The best Nintendo spin-off games

It is vital that any successful video game series define its identity clearly and concisely. Players need to know what they get when they pick up a Mario either Zelda play. However, this often means that a series is restricted to one game genre, so as not to alienate its audience. This is where spin-offs come in.

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Spin-offs allow game developers to try new and interesting visual styles and game mechanics, without changing their main series too much. Often they are just given the name of a series as a marketing tactic to attract fans. However, these games shouldn’t be written off, because companies like Nintendo have actually produced some very high-quality spin-offs for their various franchises over the years.


Xenoblade Chronicles

With the launch and success of xenoblade chronicles 3MonolithSoft’s RPG series has continued its run of success since the critical acclaim that the original Xenoblade Chronicles He received. However, despite looking iconic now, the series is quite young and hasn’t seen many opportunities for spin-off titles.

While some may not consider it a spin-off, Xenoblade ChroniclesX is a somewhat linked non-canon title of the other XBC titles, which also makes a lot of big changes to the way the series is played. It takes the series’ open-world exploration to heights that haven’t been attempted since, and its current absence from the Switch library is a huge missed opportunity.

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong It’s a pretty weird franchise. The original Donkey Kong saw the first appearance of Mario, but the plumber soon grew to outshine his ape rival. Now I dont know is seen as a series derived from Mario himself, and has struggled to find his identity over the years.

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Most people know the series by Donkey Kong: Country and its sequels, but it’s hard to say what the main identity of the series is. Despite this, there have been a few full-blown spin-offs, such as diddy kong racing Y mario vs donkey kong. The series also has more bizarre entries like the kong donkey games that are more of a mixed bag, but, overall, the offerings stemming from the great ape are mostly positive.

fire emblem

While it’s a big name these days, fire emblem it’s actually been pretty niche for most of its lifespan. Before Super Smash Bros Melee introduced Marth and Roy to the west, the series wasn’t even available in English. Even after that, it took Fire Emblem: Awakening for the series to finally find its place in the Nintendo catalogue.

As such, there haven’t been too many FE spin-offs. Tokyo Mirage #FE Sessions crossed the series with Shin Megami Tensei, creating a pretty good, albeit tedious, RPG. The series also successfully adapted to the mobile market with EN: Heroes. FE: Warriorshowever, it is the best spin-off the series has seen, managing to evolve the scale of the series’ battles.

The legend of Zelda

Despite being one of Nintendo’s heavyweights, The legend of Zelda it’s actually had quite a mixed history, especially early on. while the original The legend of Zelda is still universally loved today, its sequel, zelda 2Since then it has become the dark horse of the series, and there is no lack of criticism for titles such as sword to the sky Y twilight princess.

On the spin-off front, the series also got off to a bad start with the now-infamous Zelda CD-I sets. These titles were flops in everything from gameplay to story to sales, and seem to have spooked Nintendo a bit. Zelda spin-offs for some time. With the release of Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U though, Zelda spin-offs have seen a massive improvement. H.W. still represents most of the series’ big spin-offs, but titles like Hyrule Cadence Y four swords show that Zelda is a series still ripe for crossovers and spin-offs.


While not the exclusive property of Nintendo, the Pokemon The series has a long history with the company, particularly in the video game market. pokemon red Y Blue could be considered partially responsible for the success of the original gameboy, and each Pokemon Since then, the game has helped Nintendo sell consoles in the millions. With so much importance in and out of video games, it shouldn’t surprise us to learn that Pokemon no lack of derivative titles

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There are occasional forgettable titles like pokemon racebut mysterious dungeon, Nap Y Stadium series are what people think of when they argue Pokemon spin-offs, and they’re all iconic in their own right. Pokemon seems to have slowed down a bit with its spin-offs recently, but many fans are still asking for new entries for pokemon tournament Y pokemon legendswhich shows that the demand is not scarce.


It can often be heard within the discussions of the kirby series, there has never been a bad kirby play. It’s hard to deny this when the series continually offers light-hearted adventures with a hidden challenge for experienced players and tons of content. However, especially in recent years, the series has been churning out spinoff after spinoff without dropping the ball.

there are some old kirby classics like Kirby’s Course of Dreams Y Kirby Skywalk that still hold up today, but in the 3DS and Switch eras, games like kirby fighters, kirby battle royale and the newly released Kirby’s Dream Buffet have shown that pink puffball can adopt new playstyles whenever it wants without seeing a massive drop in quality.


The original Super Mario on the NES helped maintain Nintendo’s position in the video game market, and since then, Mario Games have been an integral part of Nintendo’s success. Considering the long history of the series and its enormous popularity, it has received almost too many spin-offs to even name them. While the list does include some stinkers, there are so many derivatives in total that the good ones far outnumber them.

Some of these spin-offs like Mario Kart and the various Mario sports games could even be counted as new series of their own. Mario has spanned just about every genre gaming has to offer, and even has headline crossovers with Sonic Y the rabbidseach time creating something memorable and profitable in its own right.

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