The best tutorial bosses in FromSoftware games

FromSoftware’s Soulsborne game bosses are often considered some of the best in the industry, with a level of quality and attention to detail that is rarely matched. The unique designs, challenging mechanics, and intense atmosphere during these boss fights create an unforgettable experience that is simply unforgettable. The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction players feel after defeating these towering bosses is something few games can match.

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The first boss of these games serves as an introduction to the game mechanics and sets the tone for the upcoming challenges. Despite being an enemy players encounter early on, these bosses are often tough, unforgiving, and can easily kill a player who is unprepared or careless. Sometimes players are destined to die and realize how difficult this challenge will be. Other times, players have to get through and beat these bosses by any means necessary.



7 The Last Giant – Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 The Last Giant Boss

Of all the tutorial bosses in the Soulsborne games, many players feel that The Last Giant is one of the least interesting of all, a recurring complaint when it comes to dark souls 2. This massive creature is relatively easy to handle, allowing players to understand the game’s mechanics and combat system at their own pace.

The Last Giant is slow and heavy, allowing players to get a feel for how to dodge his blows and maximize his attack windows. It’s a bad introduction to dark souls 2especially since there are several other bosses in the game that are much more interesting to fight.

6 Grafted Scion – Elden Ring

Elden Ring - Grafted Scion walking into tarnished-1

The toughest first bosses in video games are the ones that can’t even be beaten, mainly because they are too challenging and intimidating. In fact, these encounters are bound to be lost, with players retrying this battle after gaining some levels and gear. Such is the case with the Grafted Scion, which is the first enemy with a boss health bar that players will encounter in elden ring.

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The Grafted Scion hits like a truck early on, with players crouching down in a two-on-one attack. This is why most people die to this boss and leave it for later, and only the most skilled players can dodge and land hits with great finesse.

5 Vanguard Demon – Demon Souls

Demon's Souls Vanguard Demon

demon souls it was FromSoftware’s first attempt to create a game with the proprietary Soulsborne mechanics that everyone loves. While this attempt definitely has several advantages, it cannot be denied that the introduction to this game is rough and does a poor job of showcasing the strengths of this title.

A great example of this is the first boss, which is pretty tough for a boss that comes early in the game. The Vanguard Demon is huge and hits for some serious damage, and players should hang on to its rear end if they want a chance of surviving an encounter that is too difficult for most players to handle, especially if this was their first. soulborne game. .

4 Iudex Gundyr – Dark Souls 3

Iudex Gundyr attacking the Ashen One in Dark Souls 3

Iudex Gundyr is one of the most intimidating bosses in dark souls 3, which can make the actual challenge of this boss somewhat weak in comparison. Most people are already pretty familiar with Soulsborne’s game mechanics, which is precisely why this boss’s easy-going nature makes him such a pushover at times.

That being said, the fight becomes challenging when Iudex Gundyr transforms, with players wary of his increased power and attack range. With a few pick hits and effective evasion, Iudex Gundyr will become a toast in no time.

3 Genichiro Ashina – Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice - Genichiro Ashina in Prologue Field

Sekiro: Shadows die twice it was a unique twist on the Souls formula that was quite entertaining to get through. The idea of ​​investing experience in the form of souls and blood echoes to level up his character is long gone, and the only way Sekiro can get stronger is by defeating bosses.

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So when players fight Genichiro Ashina at the beginning of the game, it’s just a given that they’re bound to lose. Deflecting attacks and dodging high-powered blows is easier said than done when players have no tools or skills at their disposal, and only the most skilled swordsmen will be able to best Genichiro in this encounter. It’s a shame the outcome remains the same, with Sekiro losing his arm regardless of the outcome of the battle.

2 The Asylum Demon – Dark Souls

Dark Souls Asylum Demon

The Asylum Demon is the first boss in Dark souls walking out the door when players break out of jail in the Undead Asylum. The initial encounter is downright unwinnable, as players either need their Black Firebombs or yell at the boss with their fists for a long time while dodging all of his attacks with great finesse.

Players will have to escape the boss room by running towards an open door on the side of the boss arena, obtaining their Estus Flasks and a weapon that can deal more damage than their bare hands. After this, they can enter the arena once more from a higher position, figuring out how the dive attack works and dealing a ton of damage to this boss.

1 Father Gascoigne – Bloodborne

bloodborne gascoigne

Many people would argue that the true first boss in blood borne it is the Cleric Beast since it can be found before Gascoigne. However, there are plenty of players who can miss out on this encounter, while Gascoigne is a mandatory boss that players need to defeat if they want to progress further in the game.

For a first boss, Gascoigne is truly unforgiving to players who treat this game like Dark souls. The boss is fast, rushes players, and has a second form that is even more difficult to deal with. He talks about the strengths of blood bornethat this enemy is extremely challenging early on, but becomes nothing more than a minor obstacle as players become more adept at how this boss fights.

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