The best new Android games of this week

Looking for even more mobile games? Because we have the best new Android games to release this week! That’s right, a new week of Android releases for you to sink your teeth into!

As always, if you have any suggestions for the best new Android games that we’ve missed, be sure to tell us in the comments. After all, we are likely to miss something you found.

Best New Android Games: Project Winter Mobile

The newly released Project Winter Mobile is one of the best new Android games to be released this week. After months of anticipation, this brilliant mobile port has finally launched.

A game of social deduction similar to Among Us, you will be tasked with surviving or betraying a stranded group. With eight players per match, you have seven other survivors to worry about… or dispatch.

You will have to work as a team to survive the winter and reach the helicopter. Just like the PC version, Project Winter Mobile is tense and exciting, now you can play it in the bathroom. Does that make it better than the PC version?

If you want to try Project Winter yourself, check out this link to the Google Play Store here.

Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim

The next entry in the long-running Ys JRPG series, Ys Online is one of the few MMOs the franchise has seen. This time aimed at mobile gamers, Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim transforms a beloved PS2 game into a free to play MMO.

As many have already pointed out, the changes made to the PS2 version aren’t always great. For example, the new version has an annoying auto-walk feature that apparently can’t be turned off.

Unlike the original, you will be able to create your own custom character and play alongside others in shared dungeons. You can even get married and have pets!

However, there are some fans who are upset about these changes. Since the original PS2 game was a major turning point for the series, many are angry that it became an MMO. On the other hand, some are excited to see the game in a new light.

There is certainly an interesting conversation surrounding Ys Online: The Ark of Napishtim. However, in the few hours we’ve spent at the time of writing, it’s a fun time…for now! Check it out here.

multiplayer skyturns

Not technically a new game, Skyturns Multiplayer is a transformative update to 2014’s Skyturns. After nearly a decade of release, this massive 3.0 update makes the parkour title feel like a brand new game.

Instead of enjoying the parkour title alone, you can now play with friends. In addition, you will also be able to create custom parkour tracks to play. Will you be kind or cruel?

Skyturns was a fantastic game when it was released during the golden years of Android gaming. However, after years of extra love, you can now experience the game at its best.

We encourage you to try Skyturns on mobile devices. If you want to check it, follow this link.

The Fate of an Empire: The Age of War

Are you looking for a new 4X strategy game to play on the go? Well, it just so happens that Fate of an Empire: Age of War was recently released on Android. Also, it seems to be a hidden gem.

A sequel to the first Fate of an Empire, this new release is a classic 4X turn-based game on Android. He’ll be tasked with creating his own fantasy world to explore and conquer, which we imagine is what Q from Star Trek does in his downtime.

Fate of an Empire: Age if War allows you to choose various races to explore both the surface and the underworld. From mountain-dwelling dwarves to graceful elves, there are numerous game types to explore.

As a store page, you can use “map editor, detailed empire management, custom troop layouts, advanced combat between massive armies, and a well-developed tech tree.” Doesn’t that sound exciting?

If you want to try the game, follow this link.

The best new Android games, done

Well, that’s all we have for the best new Android games this week! What do you think of the list? Are you choosing any game from the list? They were all terrible and now you hate us? Please don’t hate us!

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