The best foxes in video games

Who doesn’t love a fox? They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and are so fluffy you might forget not to pet prohibited dogs. And maybe that’s part of our attachment to them: they’re like dogs, but mystical. There’s a reason foxes are a factor in so much folklore around the world.

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And video games know it. There are many foxes in video games: some can act as guides for lost children, some are just trying to survive, and others put cups in their ears during their shift at the corner store. Either way, foxes are always a memorable addition to any medium.


8 Redd (Animal Crossing)

We really get that “smart as a fox” energy from Redd from Animal Crossing. But do not worry; Red is your cousin! You have nothing to worry about with him. He will sell you authentic and beautiful works of art at a discount, and he never thought of downloading a fake for you, not once!

Redd is memorable for many reasons: his design is very straightforward, especially when compared to other Animal Crossing characters. He speaks fast and with a unique tone and, for many of us, he barely made it to our islands in New Horizons. We still love our cousin, of course. However, Tom Nook may have a few things to say on the matter.

7 McCloud Fox (Star Fox)

If you think of the words “video game” and “fox” at the same time, chances are the main character of Star Fox, aptly named Fox McCloud, it will come to your mind. Who could blame you? This video game fox has been around for nearly three decades, and even if you’ve never touched a Star Fox game in your life, chances are you’ve played Super Smash Bros at some point.

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Fox is a leader, first and foremost. While he may not be too involved in the whole galaxy-saving thing, he always keeps his team level. Like many real life foxes, he is a quick thinker with the ability to adapt to anything. Unlike many real-life foxes, he too can fly a spaceship and has a gun. Still iconic.

6 Lullaby (Frost)

Foxes have a mystical allure; Rime use that on your fox partner. While you won’t know her name until the credits roll, Nana the vixen is a central part of your journey through Rime.

After awakening her through the fox idols you find at the beginning of the game, she will become your closest companion and guide you through puzzles and dangers. It is clear that the bitch cares deeply about the boy, about you, and it is impossible not to become emotionally attached to her.

5 Nine Tails (Okami)

The lord of Oni Island doesn’t mince words. Okami gives you Ninetails, a huge fox that rules over the illusory demon fortress. Cunning, devious, and downright evil, the Ninetails have been manipulating you for much longer than you realize when you can finally stand up to them.

And what a fight they gave. The other bosses may have given you trouble, but Ninetails is something else entirely. After being so used to freezing time every time you use your brush, Ninetails shows you that you are not the only creature with such power. They are a challenging and brutal enemy, perhaps the best boss fight in the game. Good luck.

4 tunic (tunic)

As another sword-wielding, green-robed hero, the Robed fox doesn’t have much to say. Not that you could understand them if they spoke, considering the fictional, runic language that Tunic employs for its entire UI. None of that matters; the little red fox still leaves quite an impression, if only because of how adorable the little guy is.

And how that cuteness actively lures you into thinking the game will be easy. It won’t. You won’t get out of this game unscathed. But hey, we said foxes were known to be cunning. The fox in Robe is no different; the trick was only on you.

3 Mother Fox (Endling: Extinction Is Forever)

Endling: Extinction Is Forever is a game about the struggle to survive. In it, you’ll play as a mother red fox, the last of her kind on the face of the earth, as you try to care for her pups after a forest fire destroys your home and forces you to settle near humans. Feel the warmth on your chest when the mother fox comforts her pups with a quick hug or when you bring food. They have undeniable personalities, despite being regular foxes.

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Red foxes are some of the most common animals in the world. However, Endling shows us a future where even a creature as adaptable as them falls victim to humanity’s neglect. While the game may have worked with a variety of other animals, seeing a fox struggling to survive is heartbreaking.

two arctic fox (never alone)

There’s a kind of cold that bites you, burning your blood until you can’t think of anything else. When you combine this cold with snow so thick you can barely see in front of you, you’re in for a pretty serious situation. A beautiful retelling of an Iñupiaq oral history, the cooperative side-scrolling platformer Never Alone puts you in this situation as a young hunter named Nuna.

Fear not, however. You are lucky to have an arctic fox as a companion, and it will guide you through the treacherous ice and snow. Whether the fox is played cooperatively or is an AI, the fluffy creature remains a constant comfort to you and Nuna.

1 Gregg (Night in the Woods)

Gregg Rulez, okay? Night in the Woods’ Gregg somehow manages to stand out in a cast full of standouts. A goofy guy who works at the Snack Falcon corner store, he is Mae’s best friend and the first person she will look for when she returns to town. Gregg doesn’t have much impulse control and often suggests some really wild activities (hand stabbing is definitely a way to pass the time). Still, his heart is always in the right place. It’s impossible not to love him, even when he’s up to all sorts of mischief.

Despite his energetic and happy-go-lucky personality, Gregg isn’t just harmless delinquency and excitable heckling. He has a lot of depth, which you can discover for yourself by deepening the friendship you share. You know, stealing the pet from the defunct grocery store. Hey, it works.

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