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As a Pottstown resident, I don’t understand the opposition to Beacon of Hope and their willingness to help our homeless. Good Samaritan Services compassionately responds to homelessness and poverty through a unique and personalized approach to help your neighbors from crisis to stability. They have served over 500 men, women and children annually in Lancaster and Chester Counties. Why can’t we come together and help BOH achieve similar services?


Our schools are failing and they say they need more money. If they get it, where will it go, to raise the salaries of teachers and administrators? What is more important? Teach students to read and understand what they are reading or waste our money brainwashing our students with crap like a boy is not a boy and a girl is not a girl. That’s not your job.

Have you ever heard of SVB? I didn’t until Friday when I heard that SVB was the 16th largest bank in the US and the FDIC stepped in and seized their assets. SVB is a bank that financed many green energy start-up projects in Silicon Valley. Guess what, many didn’t work. Now about 83% of SVB depositors are left with nothing because their accounts were not insured. Hopefully this doesn’t spread.


With the insolvency of Lehman Brothers and warnings of systemic financial collapse, “too big to fail” became part of the vernacular 15 years ago. Last week, the 16th largest bank in the US, SV (Silicon Valley), a high-tech incubator, was closed. Amidst and despite reports of their executives taking jobs, the same liberal coastal elites who scoffed at the plight of East Palestine, Ohio, will be asking you and me to sign a bailout.

M. Furlong

Things are looking up for Pennsylvania conservatives. Dougie Mastriano is running for Bob Casey’s Senate seat in 2024 and that should be hysterical. He will get to wear his Confederate soldier uniform and it will be so cool. Don’t do it, Doug, you don’t have a chance.

left handed

I have every intention of living forever, and so far so good.

bill wilson

Hi Moderate, you, especially you, are not allowed to cry into your breakfast cereal over Scott Adam’s decision to discontinue his Dilbert cartoon strip. You and your ilk are the reason he decided to stop sharing his art because America is now full of progressive degenerates who take offense at everything. Dilbert’s death is in your hands.


We just received a report that John Fetterman has been taking long walks during his stay as a mental patient at Walter Reed Hospital. I didn’t realize how alike Fetterman and I are; I also like long walks and not working.

billy g

Isn’t it about time this president took some responsibility for something? Afghanistan, China globe, border and bank failure instead of always blaming the last administration. People remember the 13 killed in Afghanistan and the illegals who got free health insurance. Very frustrating!


My dear comrade Lefty, without the First Amendment, you would be charged with sedition under communism. Do you realize that what you promote would actually be a nightmare if you, our children and grandchildren lived under the evil of murderous communism started by Albert Pike, “Father of the Illuminati”? Vladimir Lenin would refer to you as a “useful idiot” because socialism is the doorway to marxism and tyranny!

Dr Jimbo

Hilariously, Levengood cites the film’s footage narration provided by Tucker as proof that the January 6 insurrection was a lie. Hey, Levengood, read the dominance lawsuit that Tucker and his friends at Fox confessed to lying to viewers, but do you somehow think he’s now telling the truth? I have a bridge to sell you, clearly you do not have the ability to understand when you are being lied to.


Can anyone explain to me why anyone in the US gives a nudge about England’s Harry and Meghan, or for that matter, anyone who is part of that evil “royal” family? They are the epitome of generations of British white privilege and really have nothing to say that should be in the interest of the United States.


Interesting. Far-Right Meme: “Don’t trust anything the government says! They lie to you!” Some government official from some agency, on some matter: “Well, maybe…” Far right: “The government has definitely confirmed it! We told you we were right!”

Patriot54 loves a few handpicked statistics, like political party affiliation among Palestinian Authority voters. How about these statistics? The counties with the lowest per capita income in Pennsylvania are overwhelmingly Democratic counties. The worst performing public school districts in Pennsylvania are in Democratic counties. The highest crime and homicide rates in Pennsylvania are in Democratic counties. Registered Democrats make up the largest percentage of welfare recipients in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, that’s the typical Democratic voter base in Pennsylvania.

professor potts

How come the United States is the only country where the poor are fat?


Once again, The Mercury ran an excellent guest column by Rebecca Catagnus. The column provided a balanced view of the books that will be allowed in school libraries. While I don’t agree with everything in the column, the ad hominem attacks on concerned parents need to stop. A civil society should have standards, and frankly, our schools should teach more math, science, and English, and less culture, sex, and political propaganda.

miguel popa

One of Tucker Carlson’s tapes from January 6th showed how gullible people like Lefty are so easily fooled by CNN, MSNBC and the Internet. The Josh Hawley tape Tucker showed was the tape Lefty watched and referenced by her, but then Tucker showed the raw tape. Hawley is actually the last person to flee the building when the police ordered the senators to leave. Did Lefty see the actual unedited version of the tape before writing about it?

sam tasik

Patriot 54: You use the term “radical Republicans” as if all Republicans are radical. I certainly don’t think all Democrats are radicals, but I’m sure you are. I feel for you with all your anger and especially because you are proud to be among the majority of voters who were misled by Fetterman about his health and his inability to represent our fellow Pennsylvanians.


President McCarthy has rightly taken issue with Joe Biden’s unserious proposed budget that increases taxes and spending. McCarthy also says that the greatest threat to our Republic is the upcoming 2032 insolvency of the Highway Trust Fund, the Medicare Trust Fund, and the Social Security Trust Fund. With all the money allocated to infrastructure, how the hell is the Highway Trust Fund going bankrupt?

jane batdorf

Dr. Restef Levi, a professor of health risk assessment at MIT, recently called for an immediate halt to Covid-19 vaccines due to mounting and indisputable evidence that they cause harm, including death in young people and children. . He said this will go down as one of the biggest, if not the biggest public health disaster in history. The vaccine harmed more people than were actually protected.

information repository

Build it and they will come! Walmart, Wawa, Mcdonald’s, movie theaters, distilleries, restaurants, hospitals, homeless shelters, and empty buildings. Free food distribution centers, warming centers. The more of these you have, the more you will attract. Well, except for the bike lanes, that Idea didn’t work out so well.

Tom C.

Give me toxic masculinity any day. There is no one who has time for any “guly mons”.

Girly girl

It seems like a lot of people are freaking out over the speculation of where Covid originated. That’s all, speculation. For all we know, it could have started at Mar-a-Lago. There are also many of us who don’t care where it came from, just grateful for the doctors and scientists who developed the vaccine that has nearly eradicated it.

Colin Kaepernick is a real jerk. He criticized his parents in public for being racist. His white parents were so racist that they adopted him and, by all accounts, gave him a loving home. His complaint was tied to their opposition to wearing his hair in braids. What teenager hasn’t had disagreements with his parents, but what really irritates me is that he airs family disagreements in public?

beverly for the drive

Lefty is the undisputed GOAT of political sarcasm! We all love how you criticize Joe Biden and the Democrats on a daily basis with sneers that are brilliantly disguised as admiration for the most embarrassing president and administration in American history. Well done sir lefty!

tight tight

On March 8, a US district judge struck down Biden’s “catch and release” program, which has allowed more than 1 million illegal aliens into the US from our southern border. . The judge ordered Biden to immediately begin enforcing the law stating: “The evidence establishes that Defendants have effectively turned the Southwest Border into a meaningless line in the sand and little more than an obstacle to foreigners flooding into the country.” ”. Amen!

Greg Levengood

Now that I’m three quarters of a century old, I’ve realized that the country I was born in no longer exists!

jim fitch

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