The furthest frontier: how to get bricks [Explained]

Bricks are one of the resources that must be discovered to fulfill the objective of the game, which is to build cities. Because it’s a resource that’s both more durable and more permanent than you ever will, at some point in the game. Do you find yourself wondering how to get bricks in Farthest Frontier? Well, next, we will discuss this question.

Clay is an essential material in Farthest Frontier that players will use in a wide range of craft activities. Locating Clay isn’t always easy, however, and it’s essential that fans conduct reconnaissance at the start of their games to verify that the resource is, in fact, showing on their maps.

Once these players have pinpointed the Farthest Frontier location, they will need to know how to mine Clay and how to use it to produce vital items like Bricks from the Clay.

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Why do you need bricks in the farthest border

It looks like acquiring wood is going to be the least difficult aspect of the game, as all you have to do to get it is click on the trees and direct your lumberjacks in their direction. At the beginning of the game, wood is one of the basic building resources that you will need.

However, as the game progresses, you will want to build more durable buildings. Building with bricks is an option worth considering if you are looking for something more resistant and powerful.

How to get bricks in the furthest border

Furthest Frontier Brickyard
get bricks faster

You will be able to build a lot of important architecture in the Farthest Frontier using bricks. These structures have educational institutions as well as medical facilities. On top of that, you’ll also gain the ability to produce bricks on a daily basis from the clay you find. You can always sell the leftover bricks at the Trade Center for a hefty price.

However, you will need to build a Brickyard before you can continue. You will need to level up your Town Center to level three before you can start working on building a Brickyard. It is essential to produce bricks since they can be used in the production of a Cheese Factory as well as in the establishment of a Market Square.

Acquire Trade Center Bricks

Assuming you don’t have any clay deposits near your city and early in the game, exploring doesn’t help much either. If this is the case, then you are left with one more option to get bricks in the Furthest Frontier, and that can be done after you have built the Trade Center.

You will occasionally have visiting merchants selling bricks in bulk. If you see one, don’t miss your chance to buy bricks in at least 50 quantities or more. This is because you need this resource to upgrade most of your city’s infrastructure.

It’s not just clay that you can trade in the Farthest Frontier, and you’ll find merchants selling beer, heavy tools, cows, lumber, cheese, iron, and many other things. Therefore, always keep the gold in your trading center.

How to get clay to make bricks

clay pit
use clay to make bricks

Clay is, without a doubt, one of the essential materials that you can get in the Furthest Frontier. It is imperative that you get this vital item as early in the game as possible so that you can use it in a wide variety of ways.

Clay can be used in a variety of projects throughout the game that will help players maintain their village. During the early stages of the game, while you are still surveying and exploring the area, you will come across Clay.

Unfortunately, it will take you a significant amount of time to locate Clay as the map is very large and Clay’s location is not easy to discover. Clay is an indispensable asset in the Farthest Frontier, and in our walkthrough, we’ll show you how to get it, as well as all the important ways players can use it.

When you begin your hunt for clay on the far frontier, the first thing you’ll need to do is identify a clay deposit in the area. After loading a map into Farthest Frontier, you should quickly start looking for a clay deposit anywhere on the map.

On your map, formations will be represented by an icon that looks like a piece of brown goo. Finding clay is very important for the following reason: If you fail to acquire clay reserves early in the game, you will eventually be forced to deal with the repercussions of not doing so.

If players were unable to acquire Clay Deposits during the first phase of the Farthest Frontier game, we suggest that they restart the experience again.

furthest border clay pit
extract clay for bricks

If you are lucky enough to find a clay deposit, the next step is to build a clay pit on the deposit site. When your community’s Town Center reaches level two, you’ll gain access to the ability to create these particular types of structures.

Also, there is an additional condition that must be met before the Clay Pit can be built. Before you start building a clay pit, you should check if your town already has an established wagon shop. If so, you can continue to the next step.


Farthest Frontier is a city-building video game with a medieval setting that, unlike most other games in its category, doesn’t grab your hand throughout the adventure. The goal is simple: players must establish a colony and grow it into a thriving city from scratch.

Players have access to all the features often included in games in the City Building genre, such as the ability to search for resources, fish, mine, and care for the inhabitants of their settlements to keep their communities prosperous and operational.

As your population increases, you’ll want a larger amount of space and more structures to house everyone. In addition to this, you will have to increase the amount of food you generate while also increasing the productivity of your production facilities through upgrades. Because of all this activity, more people will be available to work, allowing you to keep the economy going.

This cycle, which never ends but never repeats itself, is at the heart of the game. In general, these components are what differentiate world-building games from other types of video games.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about how to get bricks in Farthest Frontier. Let us know more of your thoughts in the comment box below.

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