The darkest horror game you’ve never heard of is about fishing

Killer Bass, a fishing video game released in 2000, pits players against a genetically enhanced fish that weighed over 200 pounds and ate babies.

killer bass is a dark hybrid horror-fishing simulator that combines a fishing competition with the hunt for a cold-blooded killer bass. Developed for the first PlayStation console in 2000, the game is absolutely wild from start to finish, but it was never a household name by any means. However, a recent Twitter thread dug deep into video game history and uncovered just how insanely crazy it is. bass Killer, the horror fishing simulator.


killer bass was developed by Magical Company, a Japan-based entertainment studio that primarily developed games for the Sharp 68000 and the Nintendo Family Computer (the predecessor to the popular NES) during the 1980s and 1990s, before switching to the PlayStation and PlayStation consoles. 2 in the late ’90s and early ’00s. NES organized its own share of weird games during its tenure (Enix made an NES game where Jesus was a space station), so there was certainly a precedent for NES titles. high-concept video games at the time. killer bass was released. Yet, killer bass it never managed to cause much of a stir and has remained relatively unknown.

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A recent Twitter thread from the user Chris Pruett Has brought killer bass return to the surface in vivid detail. The yarn features some of the most amazing features in bass Killer, like the game’s manic camera system, which Pruett notes “it’s absolute chaosand an eclectic selection of live bait lures (apparently most of the fish were caught with live mice). killer bass seems almost impossible due to their control scheme and constant camera switching, which makes them just as annoying to take down as the notoriously nasty fish wyverns of Monster hunter. The biggest benefit of Pruett’s thread, then, is that the game’s frenetic gameplay can be experienced through its video.

Killer Bass has a fishing competition for a genetically enhanced fish

the plot of killer bass it’s as wild as its camera angles. The titular Killer Bass Jack escaped from his experimental lab and went on a murderous rampage. The Killer Bass Cup was organized to catch the killer, and players needed to develop their luring skills (and courage) to catch Killer Bass Jack. Pruett also points out that according to the game’s manual, Killer Bass Jack had already been captured and released again for the express purpose of hosting a Killer Bass Cup. Why someone would catch a genetically altered killer fish and then release it again for a fishing competition remains a mystery.

Fishing games have come a long way since Bass killer. Red Dead Redemption 2 The fishing quests made the game even better by telling their human stories through their characters’ shared experiences in the beloved pastime, and that was just one feature of the minigame. The closest thing to human empathy killer bass gets are the implied tears of a grieving mother at the water’s edge after her child is devoured. Yet, killer bass is a quirky and entertaining glimpse into another era of gaming, where vipers could be used as live bait and a 200-pound killer bass could be the chilling antagonist of a horror fishing simulator. There are stranger games, but killer bass it is certainly a strange capture of the files.

Font: Chris Pruett/Twitter

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