The best video games for cooperative Speedrun

While speedrunning can be a lot of fun on your own, it’s an activity that can be even more fun with a friend or with the help of a few. While lesser known, there are plenty of awesome games where you and your friends can speedrun together, and for some, co-op speedruns are even more exciting.

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If you think racing with one person pulling off amazing techniques and misses was impressive, just wait until you start doing it together with others to accomplish a single task. A few friends on a quick run can turn a multi-hour run into something much shorter.



10 borderlands 2

Vault Hunter Fighting in Borderlands 2

If you’re a fan of the Borderlands series, you’ve probably spent a good chunk of time playing the excellent loot shooter that is Borderlands 2. While the experience is great on your own, it gets even better with a group of friends. next to you, and the same goes for speedruns.

Instead of taking tens of hours to get to the endgame, you and a few friends will be able to get through the main story in less than two hours if you practice enough. With tons of fun strategies to try, different characters to use, and random weapons, this speedrun is chaotic fun for everyone.

9 resident Evil 6

Sherry Birkin restrains Jake de Leon in a tense confrontation near the shipping containers.

Resident Evil games seem to have always been built with speed in mind, so it should come as no surprise that you and a friend can beat one of the game’s campaigns in about an hour or two with enough practice, getting the most out of completing shots. about six.

The best part here is the fast-paced combat, the teamwork, and the fact that the campaigns are all split, which means you don’t actually have to run through the entire game. You and a friend can specialize in your favorite campaign and see how quickly you can get to the end.

8 unravel 2

Red Yarny attached to Blue Yarny in Unravel 2

While some people might enjoy puzzle platformers less once they know the solutions to the puzzles, you might still find a lot to love about this co-op speedrun. After learning all the ins and outs of the game, this is another one to two hour quick run.

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What makes racing so much fun is the communication you’ll need to have with your running partner to pull off some of the fastest strategies in the game. Once you get to the later levels, the way you’ll traverse the levels is sure to impress anyone watching.

7 Devil 3

diablo 3 - players in combat

Diablo 3 is one of the most dynamic multiplayer speedruns you can do simply because of all the amazing little things that can happen, despite your planning. Being able to have a great run with a group of your friends is sure to make every attempt interesting.

Learning every aspect of a race and what roles each player will need to fill is key. The best part of the whole process is the fact that you can figure it all out with your friends by your side, stopping something that can be frustrating at times and instead providing hours of laughs.

6 annealed 2

Overcooked 2 multiplayer game in hot air balloon level

While there are strategies that will help you and a friend succeed in racing Overcooked 2, half the battle is simply being able to react to everything the game throws at you as it happens. Optimal movement and teamwork are absolutely key in this race.

You might think that a simple game like Overcooked 2 would have a relatively quick sprint, but you shouldn’t expect to beat the entire game in a race under three or four hours for quite a while.

5 Enter the dungeon

Enter Gungeon Title Art

If you’re looking for a fun dash that you and a friend can try over and over again, then you’ll want to give Enter The Gungeon a try. This fun little roguelike dungeon crawler is easy for two people to complete in less than half an hour.

This is another career that requires a lot of communication and teamwork. You should share weapons and resources whenever possible to see that you are able to kill all the silly creatures waiting for you in the Dungeon.

4 it takes two

The hands of the son of Cody and May hold the dolls that look like their parents

You may be one of the many people who enjoyed It Takes Two for the incredible storytelling experience, even after what was done to that poor elephant. Fortunately, the game also has one of the most exciting speed races.

This is another game that you shouldn’t expect to beat in less than two to three hours as you get better with the run, but once you get really competitive, you may very well get close to that hour and a half mark. Practice makes perfect, and it will absolutely take two to be the best at this game.

3 4 remain dead 2

Ellis, Coach, Rochelle and Nick in Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2’s fast racing is so wonderfully chaotic that almost everyone who enjoys the game should try it out at some point. While there are some tricky tactics to employ, even a no-trick speedrun can be a blast.

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What will always puzzle you is that the game director decides every aspect of the horror as you progress through the levels. There’s nothing worse than accidentally walking into hordes of the undead or getting caught by a stealthy special infected in the middle of a run.

2 Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers with the fight against the Elemental Knights

When you think of drag racing, a game like Castle Crashers might not be the first thing that comes to mind. It’s a game full of laughs, lots of unique characters to play as, even more weapons, and loads of multiplayer fun, making it perfect for a co-op speedrun.

Actually, there are many strategies that you and your friends can put into practice to succeed in this career. Being able to handle enemies, especially the stronger ones, is absolutely key to getting through some of those trickier screens.

1 payday 2

Players securing a bank during a heist in Payday 2.

Considering there are so many fantastic heists to play in Payday 2, it makes sense that people would start speeding them up to see who can pull off a heist the fastest. Racing in this game will always be better with some friends instead of AI.

Once you know a strategy for a heist, it’s easy to put into action, but if you’re willing to continue a heist long after things go wrong, you’ll have a lot of fun learning speed racing tactics with your friends.

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