The new Call of Duty games are better than the classics and here’s why

For many years there has been a clear debate among fans about the new Call of Duty games and the classics that were released more than a decade ago. While some people think that nostalgia never fades, others have a different opinion. That’s because the game is subjective. Some people like what others hate, and vice versa.

But now we might get some clarity on this situation. Fortunately, one popular YouTuber has already laid out a few crucial points as to why he thinks COD’s new offerings have been better than Activision’s old gems. The reasons given by him are quite valid and make sense, especially considering the changing times of video games in general, in relation to technology.

This is why the new Call of Duty titles outshine previous installments


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TheXclusiveAce is a renowned content creator and YouTuber. He mainly shares COD-based content on his channel, while informing viewers about the best weapons, equipment, and other crucial details about the titles in the series. Interestingly, he shared a video a few months back, while he was discussing the topic of old and new Call of Duty games.

In the clip, he mentioned his own take on why he thinks recent Call of Duty entries are slightly better than older versions. While he gave the most obvious reason, he revealed that newer games have amazing graphics and fidelity. Basically, they are better in the raw technical level and the overall presentation.


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TheXclusiveAce then mentioned that new COD inputs offer smoother control about the characters. This was something that the classic installments were sorely lacking, many years ago. In relation to that, he said that Aim Down Sensitivity (ADS) The options have also improved now. In older titles, players only had one sensitivity option. Also, the point and back control has also been improved now, according to him.


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Another cool thing that makes the new Call of Duty games better is the addition of cross play. Yes, it’s a pretty debatable topic in itself, but according to the YouTuber, this is something that has allowed him to play games with people on other platforms.

For him, it’s a nice feature found in recent installments. Especially in terms of enjoying playing with his friends who are on different consoles. Revealing another point, he said that the option of check the stats of weapons and attachments It’s also amazing to have now. This was not the case with the offerings of the past.


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What are your thoughts on this massive issue? Do you think the series has improved with the newer titles? Let us know in the comments.

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