The best simulation games to disconnect your brain while you play

Simulation games They are popular because they allow players to immerse themselves in different roles that they may not have been able to experience in their daily lives. This makes these games a great tool for when gamers also feel the need to relax after a busy day.

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With so many simulation titles available for players to enjoy, these options are by far the best for those players who are looking for a simulation game that help them turn off their brain. These games require little to no stress or thought for a player to enjoy and therefore gamers should consider picking one of these when looking for a new simulation title to enjoy.



10 the sims 4

Chicken The Sims 4 Country House

starting strong, the sims 4 is a life simulation game that allows players to create their own sim or family of sims and live vicariously through them. While creating many sims can be quite stressful to control, simply focusing on a single sim can make this simulation title much more enjoyable.

Players may wish to come up with an interesting story for their sim or easily live their daily life as this poor sim is left under the control of the player. This even means sadistic players can relive some stress by tormenting this poor sim they’ve created, like trapping them in a pool, waiting for their demise.

9 house flap

house fin demolition

house flap is a brilliant game for gamers who want to tear down all the walls in their house and change its layout, but don’t have the money to do so. In these simulation titles, players become a one-person renovation crew as they are tasked with cleaning and redecorating a variety of client homes.

In addition to helping customers, players can also buy their own houses to renovate and sell them for a profit. The only thing that will limit a player in house flap it’s their own creativity and the possibility of running out of money if they forget to take a job.

8 tabletop simulator

Chess, DnD, Tiles, Racing in Tabletop Simulator

Turning off the brain using pretend play doesn’t have to be done just how you see it tabletop simulator. As the name of the game suggests, this simulation title gives the player a table where he can play a variety of board games as well as other activities.

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If you are not interested in playing with others, it is still possible to enjoy tabletop simulator just with a nice puzzle. However, what really makes this game amazing is the freedom to flip the table whenever the player wants without the repercussions of picking up all the pieces afterwards.

7 car mechanic simulator 2021

The cover image of Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

car mechanic simulator Similar to Farming Simulator has released several different versions over the years, however one of the most beloved was the sim released for 2021.

In addition to fixing customer cars that have stopped working for one reason or another, players can expand their mechanic business to sell repaired cars. In this simulator, which claims to be very realistic, players can visit the auction house to find cars in all sorts of conditions to work on in the hope of selling them for a small profit.

6 game development tycoon

Developers working on a game in Game Dev Tycoon

There are even simulators that pretend to make games and game development tycoon is by far one of the best ones made for gamers who want to create their own gaming company. This title not only allows players to combine genres to create an exciting new combination; which can make or break the market, but also move forward through the actual years in which certain platforms rose and fell in popularity.

In addition to this, players will also gradually grow their company from a single person in their garage to a huge office with many employees.

5 Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program Deputy Main Engine

Moving away from realistic simulators, Kerbal Space Program It is not only interesting to play, but also fun to be a part of. In this simulation title, players assemble spaceships that will hopefully send the little green creatures known as Kerbals flying into space.

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Players are provided with countless spaceship parts to use and combine to make the perfect spaceship. However, not all of them will fly into space so successfully; some players may even purposely create a hideous spaceship just to see how hideous they can make it.

4 Totally accurate battle simulator

Three archers standing around a tower in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Another brilliant and no-nonsense simulator where players can turn their brain off while playing is the wacky physics game known as Totally accurate battle simulator. Players can face real challenges where they can only use certain units or a certain number of points to defeat the enemy or create their own amazing battles.

With such a variety of units to choose from, as well as some that can be unlocked by searching the different maps; Players are sure to have a blast pitting a giant against Chicken Man.

3 stardew valley

stardewa valley official screenshot farm

Not just as a great RPG for players to turn off their brain while playing; stardew valley It’s also a brilliant life simulation title, as players can take on everyday life as a farmer, tending to their crops and animals.

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Due to the simplistic nature of stardew there are plenty of activities for players to miss out on. Some don’t even include farming, like the mindless fishing mini-game that is sure to earn the player a fair amount of money. Apart from this, players are sure to build their farm brilliantly while relaxing.

2 PowerWash Simulator

Powerwash Simulator Gnome Ferris Wheel
Powerwash Simulator Gnome Ferris Wheel

Another great simulation title that gamers can consider using to turn their brain off is the infamous PowerWash Simulator. With a free mode and campaign, players will be tasked with pressure washing a variety of things from bikes, vans to entire buildings.

While this might sound boring at first, once you get caught up in washing the dirt away, a player is sure to get lost in the therapeutic move of washing all the dirt away. Players can even invite up to eight friends to join the cast to make levels go by even faster.

1 euro truck simulator 2

A player driving a truck on the highway in Euro Truck Simulator 2

Of all the simulators available for gamers to try out, surprisingly one of the best for turning off a gamer’s brain is euro truck simulator 2. In this simulation title, players take on the role of a trucker who travels the highways and delivers the cargo on time.

Although simplistic, many players have expressed a love of taking simple courses to relax and european truck it allows a player to do that without needing to leave their own home. As long as a player knows how to control the truck, which he will surely pick up on the road, euro truck simulator 2 it becomes a fun game to play.

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