The best crazy games of all time

Video games are a beautiful medium. More than ever, games can create compelling, emotionally resonant stories and connect players with memorable characters. Additionally, the interactive element of the games provides an edge that helps players feel even more immersed in the characters than any other medium.

But sometimes the fun part of games is when you go crazy. Sometimes a game is interested in nothing more than entertaining you and having a good time, even if it misses you or goes overboard in the process. Here are nine video games that show no mercy in being crazy and wild experiences.

10. Goat Simulator

goat simulator
Image Source: Coffee Stain Studios

How not to make a list of crazy games without mentioning Goat Simulator? Exactly as it says on the tin, the whole appeal of this game is the ability to control a goat and perform different acts of mayhem in a big suburban city. You can even make the goat use ragdoll physics that move and contort its body in weird ways.

It has a surreal and goofy charm to it, and the pick-and-play nature means all different types of players can have fun. As an added bonus of rarity, it’s slated to receive a sequel in the form of Goat Simulator 3… even though Goat Simulator 2 doesn’t exist. Handsome.

9. PowerWash Simulator

pressure washing simulator
Image Source: Square Enix Collective

Okay, this may not be as conventionally “wacky” as some of the other games here, but think about what the purpose of PowerWash Simulator is: pressure washing. The object of the game is to clear as much as you can, eventually getting to the point of clearing ancient statues and alien ships. As if it couldn’t get any more incredible, there’s even a story under the surface involving volcanic eruptions, missing cats, and an ancient civilization.

It shouldn’t work, but it does; There is an incredibly relaxing and zen feel to PowerWash Simulator that makes it extremely difficult to put down. As mundane as it sounds, it’s cathartic and makes for a delightful experience that’s weird enough to stick in your mind long after you’ve finished playing.

8. Katamari Damacy

katamari damacy
Image Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment

From the very beginning, Katamari Damacy tells you that the King of all cosmos, a divine ruler of the game world, got too drunk and destroyed almost the entire universe…it must have been some pretty strong apple juice. Now the Prince has to save the universe by rolling earthly materials into a sticky ball. Because it seems that the duct tape was not strong enough.

At first, the Prince rolls up simple things like paperclips and trinkets from around the home. However, as time goes by, that sticky ball can even lift houses and cows. And that last part is important; the world cannot go on without cows.

Katamari Damacy may also be the dictionary definition of “weird,” but it’s the kind of game we wouldn’t have otherwise. Between its catchy, poppy soundtrack and clever puzzle-based gameplay, the game bids farewell to tradition and delivers on all fronts. There’s a lot of playful experimentation here, and it makes for a truly unique (and delightfully weird) game that will be hard to put down.

7. Mortal Kombat Series

mortal Kombat
Image source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Mortal Kombat is one of the best fighting game franchises out there…and it’s also one of the wildest. Between its brutal amounts of violence, flying limbs, and over-the-top action, it’s definitely a fighting game that’s not for the faint of heart.

Even with the cool concept of a deathmatch tournament, Mortal Kombat’s story makes no effort to make sense. Characters will die in a specific entry, only to return in the next, and the general canon has been altered more often than not. He’s an excellent fighter, but he’s definitely worth turning off your brain.

6. Super Monkey Ball series

super monkey ball
Image Source: Sega

Sometimes the easiest way to tell if a game is “crazy” is to explain the premise in a single sentence. Super Monkey Ball, a game where a monkey is trapped inside a ball and instead of moving the monkey, you tilt the stage to make the ball roll. Good luck getting to the end of the stage.

In theory? Weird. In practice? Still weird, but great. It almost completely lacks a story or dialogue beyond “oohs” and “ahhs”, but Super Monkey Ball offers incredible depth of gameplay and challenging puzzles that keep you coming back. It’s the kind of game that will constantly have you saying “just one more try.”

5. cup head

cup head
Image Source: MDHR Studio

A 2D run-and-gun platformer with a 1920s rubber hose animation style centered around two talking glasses making a deal with the devil? With an insanely high difficulty level to boot? What do you mean this game is for kids?

Cuphead isn’t afraid to throw everything at you and the kitchen sink. Between tricky boss encounters and an extremely busy visual style, it’s not quite as welcoming a game as its nostalgic aesthetic makes you think. But if you keep it up long enough, you’ll feel very satisfied when you beat those bosses.

4. Kingdom Hearts series

kingdom hearts
Image Source: Square Enix

The very idea of ​​combining the detailed storytelling and characters of Final Fantasy with Disney sounds like something that could only have been released in an elevator… which is convenient because Kingdom Hearts was actually launched in an elevator. Look where we are now.

Kingdom Hearts’ story is wildly complex, so much so that you may need a whiteboard when playing the game to keep track of everything. But even with its bizarre story, loving odes to Disney, and fantastic action combat, it’s worth sticking around for.

3.WarioWare series

Image Source: Nintendo

The perfect example of a series that wears its weirdness on its sleeve, WarioWare leaves no stone unturned when it comes to surrealism. Playing through a series of seconds-long “microgames,” WarioWare moves at a rapid pace, forcing you to be on your toes as soon as the next microgame is ready to drop.

Microgames can task players with shaving their armpits, trimming their nails, picking their noses, and even slapping Wario across the face. If that’s not enough, WarioWare Touched! allows you to scratch Mario’s back, because who wouldn’t need a back scratch after saving the princess so many times? WarioWare thrives on her weird nature and wouldn’t be as much fun without her.

2. DOOM Reboot Series

eternal doom
Image Source: Bethesda Softworks

id Software’s reboot of the DOOM franchise may not have the surrealism of some of the other games on this list, but that doesn’t mean it won’t go crazy. Every moment in DOOM and DOOM Eternal feels elevated to 11, never stopping his demon slaying to take a breather.

Sure, there’s a story between these two games, but it never seems like they have to stop to tell you about it. id Software knows that DOOM is all about shooting demons, ripping off body parts, and attacking them with those severed parts. It’s a thrill ride, and it never fails to entertain in all its over-the-top glory.

1. Dusk Overdrive

sunset overdrive
Image Source: Insomniac Games

An underrated gem from the creative minds at Insomniac Games, Sunset Overdrive lets you know from the start that you’re in for a wild ride. It’s an open-world action-adventure game that puts you in control of an employee of an energy drink company, whose popular energy drink is turning people into mutants. Never a dull moment in a city like that.

If the concept wasn’t enough to entice you, look no further than one of the game’s signature weapons: the TnTeddy. It’s exactly what you think it is: a grenade launcher that fires explosive teddy bears. It’s a game that wants to do nothing more than give you a good time, and it’s worth checking out if you haven’t already.

These are just some of the wild, weird, and crazy experiences that video games have to offer. We’re sure there are plenty of others worth talking about, so let us know some of your favorite wacky games in the comments!

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