The Mandalorian may be setting up the sequels even more than we expected

The official trailer for the mandalorian season 3 could hint that the show is preparing the sequels more openly than previously thought. Since season 1 and the introduction of Grogu, cloning doctors based on Empire and New Republic elements, theories have circulated around the mandalorian sequel trilogy setup. This was only furthered by Season 2, which saw more details on Grogu, Midichlorians, and Cloning come to the fore in Episode 4: “The siege”.


With the release of the official trailer for the mandalorian season 3, co-creators Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni hint at more Mandalorian-based narratives in the early days of the New Republic. However, the official trailer also highlights more sequel trilogy set up as the show progresses into the Star Wars timeline Although there are still more than 20 years between the mandalorian season 3 and Star Wars: The Force Awakensthe show seems to continue to include elements that are apparently inextricably linked to the Disney sequels.

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Paul Sun-Hyung Lee’s Carson Teva Hints At The Rise Of The First Order

Carson Teva Mandalorian Season 3

the mandalorian The official trailer for season 3 sees the appearance of recurring character Carson Teva, played by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee. In the trailer, Teva says “Something dangerous is happening out there, and by the time it is big enough for you to act, it will be too late.” This provides strong evidence that the mandalorian Season 3 is already setting up the rise of the First Order. This ties back to Teva’s previous appearances in both the mandalorian Y The Boba Fett Book.

Carson Teva is one of the top New Republic officers that Favreau’s life focused on. mandalorian universe. In The Mandalorian season 2 aforementioned episode “The siege”Carson Teva approached Cara Dune saying that he believes the Imperial remnants in the Outer Rim are part of something bigger. He states that the Core Worlds don’t believe something bigger is happening, but that she must stop it before it’s too late. This is similar to her words in the mandalorian The trailer for season 3, hinting that Teva will be the one to discover the beginnings of the First Order.

Din Djarin could directly oppose the rise of the First Order

Mandalorian First Order

the mandalorian The official Season 3 trailer is cut to make it look like Teva is speaking directly to Din Djarin when she mentions these First Order tips. While this could just be a trick of the edit, mainly due to Teva and Djarin being in seemingly different environments, it’s possible this is the case and Mando may play a bigger role in opposing the First Order from the first few. . Star Wars galaxy. This could be supported by previous Teva and Mando meetings in the mandalorian season 2 and Boba Fett’s book.

The first face-to-face meeting between the two took place in the mandalorian second episode of season 2, “The passenger”. After going after Mando for freeing a prisoner during season 1, Teva claims that Din also tried to save Matt Lanter’s prison guard while apprehending three other escapees. Due to Din’s actions, Teva is willing to let Din go free.

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The next meeting occurs above Tatooine in which Teva stops Mando after speeding past a patrol car. After recognizing Din’s voice, Teva lets him go with a warning and wishes to question him about his dealings with the Imperial remnants on Nevarro. However, Din flies away in his new N-1 Starfighter, and Teva opts to let him go once more due to the Mandalorian’s past assistance with New Republic problems.

These meetings show that Carson Teva has respect for Mando due to the latter’s actions. From imprisoning New Republic fugitives to directly opposing Imperial remnants, Teva values ​​the attributes of Command. This could continue on the mandalorian season 3, with Teva potentially attempting to push Mando into opposing the remaining Imperials in the galaxy before they get any stronger. If rumors of Paul Sun Hyung-Lee taking over Gina Carano’s destined Cara Dune storyline are to be believed, having Teva and the Mandalorian fight the Imperial remnants together would make sense and could lead to more Din involvement in the First days. of the First Order.

Could Thrawn be after the First Order in The Mandalorian?

Thrawn and The Mandalorian

Something else that could potentially connect the world of The Mandalorian – and the original trilogy – to the sequels is Grand Admiral Thrawn. Time the mandalorian The official trailer for season 3 doesn’t exactly provide evidence of this, the plot synopsis for the upcoming season does. In the official synopsis of the mandalorian season 3, Din Djarin will apparently face “new enemies” What “youThe New Republic fights to turn the galaxy away from its dark history.” While an appearance by Thrawn in the mandalorian Once thought unlikely, the show’s second season linked the Imperial officer with Ahsoka Tano.

Although Thrawn’s appearance is confirmed for Ahsokacould also be installed in the mandalorian season 3. Up the mandalorian Y Ahsoka, which has been confirmed to culminate in a story-like tie-in event in the future, Thrawn could be established as the leader of the Imperial remnants Mando has been feuding with. As Thrawn’s future beyond his last canonical appearance in Star Wars: Rebels Season 4 is a mystery, it could easily be written that Thrawn is leading the experiments to see the creation of the Snoke/Palpatine clones that see the rise of the First Order, which could be the dark history of the New Republics mentioned when Thrawn He opposed the Rebels.

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Pershing in The Mandalorian S3 may further connect to cloning Palpatine and Snoke

Mandalorian Season 3 Coruscant Dr Pershing

other element of the mandalorian The season 3 trailer that hints at connections to the sequels is Doctor Pershing. In the official trailer, Pershing can be seen on Coruscant after his appearances on both the mandalorian seasons 1 and 2. Pershing was the primary physician employed by the Empire to perform experiments on Grogu. These experiments were revealed to be due to Grogu’s high midichlorian count in the mandalorian, with the baby’s blood injected into volunteer test subjects. This was shown in the mandalorian season 2, episode 4 “The siege”.

This only continued to provide evidence for the theory that the Imperial remnants wish to use Grogu to carry out Palpatine’s plan to cheat death. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker confirmed that Palpatine used clones, including Snoke, to build the First Order and continue his planned conquest of the galaxy. Through Grogu, the theory was spawned that Grogu is instrumental in allowing the Empire to create Force-sensitive clones of Palpatine, leading to Snoke and the First Order. With Pershing appearing in the mandalorian season 3, it looks like this story will only continue to provide more potential evidence for the setup of the sequels.

The Mandalorian S3 may explain why Coruscant was replaced as the capital of the New Republic

Coruscant in The Mandalorian Season 3

A surprising element of the mandalorian season 3 is Coruscant, the former capital of the Republic and the Galactic Empire. While the change of the New Republic capital to Hosnian Prime has been explained in broader terms, Star Wars canon, with the New Republic opting for a cyclical rotation of planets serving as capital, the mandalorian season 3 could explore this in live-action canon. according to others Star Wars projects, Coruscant fell into a near-permanent state of anarchy after the fall of the Empire, which could be explored in the mandalorian season 3.

This could tie into why the planet was no longer used as a permanent New Republic base. Additionally, Coruscant has a troubled history as the seat of power for a corrupt Republic and a tyrannical Empire. This could tie into the synopsis of the New Republic fighting to erase the galaxy’s dark history through the inclusion of Coruscant. Coruscant is also known for being one of the worlds that takes a centrist political stance. Centrists believed that the Empire had some value, and many of their ideologies were similar. Eventually, the Centrists broke away from the New Republic to form the political branch of the First Order.

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All this could be included in the mandalorian season 3 to further establish the fall of the New Republic, the rise of the First Order, and the politics that saw these two events come to pass. All of this could further explain why Coruscant fell out of favor in terms of being the headquarters of the galaxy. Not only would it fix the post-prequel Coruscant lack of content bug, but multiple storylines would also play out in the future. the mandalorian season 3.

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