have found the best environment to prosper and engage new generations.

The risk was always that new technology and new patterns of play might have buried interest in the games we were used to playing physically.

But game developers are thriving on adapting traditional games to digital environments with great success. The following are some of the best examples that are among the most popular.


A world-renowned game like chess had little to worry about when considering an adaptation to the online world. But perhaps the results have surprised even the most optimistic forecasts.

The online platform has more than 20 million users and is one of the main reasons why chess is one of the most popular games among the new generations.

Online tools allow developers to provide players with many benefits, such as online lessons and even streaming of professional chess tournaments.

Catan Universe

Few would have thought that the mechanics and gameplay of a board game could translate so well to the digital realm.


But adaptations like Catan Universe are proving many wrong. The original Catan game is the most played board game in the world. The focus of the game lies on the interaction between the players, who can negotiate trades on their terms. The online developers have included a chat box for players to communicate with each other as if they were face to face.

ground games

The most common land games are the ones you can find in a casino. Games like slots, roulette, blackjack or poker were always meant to have a regulated casino where players could gamble and enjoy while having the chance to win big prizes.

But now, the endless possibilities of the Internet have promoted the rise of online casinos, which offer the same type of entertainment but from the comfort of home. Platforms like Asiabet are thriving in this industry by bringing together the best online casinos available from a variety of countries, with expert reviews and ensuring the safest deposit methods. Offering customers more flexibility in terms of payment, while ensuring security during the game, are the keys to the success of this industry.

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