The best concept art for FromSoftware games that don’t exist

soul artsa kickstarter book project, features some of the best concept art for the most popular Of software games, with art derived from gaming lore and concepts that don’t yet exist. The initial project of Michael “VaatiVidya” Samuels, soul Arts, is a collaborative effort between various artists to design original artwork based on games like Dark souls Y elden ring After running a number of different art competitions, VaatiVidya presented a selection of artworks on her YouTube channel, with detailed discussions of each piece. soul artshowever, it is a physical book featuring the most inspiring and exciting artwork from the competition.


the Dark souls, blood borne (and more) fan art kickstarter was fully funded in just one hour. Irish small press, Tune & Fairweather, has partnered with kickstarter to create the physical deluxe edition large format art book, soul arts. Tune & Fairweather previously published the acclaimed Dark souls book you dieda companion book to Dark souls videogame. The end product of soul arts contains 256 pages of full-color illustrations, a foreword, and detailed descriptions of the game’s concepts and art. Within soul arts book, the passion, adoration, and innovation of FromSoftware fans is on full display.

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Tune and Fairweather is also set to release another FromSoftware project: a massive Dark Souls project that compiles the lore into two books, called Abyssal Archive. love and care Of software games like the souls of the devil Y elden ring– which had not yet been released when the art competition for its category was held – is evident on every page and artwork. Beyond just paying homage, the artists also envisioned their own concepts that would be perfect for potential sequels or DLC to certain games. In the foreword to it, VaatiVidya says of art and concepts, “the following entries are not classified in any way: they are simply a testament to the artists who created them and fascinating love letters to FromSoftware’s creations.

Demon’s Souls Sixth Archstone: The Twisted City

Originally released in 2009, later remastered for Playstation 5 in 2020, the souls of the devil It was the first souls game never released. the souls of the devilBoletaria, before the colorless mist, was a completely different land than the five worlds to explore in the game. Upon defeating bosses, several Archstones become available that allow return to the Nexus. Originally FromSoftware he had planned to have a total of six main Archstones, but had to scrap the last one due to time constraints. The sixth Archstone appears in the souls of the devil like a broken artifact that cannot be used. In soul Arts, one section is devoted to art that imagines what the world of Northern Limit and sixth Archstone might look like, from different territories, creatures, and battles, and what their backstories might entail.

Though the souls of the devil features director Miyakazi’s favorite boss fight, missing Twisted City’s sixth Archstone concept by artist Timothy Kelly. soul arts he describes the Crooked City as a place that is warped and crooked, with snow and mist shimmering across the landscape. The Crooked City was woven from pre-existing fabrics by The Weaver, whose presence is throughout the city. Everything there was a twisted version of the City of Giants. In Twisted City, shadows change everything about the city. The art by Timothy Kelly, as well as the concept written by VaatiVidya, make for a very intriguing story that is just the beginning of the “what ifs” featured in soul arts.

Dark Souls: The Unseen Lands fans crave

Ten years later, Dark souls remains important as one of the most innovative and influential video games in history. soul arts featured some of the best concept art focusing on the aforementioned but never visited unseen lands within the lore and game of Dark souls. Artist Brent Lecluyse’s two concept artworks of the land of Carim, a land that prays for an end to the curse of the undead, as the undead are treated quite harshly in the city. Throughout the gameplay Dark souls, one can meet quite a few Carim characters, but never visit or learn much more about the land for oneself. Brent Lecluyse’s imaginative interpretation of what Carim might have been in Dark souls is a powerful reminder of all the lore and secrets that are still kept within the three Dark souls games.

Soul Arts Collections An Elden Ring Boss Art Contest

The many heads of elden ring are one of the most unique features of elden ringalthough due to its notorious levels of difficulty it is a FromSoftware classic Getting closer. Initially revealed in 2019, the shocking silence that followed any news of elden ring left many FromSoftware fans in a frenzy worried that the game will never come. Waiting for more news and updates to elden ringThe release of VaatiVidya hosted an art competition that encouraged artists to conceptualize what different bosses and boss encounters would look like within the game. Many of the later works of art would have fit wonderfully within elden ring, while others could create a world of their own. the cured elden ring conceptual artworks in soul arts reveals the depths of FromSoftware’s imagination, creativity and passion fans from all over the world.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Prosthetic Art Challenge

the heads of sekiro cast a long shadow on others FromSoftware games, as well as many elements of the highly acclaimed Sekiro: Shadows die twice. Moving the focus away from full character customization and focusing instead on main character prosthetic customization. For soul Arts, Artists were invited to conceptualize a prosthetic and detail its combat mechanics for use in the game. Lucas Reiner conceptualized the sticky bomb prosthetic, which would use both the hand and the arm. Reiner’s piece, and all the sekiro A portion of soul Arts, continues to showcase the endless possibilities for FromSoftware fans games.

Bloodborne: Concept Arts Beg for a Sequel

If the never-before-seen concepts of lands and creatures weren’t enough to make FromSoftware fans crave more, art contests for blood borne features inspired imaginations. blood borne Y sekiro combat evolved from Dark soulscreating entirely new gaming experiences that elevated FromSoftware into even higher territory. blood bornethe portion of soul arts is entirely dedicated to fans’ imaginations of the settings, characters, and gameplay of a sequel to blood borne. The artist Istrandar envisioned the fate of Caryll, a runesmith who is one of the most important yet unseen figures in Byrgenwerth. Istrandar imagines Caryll’s thirst for knowledge, leaving Byrgenwerth, working tirelessly to communicate with the Great One. Through dangerous methods, Caryll transcends his human form into that of a giant, bestial owl, forever communing with the Great One and inspiring whispers of his dangerous descent.

Throughout the entire soul artsThere’s no shortage of vivid visuals, fierce dedication, and incredible storytelling for leading FromSoftware releases Each contribution serves as a reminder of the importance of FromSoftware games are for DeSoftware gamers confirmed multiple new projects, with one already in the final stages, meaning there will be more worlds, creatures, and stories to fall in love with. waiting for news from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Y elden ring it was often discouraging, as FromSoftware is notoriously secretive during development. Many fans are currently hoping that one of these games could be a sequel to elden ringbut just as many hope FromSoftware will revisit its innovative worlds of blood borne Y sekiro first. Reading through the beautiful and terrifying art and lore of soul arts emphasizes how excruciating it is not to have yet, if ever, the opportunity to explore new aspects of these worlds. soul arts is the perfect piece to accompany these Of software games, sparking nostalgia for the first playthroughs of the games, the agonizing wait for more, the creativity of the fanbase, and yet the yearning for more and more as these concept artworks are part of the games most intriguing things that have never been done (yet).

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