The best 10 minute games

For many people, the best types of games are those that provide several hours of gameplay. In some games, it can take a player over 100 hours to fully complete the game, play through the main story and additional content, and earn all available achievements.

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However, just because a game is long doesn’t automatically mean it’s good, and not everyone can or wants to spend several hours a day playing a game. There are several games out there that are fun and only take a few minutes to complete.



9 My sticker book

Girl trying to avoid the monster under the bed

My sticker book is a cute indie game by ElementSu, where players control a girl. In the game, she sleeps alone for the first time and is thirsty in the middle of the night. The task of grabbing a glass of water is something that most adults would not find very difficult, but the unknown darkness of the night makes the girl fear that there are monsters hiding in her house.

Players must guide her through a drink by using the mouse to interact with the storybook environment and grab stickers that the girl can use to complete objectives. It is a very charming horror puzzle game, which is not very scary, but shows a child’s perspective and imagination well. The game is free to play, but additional content like the OST, chat stickers, and wallpapers can be purchased for around $3.

8 SLASHER, interrupted

Emily's three friends, Ellie, Rosie and Coraline interrupting her story.

It can be very frustrating to be continually interrupted when a story is being told or when other people provide unwanted opinions. But as a premise for SLASHER, interrupted by Softerror Interactive, it’s a lot of fun and can lead to several different endings. The game is told from the perspective of Emily, who is camping with her three friends of hers Rosie, Ellie and Caroline.

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Emily tries to tell a scary story, but her friends keep interrupting her narrative with their ideas. It is up to the player to decide how the story unfolds and the tastes of whom she wishes to satisfy. The game can be finished in 10 minutes, but with 27 possible endings, it’s worth playing through multiple times. SLASHER, interrupted it’s part of a bundle on that features a collection of games that can be finished in 10 minutes, for $10.

7 The microwave paradox

Putting a Burger in the Super New Microwave

The microwave paradox is a horror game that shows that it is very important to follow the instructions, especially when using new appliances. Playing as a man who has been given a new microwave to test, players can test how the “Super New Microwave” cooks different types of food.

It’s an easy task on its own, but when the player decides to break the only rule of only microwaving food, they quickly realize the reason for that rule. The microwave paradox is from SeriousDaniel and makes for a short but spooky game that will give players the chills.

6 biological evil 4

Leon fights off the enemy who uses a chainsaw to save Ashley and Leon fights off a bunch of villagers

The recently launched Resident Evil 4 Remake it quickly became popular, both with old and new fans. It is a remake that improves many elements of the original game and brings its own. biological evil 4 is a ‘remake’ of the game that turns the action-packed horror game into an NES-style platformer. Created by Gypopothomas, this fan game allows the player to control Leon as he fights against the knife-swinging, scythe-throwing villagers to rescue Ashley.

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There’s a continuous stream of enemies often coming from both sides, so it’s important to time each shot well to avoid getting surrounded, just like in the new version, but only in a cuter 2D style. There are three different difficulty modes, Baby, Normal, and Pro.

5 goodbye puppy

Ghost Dog Helps Previous Owner With A Crossword Puzzle

A beloved pet can easily become a member of the family, and when one dies, it can leave a great void in the hearts of the family left behind. goodbye puppy is a cute and bittersweet game from Picogram. Players play from the perspective of a recently deceased dog.

Being a loving and loyal family pet, even in death, the object of the game is to communicate with each family member and help them deal with their grief. Whether it’s making sure they’re hydrated and fed or helping them with a chore, players can help this dog’s grieving family and help him pass on to the afterlife in peace.

4 pineapple on pizza

The people of the island dance happily minutes before the disaster strikes

Based on the name, one might think that pineapple on pizza for Majorariatto it’s all about pizza. But there is no pizza shown or mentioned in the game, just a beautiful tropical island inhabited by happy dancing people. The ‘pineapple on pizza’ aspect of the game is more of a metaphor for taking a good thing and depending on personal tastes, screwing it up. And then strangely enjoying it afterwards.

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Explore the island, enjoy catchy music and discover animals that also live on the island. Maybe even jump into the cool looking volcano found on the island too? Surely nothing bad could happen in such a bright and upbeat game.

3 A game about literally doing your taxes

Progress report at the end of day 1

Taxes are probably one of the least fun things about adulthood. You have to do them every year, without mistakes and almost always you end up owing at least a little money to the government. A new game from Not a Sailor Studios, the same creators of friends simulator 1984, A game about literally doing your taxes it is exactly what it says it is.

Players have to go through their paperwork to separate their taxes from the trash. Over 7 days, players have to sort through a pile of paperwork in this casual pixel-art horror game. Because taxes really are a nightmare, right?

2 a late night conversation

Iris talking to her boyfriend Seo-jun

a late night conversation is a sweet and cozy visual novel from HusbandoGoddess. The game features Seo-jun and her partner Iris having a late-night conversation about her relationship and a bit about Seo-jun’s previous experience with dating her as an asexual.

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A night of light Covo is a short but poignant visual novel game that addresses the relationship dynamics of people who identify as ace. It’s a theme that doesn’t often come up in romance visual novels.

1 Lo-Fi Room

Make beats and save them in the Lo-Fi Room game

For anyone who has watched Lofi Girl videos and enjoys her chill beats, Lo-Fi Room is the game to play. Created by Bearmask, players can create their own beats by searching and discovering the different instruments hidden on the screen.

Using the Q, W, E, R arrow keys, players can create their own beats and listen to them as their unique lo-fi beats come together. The game is still in development and currently only has three levels.

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