The best abandonware games

With the closure of the Wii U/3DS eShops and the brief reprieve offered to the PS3 store, the game archiving issue remains as important as ever. Hacking old ROMs isn’t ideal, but it seems like the only way to play some classics. Fortunately, there are some that are technically legal to download for free. abandonware they are products forgotten by their parent company, belong to defunct companies, or were openly available as shareware to begin with.

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It is technical because these games stop being abandonware when their viable companies remember them (eg. windbreak, Breaker’s Revenge) or are on the warpath against emulation in general (Nintendo). But some sites like work around this by linking to the official stores once they are remembered. For the rest who remain stuck in legal limbo, these are the best abandonware games out there.



9 thief

Abandonware- Thief

Hideo Kojima’s cult classic visual novel thief He has had a strange life after death. Despite receiving multiple references in the metal gear games, the game never saw an official re-release after the PS1 era. It was considered abandonware even before Kojima’s abrupt departure from Konami. The game appeared on the Turbografx-16 Mini, albeit without an English translation.

The game’s only English release was on the Sega CD. So it would have been ideal for the Sega Genesis Mini 2, except it couldn’t be added because it was already licensed for the aforementioned Turbografx-16 Mini. So if gamers want to see Junker agent Gillian Seed and her robot friend Metal Gear unravel the mystery behind the cyborg identity thieves Snatchers, Sega CD emulation does what the Turbografx-16 Mini doesn’t.

8 Prince of Persia

fencing prince of persia

Obviously, this is not referring to the classic PS2 trilogy. Those games can still be found at reasonable prices digitally and physically, and are a godsend for fans waiting for the POP: Sands of Time Redo. This is Jordan Mechner’s original cinematic platformer, where his smooth rotoscopic animations so wowed developers that they were ported to almost every gaming machine in the 1990s.

As such, there are many versions of the game to play. MyAbandonware does not feature Nintendo ports or Nintendo games in general to prevent it from shutting down. It does, however, have all the Sega ports, along with Mac, Amiga, Atari ST, and the original Apple II game, among others. They’re all pretty solid releases, with the Mac and DOS versions standing out as the best of the bunch on offer.

7 Sid Meier’s Civilization 1 and 2

Abandonware- Civilization

Strangely, some classics can end up as abandonware while the more obscure games are priced appropriately. The first two Civilization the games are freely available through their Windows 3.X ports, with the original civil have Amiga, Mac, Atari ST and a browser option. Sid Meier’s Railroad Tycoon (original and deluxe), SimGolf and gettysburg they are also free to obtain.

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But the lesser known covert action and Colonization it got spots on and Steam. Still, considering that the free options received much more praise, especially civilian II which improved the original game by leaps and bounds with its addictive gameplay. its expansion, Conflicts in Civilizationis also available for download.

6 lemmings

Lemmings parachuting from a pillar in Lemmings

As Prince of Persia showed, even the most ubiquitous games can end up looking like the digital equivalent of an old sofa. Created by the same people behind Grand Theft Auto (Yes really), lemmings was a puzzle game in which the player had to guide enough little creatures dressed in blue shirts from the start to the exit without dying. The game was so popular that it was ported to more than 30 systems.

But now the series has all but disappeared from view as it is currently sitting down after a long time since it left DMA Design/Rockstar North’s view. Fortunately, MyAbandonware has the entire series for players to download, including its sequel, Oh no! more lemmings and Christmas/Holiday Lemmings expansions, 3D adaptations and platform spin-offs Lomax’s Adventures.

5 Oregon Trail Deluxe

Abandonware - Oregon Trail Deluxe

Originally created as a text adventure in 1971, the oregon trail The video game became popular both as a solid management game and for its memes. Playing it seriously might get the player’s family from Missouri to Oregon safely, but otherwise it involved shooting an entire forest’s animals for a few pounds of meat, then dying of dysentery and putting “peperony and cheese” on the tombstone

MyAbandonware features multiple games in the series up to 2001 The Oregon Trail: 5th Edition. However, the most popular entry is the one from 1992. Oregon Trail Deluxe for TWO. It is lush with color, with enhanced high-resolution graphics. The game also has more gameplay options to toggle through, such as additional professions for characters and refined shooting sections. The Apple II classic is also available, as is the gritty, FMV-filled sequel. 3rd and 5th edits, but Deluxe offers the most fun with the fewest frills.

4 Need for Speed ​​2: SE

Abandonware - Need for Speed ​​II SE

But why drive a wagon when players can race cars instead? There are many abandonware brokers out there, such as Sega Rally Championship, Road Rashand the first need for speed. In fact, most of the need for speed The games can be found online as abandonware. The first two hot chase and Underground games, High Stakes, Most Wanted, Carbon, and unleashed porsche they are all on MyAbandonware and other ROM archive sites.

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Granted, this is largely through its less-than-stellar PC ports. However, Need for Speed ​​II: SEThe PC release was pretty good, bringing the game’s additional cars and track with improved graphics (for 1997). The controls have aged well too, meeting the title requirement for 60FPS acceleration. Still, if the vanilla edition is still a bit aged, there’s a patch online that further updates the graphics and also adds widescreen support.

3 The house of the dead 1 and 2

house of the dead 2 screenshot zombies approaching

Despite all the leaps and bounds that technology has taken in recent decades, they have sadly seen some genres fall by the wayside. There have been attempts to keep the gun game genre light, though the modern controls just don’t have the same appeal as firing a gun at the screen. But until people can think of a way to make one that works with modern TVs, these shooters are likely to lag behind in arcades.

However, if players can find a control scheme that suits them, they can dabble in PC ports of Sega’s classic zombie shoot ’em up. The first House of the Dead it has the most toggling options, while the sequel has more varied gameplay. If the players cannot achieve a good shooting arrangement, Typification of the dead replaces house of the dead 2Guns with keyboards and bullets fired with fast and accurate typing.

2 Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Silent Hill 2 - Maria walking

Precarious as the fate of the PS3 store is, it still offers an easy way to play the original. Silent Hill. Its aftermath is a different story. The PS3/360 HD Collection ended up being a disaster, and while the PC ports are considered abandonware, they’re pretty tricky to get working. when it came to silent hill 2, It was up to the fans to fix the game for a modern release, and they did.

Nicknamed the enhanced edition, his work fixes the game’s graphics, adds widescreen support, and a way to bypass DRM on vanilla online ROMs. It is based on the Restless Dreams/Director’s Cut edition, which also features “Born from a Wish”, a side story where fans can play as Maria who did not appear in the HD collection. As such, it’s the best way to play the original. silent hill 2 until the Bloober Team remake arrives.

1 The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Abandonware- The Simpsons Hit & Run

Another reason why games disappear from the face of the earth is due to their license. The Capcom HD Edition Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure the game was delisted because Bandai-Namco now owns the game creation rights to the series. Likewise, everything from X-Men: Children of the Atom to Marvel vs. Capcom 2 it’s unlikely they’ll get official re-releases in the near future due to how badly Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite failure

Still, there is hope for other properties, such as The Simpsons: Hit & Run. There are rumors that a possible new version is on the way, but as the Simpson Producer Matt Selman said, “It’s a complicated corporate octopus.” Still, the original 2003 PC version can be downloaded for free and modified in many ways. The most anticipated mod is the remastered mod for The Cat on the Roof, which replaces the 3D graphics with ones with more accurate cel shading.

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