The best cooperative games for 4 players

Multiplayer games are among the most fun types of titles for players to engage in, whether within a competitive multiplayer experience or a cooperative campaign. 2-player cooperative games have been on the rise, with it takes two and An exit take over the couch-co-op market.

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But, as far as old-school gamers will remember, 4-player cooperative games are great. There are plenty of 4 player co-op video games that gamers and friends can access for an amazing experience. This is true whether in local co-op or through online services. Even some older titles are still relevant today with 4 player co-op.



10 Return 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood- fight against the enemy - in the game

Left 4 Dead is arguably one of the best couch multiplayer video games of all time. It’s been a long wait, but fans of the franchise can finally jump on the game’s successor, Return 4 Blood. Return 4 Blood takes a lot of groundwork Left 4 Dead and is based on it.

In this zombie game, players and their friends will have to go through a series of levels full of undead monsters. Players will have to use their charges to prevent the undead from stopping the group’s plans. Although the game can be played solo, it’s much more fun when you get together with friends.

9 destiny 2

destiny 2 root of nightmares alone

Of all the free games on the market, destiny 2 is one of the best in destiny 2, players will be resurrected in a growing universe of constant warfare. After completing the rewarding in-game tutorial, players will have free rein on how to play the game.

With a handful of planets to visit, campaign missions to complete, raids to raid, dungeons to crawl, and even a PVP mode to conquer, there’s almost no end to the content players can jump into. Not only that, but destiny 2 it’s one of the best multiplayer games out there, and the game actually rewards cooperation.

8 annealed 2

annealed 2

Party games are essential for almost any group of friends, and one of the best party games for friends is annealed 2. annealed 2 is a colorful game that puts players in the shoes of a chef.

Each player will have to work together to create various dishes for hungry customers, all while maintaining different aspects of the kitchen they are working in. This cooperative game can be competitive or cooperative, and either way, annealed 2 It’s wonderful with friends.

7 Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers character in their poses

Old school gamers may remember this masterpiece that was playable on Xbox 360 and eventually PS3. Castle Crashers is an older indie game that was undeniably artsy, comedic, and a lot of fun when paired with friends.

In Castle Crashers, players will play as knights who are on a quest to recover the king’s multiple daughters who have been kidnapped by enemies of the realm. The many levels in Castle Crashers It won’t once bore players, and the story is just as compelling as its gameplay.

6 Borderlands Collection

Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters Gathered in Battle

He borderlands has been one of the best action-adventure games for 4 player co-op since the first borderlands game came out in 2009. Currently there are three main installments in the borderlands franchise that players can get into.

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In it borderlands universe, players will be able to choose from a selection of characters to play as. Players will then need to fight their way through a series of worlds and levels while unlocking new weapons, gear, abilities, and outfits. Not to mention, each game in the series looks amazing as it has its own unique art style.

5 Dying Light 1 and 2

Horde of infected surrounding someone

dying light was a huge hit when it was first released as fans had an open world zombie game they could play with their friends, and even though Dead Island it was a success, dying light he just had more to offer at the time. In both dying light and dying light 2Players can group up with up to 4 friends and race to take down the zombies.

There’s also a heavy emphasis on parkour, so players can jump from roof to roof with their friends. Not only that, but players can also play through the main story modes of both games in 4-player co-op.

4 Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Trilogy

Promotional art featuring characters from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance it was one of the biggest titles on the Xbox 360 and to this day remains a powerhouse in the 4-player cooperative market. For those who can get a copy of the first two games, playing with a friend or three is a must. The first two games may be difficult to acquire and play, but the third game can be played on the Nintendo Switch and found quite easily.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 is an amazing addition to the series. With many characters, abilities and a great story starring Thanos, the third game is a lot of fun in 4 player co-op.

3 ARK: Survival Evolved


Survival game fans may be looking for a crafting and building type of game to play with their friends, but with more challenges. ARK: Survival Evolved it is one of the best survival experiences gamers can have. In ARKthe players will have to defend themselves against the dinosaurs.

Players can build bases, craft weapons, grow crops, discover hidden secrets, and even tame dinosaurs. There are even a multitude of different maps that players can play, either through DLC or free fan-made maps.

2 Minecraft

Classic Minecraft Cover

Of course, this video game giant was going to appear on this multiplayer list, since since 2011, Minecraft it has always been one of the most popular multiplayer games to experience with friends. Since the game’s release, Minecraft it has adopted a wide variety of features within the updates, with the game even adding camels.

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A group of 4 friends can easily enter Minecraft and have fun building, crafting, mining, adventuring, visiting different kingdoms and much more. There is a lot of content in Minecraftand playing the game’s hidden campaign is best with friends.

1 Divinity: original sin 2

Divinity Original Sin 2 title screen

Turn-based combat games are not the typical type of games where friends get together, but in the case of Divinity: original sin 2it is more than worth downloading. Divinity: original sin 2 is a wonderful game for 4 players who like D&DRPG or simple medieval fantasy games.

In Divinity: original sin 2Players can create their own characters, fight various enemies, travel through different lands, and most importantly, make decisions that determine future outcomes. Divinity: original sin 2 it’s a great game for friends who have a lot of time on their hands to experience everything the game has to offer.

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