The free Epic Games Store games for September 1 are polar opposites

When it comes to game subscription services like PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass or platforms that give away free games like the epic game store, Variety is the spice of life. If all games fell into a similar box on these platforms, then their current popularity would cease to exist. Each of these excels when giving fans games that are nothing alike, and the Epic Games Store has made sure that its top two games for September 1 couldn’t be more different.


On September 1, Epic Games Store users can claim the knockout city Armazillo DLC pack, as well as two games: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Y Submerged: Hidden Depths. The former tells the latest high-stakes story for Lara Croft and does so with all the DLC for the game included, but while those looking for thrills would do better to play it, those looking for something to unwind might want to choose Submerged first.

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Tomb Raider vs. Submerged: Survival vs. ‘relaxation’

Genre-wise, there isn’t much of a distinction between an action-adventure game and a pure exploration game, aside from how one approaches the various mechanics. An exploration game might feature action sequences, but not enough to make it into the first category, for example. However, while Shadow of the Tomb Raider is based on action and survival, which do not even exist in the game of Submerged. In the latter, fans take on the role of Miku searching for half-sunken buildings, ruins, and more with a rowboat and so on for supplies to upgrade her brother, Taku. There are no enemies, no combat, but there is a “relaxed exploration” feel, as coined by developer Uppercut Games.

In turn, there is no real relaxation in Shadow of the Tomb Raiderexploring There are haunting and difficult tombs, an environment full of ways for Croft to attack enemies, camouflage himself, or strike fear into his enemies. There is a lot of action, enemies and even deaths for Lara Croft. It’s an interesting distinction between the two games, and while some will appeal to all gamers, there’s definitely something for anyone between these two.

Sometimes it’s better to play a game and relax; Submerged: Hidden Depths check all the boxes required for that. Sometimes it’s better to play a game that keeps the blood pumping rather than something nice and quiet; Shadow of the Tomb Raider check all that. And the Epic Games Store is the service that provides players with the two boxes on September 1.

epic game store users get a handful of free games.

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