The Incredible Phantom Blade 0 Is A Semi-Open World “Rebirth” Of A $7 Indie JRPG

Phantom Blade 0 made quite an impression at PlayStation Showcase with a trailer that seemed tailor-made to grab the attention of Sekiro fans. Now we’re starting to get a bit more information about the game, which has its roots in a very small-scale standalone JRPG series.

“Soulframe” Liang, founder of developer S-Game, explains on the PlayStation Blog that Phantom Blade 0 has its roots in RPG Maker. It is an inexpensive tool that allows aspiring indie developers to create their own games in the classic JRPG style, and has powered countless games from a dedicated community. Liang’s 2010 RPG Maker project Rainblood: Town of Death kicked off the series that would eventually become known as Phantom Blade.