The best new Android games of this week

Ah, it’s time for more and better new Android games this week. Yes, just like last week, we will give you a list of the best mobile games that were released in the last seven days.

As always, if you have any game suggestions we’ve missed, you can always remind us in the comments below. With that said, here are the best new Android games we could find.

Best New Android Games: Yu-Gi-Oh: Cross Duel

A new way to play! Yu-Gi-Oh: Cross Duel is far from the trading card game we know, but it is also, without a doubt, one of the best new Android games this week.

A four player version of the classic TCG, Cross Duel is a huge departure from the original. In fact, if it weren’t for its lavish recreation of the series’ characters and monsters, this might be a different game altogether.

However, Cross Duel is a lot of fun. However, we are concerned that their gacha and upgrade systems will lead to a future of high pay-to-win. While that’s the case with many TCGs, Cross Duel’s more gameplay approach makes its gacha systems feel more revolting and less like opening a pack of trading cards.

Despite this, Cross Duel is at least fun for now. With 3D models of every monster, including the awesome Mokey Mokey, it certainly looks like a labor of love.

If you’re a fan of the series, chances are you already own this. If not, check out the game here!

by train

An adorable train-based puzzle game, Railbound absolutely deserves to be on this week’s list of best Android games. From the team behind Golf Peaks and Inbento, you play as a pair of dogs traveling around the world.

In Railbound, you will play over 150 different puzzles. You’ll need to place, remove, and redirect connections to make sure the train runs smoothly. However, you have to make sure you don’t cross the rails!

Visually, Railbound is an impressive little mobile game. Featuring a beautiful comic art style, every second in this beautiful train puzzle is a joy. Even if I’m too stupid to understand it.

This is a premium experience at $4.99. However, we strongly recommend that you buy it right here.

lost light

The long-tested clone of NetEase Escape from Tarkov is finally available. After months of closed beta testing, Lost Light has launched worldwide on Android. Do you have something good?

After a few hours of gameplay, we can recommend Lost Light as an attempt to recreate Tarkov on mobile. It’s smaller and much more predatory with its microtransactions, but it’s a decent mimic.

If you want a fun and tense experience on mobile, there are certainly games like PUBG that can give you thrills. However, if that’s not your style, maybe Lost Light is better for you.

You can pick up the game, for free, right here!

The Walking Dead: All Stars

A new spin-off of the popular The Walking Dead series, All Stars is an exploration RPG. With a group of survivors, you will explore places in search of supplies.

Designed in the vein of the original comic series, you’ll recruit a cast of beloved survivors. An idle game in the background, you’ll be protecting Asyl’s settlement against zombies and more.

As a free-to-play idle game, The Walking Dead: All Stars doesn’t seem too money-hungry. However, we were only able to put a couple of hours into the game before this list.

If you want to download the game, click here.

Those are the best Android games.

Well, there you have it! Another seven days and another list of the best Android games of this week. Hopefully, we haven’t missed anything too important. As always, be sure to tell us in the comments below.

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