The Last Of Us sets the standard for modern stealth games

The stealth genre has been experiencing a prolonged drought that has stagnated it. However, despite his tragic state, The last of us it came to set the standard for stealth games today. While Sam Fisher and Solid Snake have all but disappeared from the gaming industry, Joel and Ellie have become the new face of stealth.

The last of us prides itself on being a riveting, narrative-focused zombie game. Joel and Ellie’s journey across the US is unforgettable due to its dark and mature story full of twists and turns. The game’s critically acclaimed storyline has earned the franchise an upcoming HBO show, as well as a next-gen remake of the first game rebuilt from the ground up for next-gen hardware. However, it should also be proud of its deep stealth mechanics that define Joel and Ellie’s story as much as the writing.

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Traditional stealth games have been overshadowed by all the action-focused games that are cluttering the market. While many games like Very far Giving players stealth as an option, none reach the game complexities that true stealth games can. Even modern stealth classics like dishonor put some people off with updates favoring action-focused playstyles and Arkane Studios has moved towards more vibrant action shooters like deadly loop Y red fall. Hitman It may be the oldest stealth game franchise still standing, but its protagonist’s unique obsession with being a master of disguise deviates from the rest and creates his own style of stealth.

The last of us Chart your own stealth game path by combining elements of action and survival horror games, with an emphasis on survival. The last of us it limits resources like any good survival horror game, so players are encouraged to reserve ammo. Gathering is important to keep resources high, as most of the tools in the weapon arsenal require crafting materials to create. Then stealth is interwoven with gathering, as many of the best supply stashes require tricky paths around enemies. The last of us it never separates stealth from any of its other mechanics and instead integrates it into every part of its design.

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Stealth is all about smart and careful planning to outwit enemies that exceed the character’s strength. What The last of us does it better than any other stealth game is messing up the player’s plans. Most stealth games brutally punish players when caught, making them trust to save the scum and refuse to play their situation. get stuck in The last of us it’s as tense and exciting as sneaking around due to its fluid emergent gameplay that makes the player capable in a firefight but constantly has him fighting for his life. It forces players to escape deadly situations by improvising and dashing back into the shadows, but with enemies on high alert. Quickly adapting to the situation when stealth goes awry builds tension without causing frustration.

Designing stealth combat in this unpredictable and freewheeling way ties in thematically with Joel and Ellie’s story. Stealth sequences where plans can go awry at any moment immerse the player in the shoes of the protagonists. They don’t have the safety net of generous savings statements to correct their mistakes. When danger calls, they hang on and survive, fighting their way out of their situation. Stealth and action are not binary enemy states in The last of us like so many other stealth games, they tie together and complement each other to properly manifest the survivor’s struggle.

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Few stealth games have been able to capture the dance of survival that The last of us removes effortlessly. a plague tale is the closest example, creating a more solid and gritty stealth experience than something like Hitman, where Agent 47 carries loads of gadgets to overpower his enemies. However, even a plague tale he falters when combining stealth with action by divorcing the two through strict punishment for being caught thanks to the main character being far less capable in a fight than either Joel or Ellie. The sequel seems to be heading in the right direction by learning more about The last of us.

It’s a tricky balance to execute, but modern stealth should encompass the action more often to up the stakes of enemy encounters and prevent the player from relying on save states. The last of us leads the pack in terms of stealth survival, which is why the game raised the bar for the entire genre.

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