THE PEOPLE’S JOKER Director Promises “Everyone Will Get To See This Movie Soon”

the village prankster Director Vera Drew has issued a statement following her decision to withdraw the film from TIFF, promising that rights issues will not result in the film being shelved…

Following the disappointing, though not entirely unexpected, news of the queer coming-of-age satire set in the Batman universe, the village pranksterhad been excerpted from the Toronto International Film Festival after a single screening over alleged “rights issues”, director Vera Drew has issued a statement promising that the film Will see the light of day.

Drew reveals that ongoing legal issues associated with the project have resulted in his retirement the village prankster of all future festival screenings, but assures those hoping to see the film that they will be able to do so, first in theaters, then at home release, at some point down the line.

“While The People’s Joker team and I work to resolve our previously reported ‘rights issues’ and come up with a release plan, I have decided to withdraw our film from all future film festivals for the time being.” Drew writes. “I didn’t make this decision lightly. It sucks and hurts more than you’ll ever know. We had literally 10 amazing festivals around the world ready and willing to show this film. I’ve been wanting to travel with the film ever since we started making it” .

“It took every emotional strength and courage I have to recalibrate my brain to accept that this is what’s best for the future of our film and that this isn’t where the story ends, it’s just the beginning. I promise everyone — everywhere.” — you’ll soon be able to see this movie, first in a theater and then in the comfort of your own home. Stay with me. I’ll keep you posted every step of the way. And you know where everyone can send their angry letters.”

While Drew’s optimism is encouraging, depending on how strictly Warner Bros. can prevent its release, it could be quite a while before it’s released. the village prankster comes to our screens.

TIFF’s official synopsis reads: “With comedy criminalized in Gotham City, the show is the only government-approved space for funny people, but only for those who will toe the party line. Disillusioned by a failed audition, Vera teams up with a bird-like slacker to found her own alternative comedy troupe, attracting not only a rogues gallery of wannabe comedians, but also the wrath of a caped fascist crusader.

You can check out the teaser trailer below.

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