The most iconic friends turned enemies in video games

There is nothing more compelling than a well-written friendship in a video game. Some games will feature lovable characters that share a strong bond to touch the heart of the player, but some games take these connections and transform them into something sinister.

Friendships can fail depending on the actions and intentions of the two who share one. Certain characters will change their minds due to their own ideologies, the influence of others, or bad programming. The sudden change in loyalties will usually come as a shock, but only if your friendship was compelling.


6 2B and 9S – NieR: Automata

2B is somewhat distant during the opening of NieR:Automata, but the progress of the story reveals that he has strong feelings for 9S beneath his tough exterior. Though their relationship is portrayed as purely platonic, it’s hard to ignore the subtle romantic sentiments that resonate through their interactions.

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2B and 9S become extremely close throughout the game, but sadly, their bond won’t last. It is revealed during the final moments of the game that 2B was created to monitor 9S and eliminate him if he got too close to the truth about YoRHa’s mission. She has been forced to execute him countless times before, but 9S has no recollection of these murders. Their adventures together are always doomed to end in heartbreak due to 2B’s programming. They are enemies, not because they want to be, but because of how they were made.

5 Gregory and Glamrock Freddy – FNAF Security Breach

To discover the whereabouts of some missing children, Gregory devises a plan to sneak into Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex and search the facility for clues. While wandering the haunting halls and amusements of his, he comes across an animatronic Glamrock Freddy, and the two quickly form a strong bond.

Unlike his robotic counterparts, Freddy has no intention of harming Gregory, that is, until he runs out of power. It’s up to the player to make sure his power levels stay topped up, or Freddy will lose control and attack. Gregory and Freddy’s relationship is adorable, but only if the player is careful how he approaches this unpredictable machine. Though they remain friends throughout the story, their relationship will quickly sour if not handled carefully.

4 Chell and Wheatley – Portal 2

Chell and Wheatley spend the first half of Gate 2 working together in an attempt to escape from the Aperture Science center. After accidentally waking up GLaDOS, the core of the Aperture Science Center, the pair’s escape plan becomes much more difficult. To ensure her deactivation, Chell swaps GLaDOS’s core with Wheatley’s, causing her once-loyal companion to become corrupted.

Wheatley exposes his ties to Chell, and due to the uncontrollable power running through his system, it causes Aperture Science to begin to deteriorate. To escape her, Chell is forced to either destroy her once faithful friend or accept her doomed fate. It’s a tough choice to make, especially given the endearing relationship the two have formed, but completing the game requires that it be made.

3 CJ and Big Smoke – Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

CJ runs into his childhood friend Big Smoke after returning to San Andreas for his mother’s funeral. The two reminisce about the old days in CJ’s kitchen before embarking on a series of new adventures to restore the power of Grove Street to Los Santos. It becomes abundantly clear that the two share a strong connection, which makes Big Smoke’s betrayal all the more shocking.

Smoke reveals to CJ during the game’s climax that he chose to betray his friends in hopes of achieving fame and wealth. He then goes on to claim that he was driven by greed, so he had no choice. CJ stands by Smoke’s side as he passes away as a mark of respect, but given the events that unfolded due to his unforgivable actions, it may be years before he can truly be forgiven.

two Cecil and Kain – Final Fantasy 4

After questioning the king’s motive for the attack on Mysidia, Cecil is stripped of his titles and tasked with delivering a magical ring to the Mist Village. Cecil sets out on his quest to deliver this mysterious piece of jewelry with the help of his old friend Kain, a dragon who shares the same opinion about attacks as Cecil.

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After reaching the Village of Mist, the ring unleashes a series of powerful monsters that quickly destroy the town and all of its inhabitants. The world splits under the feet of Kain and Cecil, and the two are separated for a good portion of the story. The next time they meet, Kain reveals that he works for Golbez, the main antagonist of final fantasy 4. Though it takes time for Cecil to come to terms with Kain’s betrayal, she ultimately decides to stand up to him for the good of humanity.

1 Sora and Riku – Kingdom Hearts

the opening of kingdom hearts introduces the player to three childhood friends gathering supplies for their newly built raft. It becomes clear during their two days on Destiny Island that these little boys share a strong bond, but Riku’s desire to see what lies beyond his little world serves to ruin the friendship.

After their home is plunged into darkness, Sora and Riku are sent to different regions of the galaxy. When they finally cross paths again, Riku grows jealous of Sora’s new comrades and decides to venture down a more sinister path to achieve his goals. His envious ways lead him to confront Sora at the Hollow Bastion, where he steals the Keyblade from him and manipulates Donald and Goofy into joining him. Though he eventually denounces the darkness, it’s hard to forget the time he spent as Sora’s enemy.

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