‘The Bachelorette’ Season 19 Night Dates Part 2: How to Stream Live for Free

“The Bachelorette” continues season 19 on Tuesday, with a second episode this week that continues the always drama-laden late-night dates. On Monday’s episode, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia had VERY different experiences.

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In case you forgot, hey, it’s been one day, Rachel had what looked like romantic nights with Aven, and then Tino, even though Tino seemed more interested in her feelings than hers (editorial comment ) and despite the fact that Tino’s family didn’t give a damn about Rachel when they met in the hometowns episode. Ahem.

But that was all unicorns and roses and rainbows compared to what happened with Gabby. First, she had what she seemed to think was a lovely one night stand in the Fantasy Suite with Erich. But later, on her date with Johnny, Gabby wasn’t reassured when Johnny confessed that he couldn’t say that he was ready to commit to her 100 percent of her.

So Gabby said goodbye to Johnny. And things got even uglier after that, when Jason (whose night was supposedly approaching) met with host Jesse Palmer. Jason also confessed that while he had strong feelings for Gabby, he wasn’t necessarily ready for a commitment either.

Oh darling. Adding to the angst of it all, Erich called Gabby in for a meeting during which she complained, er, she hoped, damn it, she just wasn’t comfortable with the idea that Gabby was spending the night with guys who weren’t around. tErich. Because apparently he had never seen “The Bachelorette” before.

Gabby got upset and said that they had already discussed these matters when they were in the Fantasy Suite and that she feels pressured. And that wasn’t going too well for her. Then, Erich awkwardly pushed his way through, well, it’s not an apology, but he said that he didn’t mean to give him an ultimatum.

All of this made Gabby feel like she was beginning to question her connection to Erich, and worried that it would all end in a “big fat dumpster fire.”

Let’s just say the sneak peek of tonight’s second episode of date night makes it look like the dumpster fire may be just around the corner. What does ABC say? Just this: “In the second half of date night week, the romance and drama continue to sizzle in the sun. Picking up where they left off, Erich and Gabby find themselves at a crossroads: will their relationship survive the night? Later, it seems as if the tropical tides have turned against our singles when their two remaining dates, James and Zach, confess a shocking truth about their feelings. Could it be that the pressure is too much for one of the women, or for both, or will love persevere?

Season 19 of “The Bachelorette” continues at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, September 6 on ABC.

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