The 8 best applications to improve your balance

Balance is an often overlooked component of a fitness regimen, but it is essential to staying fit and healthy and becomes even more important as you age. Balance exercises are crucial to improve your posture and increase your performance. Therefore, along with aerobics and strength training, you should make balance exercises part of your daily exercise routine for optimal health.

You can do balance exercises without any equipment, but an exercise ball or balance board can be helpful. Here are some apps to help you practice and improve your balance.

1. flexibility: mobility+recovery

From increasing your mobility and recovery to helping you stay calm, flexibility has all the essentials to keep your body and mind happy. You can choose from a variety of general exercises to promote flexibility or find an activity to focus on the recovery of particular muscles.

You have little time? Don’t worry, there are short exercises that only take 12-15 minutes. The best part is that you don’t need any equipment. This app, formerly known as ROMWOD, focuses on functional fitness and is for people of all activity levels. You can use it to reduce stiffness or train for your next marathon.

Discharge: flexibility: mobility+recovery for iOS | Android (subscription required, free trial available)

2. Tai Chi at home

Are you looking to improve your balance in a fun and effective way? Try this app to learn tai chi from the comfort of your home. Tai chi is a Chinese practice that emphasizes gentle exercises and stretches. This ancient art is called moving meditation for good reason: with focused movements, both your body and mind can benefit.

The app is approved by the UK National Health Service. The videos are small with clear instructions, making them easy to fit into your daily routine. You can also stream the app videos through many devices like Apple TV and Android TV. To learn more, try one of these online tai chi classes.

Discharge: Tai Chi at Home for iOS | Android (subscription required, free trial available)

3. Become Balanced

Yoga is a safe way to gain strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. So look no further than this app if you are looking to develop flexibility like a yogi and do all asanas with ease. The app gives you detailed steps and teaches the theory behind the moves with podcasts, interviews, and videos.

The app has exercises that specifically focus on strengthening your upper arms and doing hand balance exercises. You can choose the filter option to find your preferred videos based on certain criteria. Additionally, you can also track your progress on the app. From meditation to nutrition, this app has it all for your personal growth.

Discharge: Becoming Balanced for iOS | Android (subscription required, free trial available)

4. Workouts with the Bosu Balance Trainer ball

Take your balance training to the next level by adding a Bosu ball to your home gym. A Bosu ball is small, light and easy to carry. Also perfect for use with training applications for a small living space.

As part of the Fitify suite of apps, this app is a must-have while learning how to use your Bosu ball effectively. With the app you can learn different ways to use the ball and improve your strength and balance. In addition, the HD videos of more than 60 exercises will make you a professional in the use of the ball. The app also works offline, so you’ll never miss a session, no matter where you are. Plus, with the timer option, you can make your session as long or short as you like.

Discharge: Bosu Balance Trainer Ball Workouts for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

5. Iron

Considering a balance board for your home gym to improve your balance? Try Plankpad, a special kind of balance board that works with an app on your smartphone. The app offers fun interactive games and exercises to help you get comfortable with Plankpad equipment. The games are so much fun that you won’t realize how long you’ve been exercising.

The exercises section of the Plankpad app features specific exercises to improve core strength, motor coordination, stability, and reaction time. Try them all while working on your balance and general fitness.

Discharge: Plankpad for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

6. Stability ball exercises

A simple exercise tool, the stability ball, or Swiss ball, can be perfect for building strength and balance. The Stability Ball Exercises app will help you use the ball correctly and feel comfortable on its unstable surface. To learn more, check out some YouTube videos on using your stability ball.

Perfect for beginners and experts alike, this app will help you use your exercise ball to its full potential. And if you’re already an experienced exercise ball user, you’ll find plenty of unique and unexpected challenges to keep you on your toes.

Discharge: Stability Ball Workout Guide for iOS (Free in-app purchases available)

7. Resistance Band Workout App

Building muscles can help with your balance and reduce the chance of falls. If you don’t like lifting weights to build muscle, don’t worry. Resistance training is here to rescue you. Resistance bands are inexpensive and can fit in your pocket. With the workout app you will learn the exact steps to build your muscles and improve your balance and posture with resistance bands of different resistance levels.

With short workouts and offline availability, you can do the exercises wherever you are. Additionally, the tracker allows you to record many metrics, from your progress to the calories you burn.

Discharge: resistance band workout app for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

8. Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation

This popular and award-winning app is completely beginner friendly. The app has several yoga classes to get you closer to your fitness goals for balance and coordination. If you are a beginner, Smart Coach in the app can create a personalized yoga plan for you to train and improve. You can also interact with other yogis from around the world by joining the global yoga community.

Additionally, the app can record and track health data from other devices, such as your Apple Watch. Then you can try the meditations in the app to improve your mental health and reduce stress.

Discharge: Daily Yoga: Fitness+Meditation for iOS | Android (free in-app purchases available)

Balance is key to a healthy life

You can build strength, improve coordination, and prevent injury with proper balance. So whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a keen beginner, balance training can help you on your fitness journey.

You can start doing balance exercises today without any equipment or opt for a simple balance board, resistance band, or stability ball. And don’t forget to download the above apps and enjoy a balanced life.

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