The Frightening Four: unmissable surprises at the Tribeca Festival 2023

This year’s Tribeca Festival takes place in New York City from June 7-18, 2023, and the lineup is packed with horror, sci-fi, fantasy, dark comedy, and other genre delights! New and first-run movies from around the world abound. Here are four slices of scary festival food that we here at Horror Fuel highly recommend. Official press and festival descriptions follow, with comments from him in italics. You can check the complete listings and ticket information at

you will never find me (Midnight)

Official Synopsis: An isolated man living in the back of a desolate trailer park is visited by a desperate young woman seeking shelter from a violent storm. As the wild storm worsens, these lonely souls begin to feel threatened, but who should really be afraid? A bold directorial debut from filmmaking duo Josiah Allen and Indianna Bell.

I had the privilege of getting an advance of you will never find meAnd while I can’t give a review until after the film opens in Tribeca on June 10 (keep an eye out for my review here on Horror Fuel shortly after that), I can say that this is a movie that scare fans should see! consider absolutely necessary to see!’ll-never-find-me-2023

planting (Midnight)

Official synopsis: When a hiker gets lost in the wilderness, a gang of feral children driven by haunting legacies trap him in a sadistic battle for survival with a terrifying end.

I was honored with an early look at planting Also, which is also under embargo for reviews until after its June 11 Tribeca premiere. Look for my review shortly after that, because this cooler stayed with me for days after I first saw it!

final cut (Escape from Tribeca, Midnight)

Oscar® winner Michel Hazanavicius’ remake of Shin’ichirô Ueda’s cult hit A cut of the dead follow a director (Romain Duris, L’Auberge Espagnole) commissioned to make a low-budget, one-shot, live-action zombie film in which the cast and crew, one by one, actually turn into zombies. Featuring hysterically deranged performances from the Oscar® nominee Berenice Bejo (The artist)Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz (Revenge), and Finnegan Oldfield (Body)final cut it’s a sly love letter to the art of cinema and a hilarious, blood-soaked genre farce with a meta premise to the max.

This remake of director Ueda’s stunning 2017 Japanese hit A cut of the dead puts a French spin on the original, to great effect. For those who love the original and those who just don’t like the idea of ​​remakes, having seen and reviewed final cut For a previous festival, I feel writer/director Hazanavicius’s film manages to bring a film into a new cultural setting. As final cut begins, director Remi (Duris) has great difficulty getting one of the main characters of his low-budget zombie movie to pull off his final scene. In a mad effort to get the reality he wants, he reveals that he has bred real zombies that are invading the film set. He doesn’t learn anything more than that because going in as cold as possible will reward viewers wonderfully. Whether you’ve seen or not A cut of the deadI recommend that you put final cut on your must-see list!

The Horror of Dolores Roach (Tribeca TV)

The Horror of Dolores Roach, based on the hit Spotify podcast series of the same name, is a contemporary Sweeney Todd-inspired urban legend about love, betrayal, weed, cannibalism, and survival of the fittest. Dolores Roach (Justina Machado) is released after an unfair 16-year prison sentence and returns to gentrifying Washington Heights. Dolores is reunited with an old stoner friend, Luis (Alejandro Hernández), who lets her live and work as a masseuse in the basement below her empanada shop. When the promise of her newfound stability is quickly threatened, “Magic Hands” Dolores is taken to shocking lengths to survive. the blumhouse series The Horror of Dolores Roach premieres July 7 on Prime Video, with its first three episodes debuting in Tribeca.

The official description of The Horror of Dolores Roach He had me on “Sweeney Todd.” This weekend, I’ll be debating whether I should listen to the podcast first or go completely cold on the series. I think either way is a winning strategy.