The Last of Us Part 1: How to Find All Weapons | Complete Arsenal Locations Guide

Everything a true survivor needs.

If you want to survive your adventure through the post-apocalyptic world in the last of us part 1you’ll need a whole arsenal of weapons. Each weapon has a different use: the revolver may seem useless at first, until you realize that it has a completely separate ammo supply. The bow is extremely slow to fire, but can be used to take down enemies from a distance completely silently. The hunting rifle is accurate but cannot be fired quickly. And then there is the Diablo pistol, or the flamethrower as your exotic weapons found in the second half of the game. All weapons are useful, so you don’t want to miss any. Here’s how to get them all ASAP.

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All Weapon Locations | Complete Arsenal Guide

weapons Y prescriptions can appear several times in your adventure. weapons will appear more than once — the locations listed below are the locations earliest location you can find these additional tools. If you lose a weapon, it will often appear in an easier-to-find location later on. All weapons and recipes listed below can be lost and are not automatically given to the player.

  • Stir: Outskirts (Downtown) – Going up the outside of the skyscraper, you will enter a ladder and go down. In the hallway below, you will find a corpse with this stir. The revolver is a weak and slow weapon that is useful as a secondary pistol. Both pistols have separate ammo pools.
  • Molotov: Outskirts (Downtown) – In the subway station, while hanging around, Tess will shine her flashlight on a corpse with this molotov. Picking it up she unlocks the recipe for crafting. Molotovs are incendiary bombs that burn enemies alive. They will automatically target enemies like bricks and bottles.
  • hunting rifle: Outskirts (Capital Building) – At the beginning of the building, after leaving Tess behind, you will need to jump from a shattered wall to another room below. On the left, you will find a corpse with this rifle. A squad of soldiers will enter this room soon.
  • Bow: Bill’s Town (The Woods) – At the barrier, you’ll climb a ladder into a truck. At the top, behind the chair, you will find the bow. The bow is a weapon that takes time to draw and fire, but is totally silent. The drop with distance is severe. A very useful stealth weapon.
  • Smoke bomb: Pittsburgh (Alone and Forsaken) – Found on the shelves at the beginning of the stage, after escaping from the first encounter. Check the room upstairs where the corpses are stored on metal tables. The smoke bomb is an emergency weapon that you can use to stun enemies and grab them or create a cloud of smoke that temporarily stuns and blocks vision.
  • Shorty: Suburbs (Sewers) – In the sewer survivor camp, jump the barrier after the noise trap activates. The Shorty is on the table to the left. A one-handed shotgun with a powerful spread. Very useful against infected. It used a separate ammo pool from the standard shotgun.
  • Devil: Tommy’s Dam (Hydroelectric Dam) – Found right at the beginning of the stage, near the corpse next to the crashed ranged vehicle. It can also be found later on the stage to the left of the workbench. This is a one-handed revolver with a telescopic sight. Powerful and accurate, it’s great at taking down enemies hiding behind cover.
  • Flamethrower: University (Go Bighorns) – At the beginning of the level, proceed until you reach a blue barrier that your horse can jump over. Instead of jumping, go straight to the loading dock. Here is a workbench and a flamethrower weapon that you can pick up. The flamethrower is extremely powerful against the infected. It’s less useful against humans, but still burns them quickly if you can get close enough.
  • Assault rifle: Firefly Lab (The Hospital) – Carried by the Firefly soldiers in the lab. Each soldier carries one, so you can’t miss it. The most powerful weapon in the game. You will need it to survive against the Firefly troops in the hospital.

And those are all weapons that you can potentially miss. If you lose a weapon, be sure to thoroughly explore the environments and you may be able to find another instance. It is not lost forever.

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