The best jokers in video games

The world of comics has given birth to some of the most recognizable characters in modern media. From the brooding Batman to the web-slinging Spider-Man, these names have been woven into the fabric of pop culture and entertainment. While the heroes get most of the love, there are a select few villains who have risen above their position to become even more prominent than their heroic adversaries. One such villain is the Crown Prince of Crime, the jesterone of Batman’s most prominent antagonists and arguably the most iconic baddie in comic book history.


The Joker has been a thorn in Batman’s side from the very beginning, following the Caped Crusader through portrayals that push the boundaries of DC comics. Whether in movies or on TV, the Joker can always be found terrorizing Batman and company with his dastardly schemes. His feud has frequently found its way into the gaming world as well, and it’s here that some of the best Joker portrayals exist. Though some of them can vary dramatically in tone, all of the best Jokers in video games share the character’s penchant for madness, mayhem, and pushing the Dark Knight to the limit day after day.

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The Joker in the LEGO Batman series

lego dc supervillains

In the eighty years since the Joker was introduced to the comics, he’s grown from a minor nuisance to a menace to the world, with methods ranging from cunning to outright horror. In it lego batman series, the Joker is more in line with his previous comic book and television portrayals, balancing a sense of campiness with genuinely cruel intentions. The first game in the series sees him in his usually evil self, with future installments upping the ante until he leads the Legion of Doom against the Crime Syndicate. He is a version of the Joker that all fans can appreciate, aided by the trademark charm of the LEGO game series

The Joker in injustice

joker injustice

Every few years, a performance of the Joker will have the clown commit a crime on such a grand scale and devastating in its effects, that it will change the entire world. The Joker in the Injustice The franchise is one such version, as it plays its biggest trick yet by tricking Superman into killing a pregnant Lois Lane and detonating a nuke in Metropolis. The clown meets his end soon after at the hands of an enraged Superman, but ultimately sets in motion the creation of the Man of Steel’s oppressive regime. Although he wasn’t there to experience all of it, the Joker’s fingerprints are everywhere. Injusticethe story of

The Joker in the Batman: Arkham series

Beat the Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins

Few superhero games are as successful as the Batman: Arkham series. Rocksteady essentially created the blueprint for all story-driven superhero games of the past fifteen years, and their portrayal of the Joker helped achieve just that. Of his Titan-driven plans in arkham asylum to his hallucination-induced appearances in Arkham Knight, Batman: ArkhamThe Joker has endeared himself to fans as one of the best video game versions of the character. It also helps that Mark Hamill contributed the iconic voice of him to the villain, providing a sense of familiarity for fans of Batman: The Animated Series.

A select few comic villains have risen to the same prominence as the Joker, and fewer still have maintained the same levels of popularity for such a long period of time. The fact that the clown was given his own, quite successful, solo film in 2019 jester is a testament to his fame, as is his constant appearances in video games. Although it has been some time since he served as the main antagonist of a video game, the jesterPast depictions of continue to shine as some of the best comic book villain appearances in video game history.

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