The committee is nearly done with the questionnaire for future Olympic Games hosts, one step closer to bringing the Olympics back to Utah.

SALT LAKE CITY — Team Utah’s bid for the Olympic Games is already wrapping up work on the questionnaire for future hosts. This questionnaire is a requirement of the International Olympic Committee. So what kind of questions does he ask?

To help answer this question, Frasier Bullock, president and CEO of the Salt Lake City, Utah Games committee, joins Jeff Caplans Afternoon News. He says the quiz asks a “full spectrum” of questions.

“It’s actually 35 pages of questions on that quiz,” Bullock tells host Jeff Caplan. “And it ranges from things like our vision, our purpose, what we’re trying to achieve to things like sustainability, because we have to have climate-positive gaming, to how we’re going to manage gaming operations. ”

In addition to this, Bullock says there are 35 annexes, including things like detailed plans of the Olympic Theater and transport routes.

“And then we have guarantees that we have to provide from the federal, state and local government,” he says. “It’s a huge company.”

Citing the committee’s work, Caplan asks, “You’ve made several presentations, don’t you already have this information?”

“Well, no,” Bullock says. “We’ve done high-level presentations of our vision and things like that. These are now all the details to host the games.”

He goes on to say that the committee is 95% done completing the questionnaire. Nearing the end, Bullock says the governing board recently approved a bid file. This bid file will go to the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee.

Confidence in bringing the Olympics back to Utah

According to Bullock, the host’s questionnaire requires the committee to provide a detailed roadmap of what the games would look like if they returned to Utah.

“It’s like the transportation times from the Olympic Village to all the Olympic venues,” he says. “It’s a complete schedule for the games: what we imagine will happen on a day-to-day basis, each venue [and] what competitions are going to be held – a whole calendar of competitions. It’s a lot of fun putting it together, but it’s an enormous amount of work.”

Bullock is “extremely” confident that Utah will host the 2030 or 2034 games.

“The entire Olympic movement (understands) how strong our offer is,” he says. “I think he will be rewarded with the opportunity to host the games.”

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