The best cyberpunk games

cyberpunk games It became incredibly popular in the 1970s and 1980s, as pop culture tied in with the wonders of technology and what the future might hold. Since then, the Cyberpunk theme has expanded not only to movies but also to video games that continue to interest gamers.

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There are many cyberpunk titles available that explore these futuristic and technologically driven cities in different ways through RPGs, visual novels, and much more. With so many available now, it’s hard to determine which one stands out above the rest and that’s why these cyberpunk games are some of the best available for gamers to enjoy.



10 the ascent

A player shooting enemies in The Ascent

Starting off strong, the action-shooter RPG the ascent is a bright and animated cyberpunk game that challenges players to survive in a metropolis run by the nefarious corporation The Ascent Group.

Players will gradually make their way through the different levels of this bustling city as they are given a mission to find out what happened to the Ascent Group since it was mysteriously shut down without warning. In addition to action-packed battles and customization options, exploring in the ascent in one of the best things to do when players find themselves in neon-filled areas.

9 God Ex

A player watching soldiers shoot two people in Deus Ex

Released in the early 2000s God Ex is an iconic classic of the cyberpunk genre that many gamers have praised for also being a great RPG. Set in the year 2052, players take on the role of JC Denton, an unenhanced rookie to the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Coalition; he is tasked with taking on terrorist cells and getting to the bottom of a Nano-virus known as the Gray Death.

Between the action of an in-depth story, full of options; players will also be amazed by the world of God Ex which is based on real life locations and real conspiracy theories that have been revealed as reality in this futuristic world.

8 punk cloud

Cloudpunk - Driving around the city

For gamers looking for a cyberpunk game that’s a little more chill, they need look no further than punk cloud. In this adventure game created by ION LANDS, the player works for Nivalis’ semi-legal delivery service; delivering packages to residents across the city.

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When delivering these packages that players better not ask what’s inside them, the story of punk cloud It will be revealed. Encountering a diverse cast, from the regular resident to intelligent AIs, the player will be able to leave a lasting impression on the story as each choice can make a difference in the city they explore.

7 system crash 2

A player aiming at an enemy in front of him in System Shock 2

Another classic that is a year older than God Ex is the first person shooter rpg game system crash 2. Building on the success of the original System Shock, the second game in the franchise continued to wow gamers; unlike other games mentioned, system crash 2 takes the cyberpunk genre and turns it into terrifying sci-fi horror.

Many also refer to system crash as techno-horror because technology is the monster; though the story itself blends in nicely with the connection to cyberpunk through this use of AI and cybernetic implants that have been installed inside the player.

6 ghost runner

A metal landscape in Ghostrunner

For players who enjoy fast-paced combat and lots of parkour, then ghost runner is another vibrant cyberpunk action game that has already hooked a large group of people. Played from the first-person perspective, players must attempt to park their way through buildings and mow down attacking enemies, all while avoiding getting shot at.

Playing as an advanced fighter who is only strengthened by his cybernetics is just one part of the great cyberpunk world that players will find themselves running into. Although difficult, taking a moment to look around will reveal another neon city with much more detail than players realize.

5 signal

Rushing leads to missing details, which leads to not being prepared

On a topic similar to system crash, signal is another horror game that takes place in a dystopian future. The main character, Elster, wakes up from cryostasis in a world she doesn’t understand. She must search for her partner in this new world owned by a corrupt government, as well as answers to what happened.

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In this horror classic, if players hope to get to the bottom of this mysterious story, they must first be careful how much resources they use. Players will also need to use their heads to solve a variety of mind-bending puzzles.

4 Cyberpunk action VA-11 Hall-A

A Person With A Helmet Says He Can't Take It Off At VA-11 Hall-A Cyberpunk Bartender Action

it is not only Cyberpunk action VA-11 Hall-A one of the best pixel cyberpunk games, it also possesses a captivating story that is nicely packaged in a visual novel. While working as a bartender in the futuristic bar that has been affectionately nicknamed Valhalla, players will learn about the history of this cyberpunk city through its patriots.

However, unlike the usual multiple options for a player to choose from when discussing these issues with the other characters, they instead make a drink that will likely solve all their problems in this technologically advanced world.

3 cyberpunk 2077

A spider-like robot on a table in a Cyberpunk 2077 trailer

They wouldn’t be the best cyberpunk games available if the title called cyberpunk 2077 was not mentioned. Although it could be said cyberpunk 2077 Got off to a rocky start when it was first released due to some game-breaking bugs Since then, CD Projekt Red has turned Night City into a place many gamers have enjoyed revisiting.

Working as a mercenary while in danger when a larger than life terrorist rock star attempts to take over the player’s brain, makes cyberpunk 2077 a story-driven first-person shooter RPG with an even bigger world to explore.

2 Lost

TA ginger cat looking towards a neon street where a robot is located in the game Stray

Dystopian cities have continued to interest gamers in recent years, as the adventure title in which players take on the role of a cat trying to return to the surface also reveals a world run by robots.

With no idea where the humans have gone, players must theorize why this city exists below the surface, far from the sunlight they have seen. Exploring this world may be brief, but the exhilarating nature of this cyberpunk story is sure to leave a lasting impression on the player.

1 zero katana

A platformer and run player in Katana Zero

Action-packed, fast-paced games continue to be the most popular game genre for the cyberpunk theme; zero katana is a pixel graphics game that challenges players to go fast and avoid danger while traversing another cyberpunk world.

While traveling through this platformer with the possibility of instant death, it’s hard to take the time to admire the pixel background the player traverses. However, zero katana is a game with a lot of attention to detail that gives the player glimpses of the past between the now dangerous future.

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