The Last of Us Part 1 release date, time, price and download size

Sony and Naughty Dog are preparing for the third release of The Last of Us, although this time it will come out under a slightly different name: The Last of Us: Part 1. And it will come soon. Coming soon. If you’re a fan of Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic tale of tragedy, sacrifice, and human scum, you’ll no doubt want as much detail as possible. Like the release date of the game. Also, what time will The Last of Us: Part 1 release on PlayStation Store? What’s the price? How much hard drive space are you going to have to sacrifice for Joel and Ellie? All very valid questions and you will find the answers here.


The Last of Us: Part 1 Release Date

If the numerous announcements and trailers haven’t pierced you already, The Last of Us: Part 1 will be released on September 2, 2022. Take your diary and take note. And if you’re planning on taking a sick person out of work or school, start laying the groundwork now with the headache/back pain/toe pain reviews. Preparation is key.

What time does The Last of Us: Part 1 unlock?

Next, what time can you play? What time is the digital version unlocked? If you have pre-ordered a physical copy of the game, you will be able to start playing as soon as you have removed the cellophane wrapper from the game box and installed the game on your console. If you’re lucky, you might even get it a day or two before publication.

If you’ve decided to go fully digital for your games, you’ll have to wait for Sony to unlock the game from the end. You can already download the game on your console in advance, but you won’t be able to play it until the game is officially unlocked.

These are the unlock times for The Last of Us: Part 1, according to the official PlayStation Store:

  • UK: 12am BST (midnight)
  • Continental Europe: 1 a.m. CEST
  • North America: 23:00 CDT

How much hard drive space will it take up?

Another essential piece of information to know is how much hard drive space The Last of Us: Part 1 will require on PS5. Considering that the standard SSD inside the PS5 can fill up very quickly with just a few bloated games, it might be an idea to free up some space. The Last of Us: Part 1 will take up 68GB of space on PS5, though that doesn’t take into account possible future updates Naughty Dog may release. If there are updates, they’re unlikely to be obscenely large if they’re just the normal run of bug fixes and tweaks.

If you’ve pre-ordered The Last of Us: Part 1 Digital Edition, you can go ahead and download the game as the pre-load is live. You can’t play, but you can watch the countdown clock tick down to its imminent release.

Unfortunately, preloading is the only benefit you’ll get from pre-ordering the game. If you want some extra bonuses in the game, you will need to purchase the more expensive Digital Deluxe Edition. Here’s what you get in the Digital Deluxe Edition:

  • Two skill upgrades (early unlock)
  • Pistol/Rifle Upgrade (early unlock)
  • Explosive Arrows (early unlock)
  • Punk Dither Filter (early unlock)
  • Speedrun mode (early unlock)
  • Six weapon skins (early unlock)

How much will it cost?

Prices. The big question when The Last of Us: Part 1 was announced was “how much will it cost?” Unfortunately, there is no upgrade path from previous versions of the game, which makes sense since it’s not a port, it’s a new version. It’s essentially a new game built on a new version of Naughty Dog’s game engine. So how much will it cost? Get ready…

The regular edition of the game will cost £69.99/$69.99/€79.99. The Digital Deluxe Edition will cost £79.99/$79.99/€89.99. These are the prices listed on the official PlayStation Store pages, though if you search for the physical release you’re sure to find some retailers with slightly lower prices or promotional offers.

When will reviews be available?

Considering the cost, you may be waiting for a few revisions before spending the money, so when will the embargo on The Last of Us: Part 1 be lifted? You will be able to read and view impressions and reviews (including ours) starting August 31st. The timing of the seizure is as follows:

  • UK: 4pm BST
  • Continental Europe: 17:00 CEST
  • North America: 10 a.m. CDT

The Last of Us: Part 1 is a complete remake of Naughty Dog’s epic, and while it’s a faithful remake with many improvements to gameplay and graphics, it’s not the complete package. Sadly, the surprisingly good Factions multiplayer mode isn’t making the jump to PS5. However, you can still get your fix with the PS4 re-release, The Last of Us Remastered. Multiplayer still runs on PS4 (playable on PS5 via backwards compatibility) and still has a decent player base.

What you will get is the Left Behind DLC, which is a short but enjoyable chapter that introduces a backstory for Ellie in a heartwarming story set before the events of the main game.

And that’s all you need to know about The Last of Us: Part 1. All that’s left to do now is wait. See you on the other side survivor.

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