The famous casual music game, Tiles Hop, celebrates its 500 million downloads

Tiles Hop claimed its milestone of 500 million downloads after four years dominating the global music game chart.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, September 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading music game publisher, Amanotes, proudly announces the celebration of Tiles Hop reaching 500 million downloads. This marks the Vietnamese game company to become the first music game publisher to own two 500 million download games, including the simple piano game, Magic Tiles 3.

Tiles Hop is a simple hold and drag game that combines the movement of the ball with the rhythm of the world’s best tracks. Supporting the trendy neon style, Tiles Hop follows the simple and casual aesthetic that attracts millions of users around the world. More than 4.5 million daily active users from over 190 countries have spent 50 billion minutes on the app playing over 38,000 songs in its rich library. In early August, Tiles Hop officially reached 500 million downloads on iOS, Android, and other supported platforms.

“We are extremely proud of the journey Tiles Hop has come on,” said Bill Vo, CEO and co-founder of Amanotes. “Although it is a very simple game, it has received an incredible amount of love from users of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone at Amanotes and our partner, Inwave Studio, is honored to celebrate this milestone.”

Released in late 2017, the game is the collaboration between Amanotes and a Vietnamgame studio based on Inwave Studio. Tiles Hop consistently reigns in the Top 5 Most Downloaded Music Games on both the App Store and Google Play since september 2018.

“On our journey to reach such an impressive number, it was a restless and dedicated journey by many Inwave and Amanotes teammates. Tiles Hop’s success is proof that we don’t need to follow the trend. Instead, we create it,” aforementioned Dung Nguyen, CEO of Inwave Studio. “This game is also a testament to the harmonious partnership between Inwave and Amanotes. We overcame physical distance and made use of our strategic connection to jointly create the best products for millions of users around the world.”

Tiles Hop is free to download, with in-app purchases, on the App Store and Google Play Store, available here.

Graphics and screenshots of Tiles Hop game can be found here.

About Amanotes

Amanotes is a fast-growing music technology company in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2014, its goal is to delight people with interactive music experiences. Some of their chart-topping music games include Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Dancing Road, etc.

  • Amanotes is the #1 Music Game Publisher Worldwide

  • Amanotes is the #1 App Publisher Southeast Asia by downloads worldwide (2022)

  • From August 2022Amanotes accumulated over 2.5 billion app downloads worldwidemore than 120 million monthly active users and more than 15 million daily active users.

About Inwave

Inwave is a young and dynamic game studio from Hanoi, Vietnam. His vision is to deliver mobile gaming experiences that reach millions of users around the world. His team is experienced, innovative and meticulous in the development of their products. Its previous successful apps are Tiles Hop and Dancing Road, which marks a prospective future for the studio to reach more heights in the mobile gaming industry.

SOURCE Amanotes

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